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Real Name: Prisma/Lisa
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Country: Canada

WoW Characters

Prismalin Kill OrderUS-SargerasHey person reading my character thinger, I'm Lisa, I'm from Minnesota, but live in Canada I'm 27 years old, I've been playing WoW since early BC, but never got into raiding till after Wrath.

I'm currently benching it for my guilld

Add me in game to talk to me about your current raiding progression/roster/if you want bacon/etc


Healypaws HallowedUS-Sargeras
Prismania HallowedUS-Sargeras
Greenieleaf HallowedUS-Sargeras
Destropaw The Crimson BrotherhoodUS-Kul Tiras
TreehoovesUS-Kul Tiras
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