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Sex: Female
Country: United States

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XenyattaUS-SkullcrusherA Little About Me...
I've been part of server first deaths, I have images of my character in top ranks, I've run my own raid guild, I've tanked, healed, DPS'd and I've been playing this game since November 2005.

My Times:
I am on Eastern time. I can do evenings. I'm available M, T, W, (Th*), Su. *Thursdays I am out of the house from 5:00pm - 8:30pm so either that can be accounted for or your schedule starts at 9pm.

The Basics:
1. I can use a microphone. I have Vent, Mumble and Raid Call.
2. I come prepared with flasks, potions and food.
3. I try to have high survivability. I love chatting and collaborating about my class. I welcome helpful pointers, constructive criticism and suggestions whenever it may apply.

What I'm currently LOOKING FOR:
1. I prefer Horde guilds because it's cheaper to transfer unless you're willing to pay for it.
2. A competitive atmosphere.
3. Predominately friendly people.
4. Adult-like behavior with some fun during raid times.
6. Healthy server (or coalesced) population and good AH prices.

What I’m currently NOT LOOKING FOR:
1. Vent raging. If this is part of your practice on how to coach/discipline, or teach your raiders how to raid, I'm not interested.
2. If your guild has attendance issues, I'm not interested. I have had FAR too much of that over the years (one guild broke up the day I got there causing me to spend $50.00 I didn't have to spend) and I really don't enjoy server hopping. I want a nice stable guild.

Contact information:
RealID: or Zenyatta#1775

Thank you for your time!
Zenyatta Acme CorpUS-Skullcrusher
Xenyatta Blackwater CircleUS-Cenarion Circle
ZenshottaUS-Black Dragonflight
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