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Mystch Go Rin No ShoEU-KilroggMy BattleTag: itsMystch#2620

Mained Feral Kitty for over 4 years, rerolled to WW at beginning of WoD.
Currently had break from raiding, which is why the progression is poor. Took break after guild disbanned at beginning of Highmaul Mythic(mid December/late December)

Recently started pugging BRF HC, have only 9/10 HC with the pug group. Which is pretty good for a pug that does only raid once a week, considering some 3day raiding guilds still didnt kill Blackhand.

Looking for guilds that start raids after 19:10st(Mon-Fri), Sat and Sun suit me anytime.

Looking for preferably some guilds that have already some Mythic progress and not just going into it.
Extriub PendulumEU-Kilrogg
Ariy Filthy CasualsEU-Kilrogg
Pérsona Filthy CasualsEU-Kilrogg
Ðreag BarbariansEU-Kilrogg
Ayashá Fatal UnionEU-Kilrogg
Mystental Murlocs go RAWLRLARGUEU-Kazzak
MystchEU-AggramarMy BattleTag: Mystch#2312

I quit the game in at the beginning of Dec. '13. Due to having very bad computer and it couldnt handle fights in 25 HC environment. Came back recently and im gearing up my Alliance Monk on Frostmane atm.

The computer problem is sorted now as i got a new computer that handles 25 environmet on Ultra.

Feral-DD who will want to MAYBE switch to Rogue/WW Monk in WoD or stay Kitty.

Looking for guilds that raid in between those hours : 19:00-01:00 server time. Will not consider guilds that raid more than 4 hours daily though.

Both Horde and Alliance is fine.

Need more info? Send me a message here on wowprogress or add me on BTag
Dopéy PurifiedEU-Kazzak
SparkdkEU-Tarren Mill
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