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EU-Connected Lordaeron Total deaths from opposite faction

PvE Realm
24Mogrod 3,570
25Executee 3,517
26MoritsuneStorm of Swords3,427
27Dranaresdont ape you release3,304
28Gidi 3,166
29Ebroh 3,131
30Sasu 2,996
31Ràgnà 2,974
33YahtoElortha no Shadra2,936
34CaremElortha no Shadra2,912
35YillYou Dont Know Me2,896
36Rotheran 2,704
37KatzenwieselPublic Enemy2,691
38Ferrah 2,627
39TemocInsert Coin to Con..2,605
40NontayP U R P L E D R A ..2,365
41Dschuu 2,361
42ProxonDie WeltenWächter2,325
43JuraneySunny Day2,324
44KalimáDie Housemartins2,237
45XantierThe Datacore2,209
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