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Age: 34
Country: United States

WoW Characters

Zandrae Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordI'm looking for a raid, but, not for a guild. Most of my alts are now picking up properly.
Leiah LightswornUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Tyan Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Kemnebi FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Iviaen The ReliquaryUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Dalaen The ReliquaryUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Daníl Seventh SanctumUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Olivèr Thalassian BladesUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Jayir Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Kyverin Thalassian BladesUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Miastal LightswornUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Talverin Thalassian BladesUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Valiryn Suncrown AccordUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Amirasi Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Lyneira Magus Senate of DalaranUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Cayliel Magus Senate of DalaranUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Creary Magus Senate of DalaranUS-Wyrmrest Accord
BuryaUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Negail The CollectiveUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Eirma Crimson WíngsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Hanathia FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Iantis Crimson WíngsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Rathalin Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Youlanda LightswornUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Kailias Suncrown AccordUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Psychiatrist Suncrown AccordUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Tyariel LightswornUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Aeinna The MagistersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Acorah Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Faldaya Crimson WíngsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Maren FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Wynthar FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Leilani Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Zaeltir Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Lightshard Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Garethiel Fellowship of FeathersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Talethiel Fellowship of FeathersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Zarithiel Fellowship of FeathersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Vathiél Fellowship of FeathersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Thantal Fellowship of FeathersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Belenús LightswornUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Jestín LightswornUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Tidanel FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Nelanth FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Letarin Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Ithrin Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Vyndorin Blood KnightsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Vosathiel Fellowship of FeathersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Pathariel Fellowship of FeathersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Psychologist Suncrown AccordUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Zeráh LightswornUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Stryxis FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Tynxus FarstridersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Gaveira The MagistersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Regianna The MagistersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
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