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Draemii AuroraEU-StormrageChallenge Mode BiS Lists

Still finishing up the small details but mostly up to scratch.

Siege of Niuzao 7 mins 4 seconds (Monk PoV):

DraemiiEU-SilvermoonIf your interested in challenge mode boosts, feel free to contact
Draemii/Ideekay - Silvermoon
You can also Email me at
Base price for Full 9/9 Gold's are 200k, however we can negotiate on other prices if it is with in reason. This only applies to Alliance EU players.

The Service you are paying for is the groups time, you will be expected to pull some sort of weight when you are joining us.

You can also add me on skype, joshua.reed69 if you also want to contact me that way.
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