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unpsofable (timotam#2747)

Real Name: 2747
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Country: Germany

WoW Characters


Played non-stop from Nov 2005 \m/
I have always been part of great teams.

- Vanilla+BC:
. Unpsofable - Turalyon EU, Holy Paladin
. Unpsofable - Bloodhoof EU, Holy Paladin - Realm 2nd Illidan, Realm 2nd Kil'Jaeden

- WotlK:
. Kokinotrixas - Bloodhoof EU, Demo Lock - Realm 1st Naxx, OS, Malygos
. Noldorian - Turalyon EU, Balance / Resto Druid - Realm 1st ToC
. Mythoos - Turalyon EU, Protection Paladin

. Mythoos - Turalyon EU, Protection Paladin
. Toutoulis - Turalyon EU, Blood Death Knight

. Toutoulis - Turalyon EU, Blood / Frost Death Knight - Realm 2nd Garrosh HC

End on 15/5/2015
Zouzouna The Alpha and The OmegaEU-Turalyon
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