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JuicéEU (DE)-Antonidasmain spec -> enhancement shaman 718 with 5/13 myth exp
playing ele spec as sec spec, too (713 / one weak trinket + low ring ilvl)
realm transfer and/or english speaking guild should not be a problem
progress should be at least at gorefiend myth
more than 2 days of raiding are currently not an option for me due to studies


Verstärker 718 mit 5/13 mythisch XP und Ele 713 als sec spec (ein schlechtes trinket + geringes Ring ilvl) sucht Gilde mit stabilem Progress. Stand sollte wenigstens Blutschatten myth sein. Transfer möglich - studienbedingt nur 2 Tage raiden möglich.

Poomí WalhallaEU (DE)-Antonidas
JildrenEU (DE)-Antonidas
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