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Real Name: Archimonde
Sex: Male
Country: France

WoW Characters

Jìra ProphétieEU (FR)-Archimonde_____________________________________________

WoW experiences.


* Vanilla *

- Zul Gurub : clean (Sense guild)
- Molten Core : clean (Sense guild)
- BWL : clean (Sense guild)
- AQ20 : clean (Sense guild)
- AQ40 : clean (Sense guild)
- Naxxramas : 5/15 (Exode guild)

* BC *

- Kharazan : clean (Sense guild)
- Grul / Magtheridon : clean (Sense guild)
- SSC : clean (Sense guild)
- TK : clean (Exode guild)
- Hyjal : clean (Exode guild)
- Black Temple : clean (Exode guild)
- Sunwell : 3/6 (before nerf)(Exode guild)


WoW break (was playing with Exode & WaR LegenD on Warhammer Online)

* Cataclysm *

- BWD : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild)
- TBT : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild)
- T4W : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild)
- Firelands : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild) - 30FR / 5Realm
- Dragon Soul : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild) - 36FR / 2Realm

* Mist of Pandaria *

- MV : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild)
- HoF : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild)
- ToES : NM/HM clean (Prophetie guild) - 49FR / 4Realm
- ToT : NM/HM (Prophetie guild) - 61FR / 2Realm
- SoO : 14/14HM (Prophetie guild) - 8FR / 1Realm

* Warlord of Draenor *

- T17 : 7/7 Mythic - 8/10 Mythic


* Characters played since Vanilla *

- Jyraya Hunter (until BC - TK)
- Neøzak Shaman Heal (until BC - SW)
- Jrah Warrior Protection (until Cataclysm - DS)
- Jìra Monk Brewmaster (current character)


* WoW guilds *

- Sense Archimonde EU(officer and GM)
- Exode Archimonde EU(member)
- Prophétie Archimonde EU(officer)

* Other famous guilds where I played *

- WaR LegenD : Warhammer Online / Aion


Battletag : Jira#2565


FR Monk BM guide :
Jrah ProphétieEU (FR)-Archimonde
JyraeEU (FR)-Archimonde
Jiras ProphétieEU (FR)-Archimonde
Jìraz ProphétieEU (FR)-Archimonde
Jirâ ProphétieEU (FR)-Archimonde


CharacterKabieEU (FR)-Archimonde
CharacterKazuooEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterAlrâchdeuxEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterAlraçhenEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterElrachEU (FR)-Confrérie du Thorium
CharacterAlrächEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterAlraçhEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterZérathisEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterBoomflaikEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterAwanataEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterZérathisEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterSinertikEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterElenäEU (FR)-Sargeras
CharacterShanðoraEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterMàgicEU (FR)-Archimonde
CharacterNeofistEU (FR)-Elune
CharacterEphídelEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterShìvasEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterDrazzielEU (FR)-Uldaman
CharacterDeathwillEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterLeiylaEU (FR)-Kael'Thas
CharacterDàrkussEU (FR)-Archimonde
CharacterZagayellEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterSkizEU (FR)-Confrérie du Thorium
CharacterBlàckstôrmEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterRosrosEU (FR)-Uldaman
CharacterEphrælEU (FR)-Kael'Thas
CharacterNeÿssaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterMonàrkEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterAzliiashEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterFrêÿâEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterGarciaaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterSpyraEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterNinàdobrevEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterTahwaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterLeylahEU (FR)-Conseil des Ombres
CharacterSpyraEU (FR)-Sargeras
CharacterPätroEU (FR)-Sargeras
CharacterWolforisEU (FR)-Dalaran
CharacterDêzEU (FR)-Elune
CharacterShïmmyEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterBloodômenEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterYunöEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterNastradamusEU (FR)-Chants éternels
CharacterZîmEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterZenpachïEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterGrimornEU (FR)-Dalaran
CharacterDakayrasEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterHelldzEU (FR)-Uldaman
CharacterCarinoaEU (FR)-Sargeras
CharacterAlcêsteEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterDartaxEU (FR)-Elune
CharacterßambooEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterCorathEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterMooshetteEU (FR)-Sinstralis
CharacterPanølesageEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterIliãdeEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterRaurosEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterSupertitisEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterLanolixEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterHøraciusEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterSalgoniaEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterFantäEU (FR)-Sargeras
CharacterEazÿEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterLightshotEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterShuyâEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterZathiaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterTahazEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterLudnoobEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterLudnaaEU (FR)-Elune
CharacterTîtàniaEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterFanastiikEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterNynáEU (FR)-Varimathras
CharacterNikelhausEU (FR)-Kael'Thas
CharacterSayernEU (FR)-Kael'Thas
CharacterWoxEU (FR)-Kael'Thas
CharacterHaydènEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterNéøwEU (FR)-Temple noir
CharacterEclairgivreEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterYlïnaEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterAzeriûsEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterBarfleuriEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterKaylinEU (FR)-Elune
CharacterMÿtchaEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterMkhealEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterHetzaEU (FR)-Throk'Feroth
CharacterTqEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterLapucelleEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterDroodoxEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterHelldzEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterSérâphineEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterCuzdotEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterBëbermøvichEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterFéstinaEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterNamjaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterZedonEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterBurzdholionEU (FR)-Garona
CharacterNinadobrevEU (FR)-Elune
CharacterKarkøEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterHelldzEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterSabarmatiEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterSilverawzEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterSîllîneEU (FR)-Cho'gall
CharacterDëmøniäkEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterAlapéroEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterExodèsEU (FR)-Sargeras
CharacterAllingeniousEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterMelwaëEU (FR)-Conseil des Ombres
CharacterYaarrEU (FR)-Kael'Thas
CharacterDemyEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterRukuEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterUltoEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterNiràEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterZeldáEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterXamoüEU (FR)-Garona
CharacterNayâaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterMððnEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterSkuggEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterBütcherEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterKrylïnEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterPululuEU (FR)-Kirin Tor
CharacterJalvinaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterMaunheekEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterManamanaEU (FR)-Ysondre
CharacterDirtlockxEU (FR)-Vol'jin
CharacterChàmaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterSnäkeleeEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterKatsumyliaEU (FR)-Hyjal
CharacterDaluluEU (FR)-Arak-arahm
CharacterAalcoolixEU (FR)-Illidan
CharacterKiluEU (FR)-Sargeras
CharacterIsleyEU (FR)-La Croisade écarlate
CharacterLakshärEU (FR)-Vol'jin
CharacterLeemyungbakEU (FR)-Eitrigg
CharacterCuzmonkeyEU (FR)-La Croisade écarlate
CharacterNêxEU (FR)-Medivh
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