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WoW Characters

Zandrae Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordAlt List is picking up toons on the dead server I left 6+mo ago. You can view ALL my alts and funny notes by looking at my user profile. I have nothing to hide. (1)
Leiah Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Tyan Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordGrumpy priesty RP alt, filthy casual but can fill in. Yes, he has Benediction. (2)
Kemnebi Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordShoots things. (3)
Iviaen Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordFilthy casual mage RP alt. Chubby Belf. Acts stupid, isn't really. Thinks with portals, plays with dirt. (2)
Dalaen Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordFilthy Casual Warlock RP alt. Pretends to be a fire mage. You could say he's in the closet. Also enjoys archaeology. (1)
Daníl Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordFilthy casual half-elf monk RP alt. Might know kung-fu. Probably doesn't. Punches the air. Doesn't care. (1)
Olivèr Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordCheerful fleshcrafter. Says morbid things while being giggly. Creepy. (2-3)
Jayir Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordPrepare for bubble and make it double! Filthy casual second holy pally for RPs. (2)
Kyverin Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordThing #1 (1)
Miastal Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordFilthy casual priest alt #2. Has an internal dialogue like JD from scrubs turned up to 11. Haha both my priests have Benediction. (1)
Talverin Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordThing #2 (2)
Valiryn Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Amirasi Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordMOO! Are you happy now? (2)
Lyneira RecidivusUS-Wyrmrest AccordFilthy casual RP alt druid for RP. Can fill-in for people's raids when needed. (1)
Cayliel OvertureUS-Wyrmrest AccordGrumpy priest. High Elf edition. (3)
Creary Undercross CollectiveUS-Wyrmrest AccordUplifts. (2)
Burya Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordManatide Totem x Frost Shock = OTP
Negail Scions of Quel ThalasUS-Wyrmrest AccordOrcadin! Argent-associated Orc thinks he's a Paladin. He may be right or he may be crazy. (3)
Eirma The Explorers LeagueUS-Wyrmrest AccordFlying dwarf!
Wyndawn Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordAlso shoots things. (2)
Marlight Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordShoots all the things. (1)
Nyalight Scions of Quel ThalasUS-Wyrmrest AccordPrepare for bubble! (3)
Hanathia Crimson WingsUS-Wyrmrest AccordAll the things. Shoots them. Pewpew.
Iantis The Explorers LeagueUS-Wyrmrest AccordIantis:Eirma::Colossus:Wolverine. *Fastball special!* (3)
Rathalin Scions of Quel ThalasUS-Wyrmrest AccordAnd make it double. (1-3)
YoulandaUS-Wyrmrest AccordSpin to win. (3)
Kailias Suncrown AccordUS-Wyrmrest Accord
Aeinna The MagistersUS-Wyrmrest Accord
FaldayaUS-Wyrmrest Accord
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