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Sex: Male
Country: Spain

WoW Characters

Masamuray Nön ServiamEU (ES)-Dun Modr
Masalol DreamwalkersEU (ES)-Dun Modr
Masamurai Herp DerpEU (ES)-Dun Modr
Masamurayw Philanthropy KriegersEU (ES)-Dun Modr

MasamuraykEU (ES)-Dun Modr
Wasamurayd Herp DerpEU (ES)-Dun Modr
Masawurayk Herp DerpEU (ES)-Dun ModrDK DPS 716 Busca guild para raidear un poquillo. EXP 13/13 Mythic

Takamuray SlothEU (ES)-Dun ModrPlanning to main and progress with my Demon Hunter in Legion. I looking for raid 10-15 hours in the night about 9:00 p.m-12:00 p.m

Old main: Masamurai/Masawurai-Dun Modr
Btag: Masamuray#2544
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