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Sex: Female
Age: 34 (Nov 25, 1980)
Country: United States

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Xenyatta Coup de GrâceUS-SkullcrusherA Little About Me...
With my schedule being uncertain from before WoD, I couldn't sign up for a raid guild which killed me. I have always raided in my 9 years playing and for the first time I couldn't. A year ago, I quit Reckless (which at the time was a top 100 guild) that I had top 25 DPS ranks at the time to play with another top 100 guild on Arthas. I left shortly afterwards because I hated the atmosphere and all the people I transferred with left as well. I came back to Skullcrusher and rejoined Reckless as FnF because I got cast in a few shows that demanded my time during normal raid times leaving me with nothing but LFR in my downtime. My schedule freed up some and I'd like to raid again but being my guild has too many people, I have to look elsewhere. I've been part of server first deaths, I have images of my character in top of the world ranks, I've run my own raid guild, I've tanked, healed, DPS'd and I've been playing this game since November 2005.

My Times:
I am east coast...ish (as much as Indiana could be considered east coast) so that rules out any guilds that go til like 1am PST as that's 4am my time. I am more open in my scheduling so long as it's reasonable (i.e. 4am = not reasonable). I can do afternoon guilds, I can do evenings. I prefer to have Thursdays off or if your schedule includes Thursdays, you start at 9pm. If it was my perfect ideal situation, I'd love 9 - 1am M, T, W, (Th) and/or Sunday.

I like competitive guilds who have good organization and direction and push to be the best they can be. I'm not elitist by any means, just fussy. I just want to make sure I choose the guild that calls to me most even if it's a search that takes days or even weeks.

The Basics:
1. I can use a microphone. I have Vent, Mumble and Raid Call. I will not use Skype due to conflicts with my sound effects.
2. I come prepared with flasks, potions and food.
3. I know how to play my class. I have high survivability. I love chatting and collaborating about my class. I welcome helpful pointers, constructive criticism and suggestions whenever it may apply. I'm constantly chatting with other monks talking about how I can do better.

What I'm currently LOOKING FOR:
1. I am open to Alliance guilds as well as Horde. I prefer Horde because it's cheaper to transfer but I'm open to both sides.
2. A competitive atmosphere.
3. Predominately friendly people.
4. People who don't need coaching.
5. Adult-like behavior with some fun during raid times. I am NO prude by any means and cursing is a staple part of my vocabulary but immaturity gets old fast if it's over-used. I also don't enjoy a sterilized atmosphere either where we're all in deep silence or else. A mix is healthy and fun.
6. Healthy server (or coalesced) population and good AH prices.

What I’m currently NOT LOOKING FOR:
1. Vent raging. If this is part of your practice on how to coach/discipline, or teach your raiders how to raid, I'm not interested.
2. Elitist jerks who think they are gods gift to the world... of warcraft.
3. If your guild has people under the age of 21, they need to act somewhat mature.
4. If your guild has attendance issues, I'm not interested. If people aren't showing up and you need me to plug a leaking hole, unless you're on BDF, Skullcrusher/Gul'dan, please don't write me. I have had FAR too much of that over the years (one guild broke up the day I got there) and I can't really afford the financial cost of server hopping. I want a nice stable guild.

Contact information:
RealID: or Zenyatta#1775 If you really want to talk to me and you're serious (not just a blind guild spammer), email me about your guild and we can discuss when we can meet up on vent/mumble.

Thank you for your time!
Zenyatta Acme CorpUS-Skullcrusher
ZenshottaUS-Black Dragonflight


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