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Real Name: Alex Neyer
Sex: Male
Age: 23 (May 31, 1991)
Country: Germany

WoW Characters

Pâzy ImmortalisEU-Shattrath
Lóxa ImmortalisEU-Shattrath
Bavó Schwingen des PhönixEU-Aegwynn
Yeqohe Schwingen des PhönixEU-Aegwynn
Bzn For the HordeEU-Blackrock
Touk For the HordeEU-BlackrockSkills with Protection Paladin (Bzn-Blackrock)
Warrior (Bavó-Aegwynn)

Survival Hunter (Tavy-Blackrock)

Windwalker Monk (Kinling-Aegwynn)

Nice to have some ToT-SoO Raids / Flex for some gear pushes...
Quiet high skilled with these Chars above... Ready to learn more...

Possible to play with the chars you can see here :)

Please give me necessary informations ingame or as a personal message here, thank you :)
Tavy For the HordeEU-Blackrock
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