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Sex: Female
Country: United States

WoW Characters

Zenyata TraumaUS-Mal'Ganis
Varakii Acme CorpUS-Mal'Ganis
Varezen Imperial AllianceUS-ProudmooreI'm a 10 year long player who took most of this expansion off for real life events. I've been playing casually in and and out of the game whenever I had time and basically leveled toons trying to find what I enjoyed til Legion hits and I go Demon Hunter. I really came back right before Christmas and decided I was going to try a brand new class so I made a rogue. I dinged 100 on January 6th and as of my writing this on January 19th, it's been 12 days of being a level 100 and I'm 1/3 of the way through the elemental tablet part of the ring quest. I'm hoping to have this phase completed in about a week or two then I just have to get my tomes. I know this character is noobish atm but I hope to find a group that won't mind my coming into the frey late... way late. I prefer to stay on Proudmoore but I'm open.

You can contact me at (It's not my Real ID email so don't bother friending it)
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