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NezastusUS-MannorothBattle tag sel#1538
NezastusUS-UtherGood evening guild leaders and recruiters.

I'm a 734 ret/prot paladin that is looking for a 2 day a week raiding guild.

Any 2 days Sunday-Thursday, looking for 8:00 central to midnight raid times. Can possibly go to 3 days.

Just started raiding again on my paladin after a few months off. I'm looking for a guild to call home for the long term thru the rest of this expansion and into and thru Legion.

Ring is 770 ret and 750 prot

Horde or alliance doesn't matter.

I'm 9/13m on my paladin and 11/13m on shaman with numerous pulls on the last 2 bosses.

Feel free to contact me at sel#1538
NezastusUS-Eldre'Thalasam looking for a place to call home.

13/13h experience,
about 2 weeks from my legendary ring.

looking to raid 2-3 nights a week (sunday-thursday)
8:00 pm cst to 12:00 am cst
Alliance or Horde doesn't matter

I can tank and would be willing to.

Battle tag is sel#1538


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