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SigrünUS-Bleeding HollowMy current guild, Summit on Bleeding Hollow, decided it is not raiding for foundry. As a result, I must locate another raiding guild with similar progression. We had 200+ pulls on imperator with p4 a few times, just shy of a kill. This means that if your progression is below 6/7 Mythic, or you are just beginning your Mar'gok progression, you may not be the guild for me.

Working with the comp we had, my parses speak for themselves, given we commonly ran with a very suboptimal raid composition and had to do each encounter as such with this handicap. Still 90%+ with median averaging at 95%.

I'm not going to type out a giant essay. I've played this game for a while; a really, really long while. If you need a good tank or wish to discuss spec change, nothing is out of the question. The only compensation is that your guild be stable and preferably within the top 50 US.

I am on the central time zone, however I can accommodate most raid times. If you raid 12 hours a week or 40 it makes no difference to me so long as regression is not in the picture and raid times are consistent. As I said, it would be hard pressed to find a raid time I cannot make. With that being said, I, like most, believe in quality over quantity. If you are just now on Mar'gok but raid 20+ hours a week, you also are likely not the guild for me. Summit balanced a 12 hour raid schedule that worked in close cohesion with everyones schedule.

All of my current experience in this tier is from a tanking perspective. I have the ability to play Windwalker, however do not prefer it. If you are the guild I am looking for, I will gladly switch.

If you have any questions pertaining to my previous experience, class, or personal inquiries, I can be located at: Nivarax#1101
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