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Real Name: Gabi
Sex: Male
Age: 21 (Mar 18, 1995)
Country: Israel

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Gormar Last ResortEU-KazzakArmory :
Logs :
B.tag : Gormar#2203

Warrior DD(any of the two specs, depending on the fight) 11/13M experienced(as of 12/08/15) currently looking for a new guild to call home.

A little bit about me :
Name's Gabi, 20y/o, currently living in Israel. I can't really call myself a gamer but I am truly passionate when it comes to World of Warcraft. I am pretty much that one guy who will always stalk in the voice comms(ts,vent, etc) and more than likely to make every raid, let it be farm or progress.
I am interested in a guild that has a stable roster and steady progression pace, a guild that aims more than cutting edge and will go forward even in farm raids to rank better or to do alt runs.
While it is not a requirement for me, social aspect outside of raids never hurts aswell. I just want to greatly emphasize that I do not sign up for drama.
I have raided in a respectable manner throughout 3 expansions, I have cleared all the content but I want to emphasize content that is more noteworthy to mention:
TOGC - A tribute to insanity
ICC - 11/12 25HC pre-shattering
BOT/BWD/TOT4W - Cleared 25HC, realm 2nd, EU 96th.
Firelands - Cleared 25HC , realm 1st, EU 29th.
Dragon Soul - Cleared 25HC, realm 1st, EU 24th.
I lack experience on MOP since I was recruited to military service, I got dismissed and was able to push myself further in Hellfire Citadel.

Speedwagon KyphosisEU-Kazzak


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