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Kilman (kilman#2483)

Real Name: Bruno Ferreira
Sex: Male
Age: 23 (Apr 23, 1991)
Country: Portugal

WoW Characters

Kiman momentumEU-AggraNOTE: Looking for a Horde 10/25 man guild to raid with from 30/07/2014 until 19/08/2014 (3 resets). 100% availability. Interested in using my 9 coins and actually raiding, most of all I want to use my paid game time and enjoy it. Have mic and am fluent in english. PM ingame with offers, please (Kilman#2483). Apreciate in advance.

Guild History:
EU-Argent Dawn: The Burning Orb (25M); Yermaw (10M)
EU-Tarren Mill: Nihilum (25M)
EU-Aggra: Momentum (25M)


Contact Info:
KilmanEU-Argent Dawn
Kilmano momentum gnomesEU-Aggra
KilmanEU-Tarren Mill
Infamouslock momentumEU-Aggra
Spreadz momentumEU-Aggra
Blingdin momentumEU-Aggra
Nomilkforyou momentumEU-Aggra
Mojokin momentumEU-Aggra
Shaolindude momentumEU-Aggra
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