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Sex: Male
Birthday: Sep 24
Country: United States

WoW Characters

Drulix Fatal ChaosUS-Gul'danLooking for Raiding team, available Tues & Fri (any time EST), Sun (after 730pm EST)
Zanthix I L L U M I N A T IUS-Gul'danVeteran Hunter from BC

Hunter main with Resto/FeralDPS Druid (Drulix-Gul'dan) and Blood DK (Zaldrya-Gul'dan) alt, both alts are already or will be ready to raid soon.

I'm open to raid on Tues, Wed and Sun nights ANYTIME after 6pm until 12am EST. I have a lot of raiding experience mostly Pre-WotLK and up to Ulduar/ToGC.

Extremely dedicated to WoW, specially with the right guild. Have both First Hunter to 85 and 90 Feats of Strength
Zaldrya I L L U M I N A T IUS-Gul'dan


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