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US-Connected Doomhammer Total damage done

PvE Realm
24XerrusAces Of Azeroth457,277 M
25CrazykingzzConflict447,064 M
26SlinisterrCouncil of Eternity446,285 M
27MegahapaVega437,190 M
28DonkelWipes on Trash437,154 M
29GyrnaldSouthern Honey437,009 M
30KelvalaEternity428,876 M
31BousszerEpic Montage427,922 M
32DoubleburgerPadlords424,538 M
33UruvielCrisp424,370 M
34  413,881 M
35BrohemothRuination412,708 M
36ThorpBloodlust410,268 M
37KorluncahWestfall Fried Chi..393,911 M
38PalutenaIndominus390,460 M
39Alerien 365,730 M
40AzulonozeidThe Complaint Depa..360,794 M
41OrcroStrife359,887 M
42ToxicidiotPadlords355,363 M
43IndalagorBring Your Own Heals355,161 M
44AlaalazeidThe Complaint Depa..342,034 M
45YolmarZozobra335,122 M
46EldoggieoBring Your Own Heals334,235 M
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