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Sex: Female
Country: United States

WoW Characters

Xenyatta Sanguine ProphecyUS-Mal'Ganis
Zenyatta Acme CorpUS-Skullcrusher
Varakii Acme CorpUS-Mal'Ganis
Varezen Acme CorpUS-Mal'GanisA Little About Me...
I am currently experienced in 16/16N, 15/16H, 4/16M

I have been part of server firsts back in Vanilla and TBC, I was in top 100 guilds in MOP and I've been a MT, OT, DPS, Ranged, Healer in my 9 1/2 years of playing. I once LOVED my main, Xenyatta, but I don't like the changes they made to the monk class. After getting her to 693 ilvl, I decided I needed a class that filled the criteria of being melee and somewhat useful to a raid. My enh shaman, Varakii, started the gearing process but it's been more conclusive that rogues are FAR more useful in raids than shaman or monks will ever be. So I leveled it, started the gearing process and here I am. If you want to take on a rogue who can get geared in an off run, I am game.

HOURS: I am East Coast...ish but I play on West Coast times. I am most available from 9pm EDT (6pm PST) - 1am EDT (10pm PDT)

The Basics:
1. I can use a microphone. I have vent, teamspeak, raidcall and mumble and I'm not afraid to use them. Will not use Skype as it screws with my sound.
2. I come prepared with flasks, potions and food.

What I'm currently LOOKING FOR:
1. I am really a hordie at heart. I'll switch to Alliance if you're willing to help pay the bill.
2. A competitive atmosphere.
3. Predominately friendly people.
4. People who don't need coaching.
5. Adult-like behavior with some fun during raid times. I play for fun so I'd like to HAVE FUN during raids. However, I'd also like guilds who take raid time seriously enough to get the job done WHILE enjoying themselves.
6. Healthy server population and good AH prices.

What I’m currently NOT LOOKING FOR:
1. Vent raging. If this is part of your practice on how to coach/discipline, or teach your raiders how to raid, I'm not interested.
2. If your guild has people under the age of 21, they need to act somewhat mature. I'm 29 so I'm not old but I'm not a kid anymore either. I don't want to be young and feel like the old far t in the room.
4. If your guild has attendance issues, I'm not interested in plugging a leaking hole. I'm a part of that now, I was part of that last guild.

Contact information:
Feel free to email me your guild information at

Thank you for your time!
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