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EU-Connected Aerie Peak Total damage received

PvE Realm
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1RhiladonDivined496,177 M
2ThundrglaiveNever Lucky463,001 M
3TankjoyThe Scholars of Li..411,842 M
4PassoaThe Scholars of Li..358,945 M
5AmyranthaShadows of Darkness349,830 M
6PalamedicRehab337,811 M
7Ramb 328,752 M
8DraaideurCasual Pizza Cats300,111 M
9DreamofleshShadows of Darkness296,078 M
10LolaurFatal Hilarity283,450 M
11BloodlanceS W A T team nl280,965 M
12ChodalHaven266,061 M
13DemonìcaINCUBUS256,350 M
14FaelaoilinExcited State251,877 M
15WarkeffLast of the Mo Edens245,923 M
16ArneChaos Born238,291 M
17DrenodenHaven235,662 M
18SoulwaveThe Eclipsed232,494 M
19KoeksisterWRATH227,707 M
20GreansopeFatal Hilarity227,658 M
21ResinShadows of Darkness225,456 M
22FrozenchoulThunderCats Ho225,120 M
23ShrugadanDivined222,621 M
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