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US-Connected Doomhammer Total damage received

PvE Realm
24MantraSACRED216,750 M
25MuhlbsDont Call Me Seksy209,542 M
26MeccFresh202,667 M
27VelisiaIntegrity200,137 M
28KovixCrisp193,090 M
29GhodThe Nemeton184,649 M
30Galionna 183,747 M
31ShowerBring Your Own Heals181,614 M
32ShadomoonLords of the Realm177,684 M
33CzorkuDont Call Me Seksy177,612 M
34HoneyclawsCrisp177,581 M
35LyndanMalice Aforethought175,613 M
36ChuggingmilkPadlords168,376 M
37BrawladonnaDont Call Me Seksy167,902 M
38BayCrisp167,337 M
39FuzzÿoneTo the Rescue166,685 M
40SageshifterIntegrity166,321 M
41AzamathCrisp165,845 M
42NystromiaDrow165,511 M
43PantalamionSACRED162,620 M
44HelagothIntegrity161,577 M
45VelascaCrisp161,311 M
46MchickenCupcake Ninjas160,354 M
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