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Real Name: Lightbringer
Sex: Male
Age: 38 (May 12, 1978)
Country: Belgium

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WubbelbuttEU-DarksorrowLF Mythic raiding guild (hard or semi hardcore, 2-5 nights a week, focus on progress).

Raid experience at appropriate level (been playing since 2005)

Vanilla at level60
MC: clear
BWD/ONY: clear
ZG: clear
AQ20: clear
AQ40: up to c'thun
NAXX40: 2 wings

TBC at level70
KAR: clear
SSC: clear
TK: clear (with Hand of A'dal)
BT: clear
MH: clear
SUNWELL: up to Felmyst before the nerf

WotLK at level80
NAXX25: clear (with most meta achievements. A few were done later)
ULD25: clear (with most of the hard-modes)
TotGC: clear (50 tries left on 10man and 45 tries left on 25)
ICC25HC: clear (with all meta achievements)

CATA at lvl85
BWD25: 6/6HC
BOT25: 4/5HC
T4W25: 2/2 HC
FL10: 7/7HC
DS25: 8/8HC

MOP at lvl90
MV25: 6/6HC
HoF: 6/6HC
TES: 4/4HC
ToT: 13/13HC
SoO: 14/14M (edge)

WoD at lvl100
HM: 7/7M (edge)
BRF: 10/10M (edge)
HFC: 10/13M - 13/13HC

main account:

contact bnet: blood#2692 or wubble#2954

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