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US-Connected Doomhammer Total damage received

PvE Realm
24Mecc (u)Fresh159,676 M
25KovixCrisp145,442 M
26SkoobyyRuination141,458 M
27Lyndan (u)Malice Aforethought141,360 M
28GhodThe Nemeton139,456 M
29PantalamionSACRED137,406 M
30CrazykingzzConflict137,284 M
31DubiousFresh135,490 M
32MuhlbsDont Call Me Seksy134,502 M
33FuzzÿoneTo the Rescue133,219 M
34DarklacOut Of Mobs127,590 M
35SomebearsKnights Of The Pla..126,003 M
36Çampyourbody 124,966 M
37HelagothIntegrity124,877 M
38Honeyclaws (u)Crisp124,424 M
39ShadomoonLords of the Realm123,423 M
40CzorkuDont Call Me Seksy123,157 M
41NystromiaDrow122,952 M
42BackuptankY So Serious122,645 M
43Zaraoinn 122,567 M
44SageshifterIntegrity122,499 M
45Azamath (u)Crisp122,273 M
46Bay (u)Crisp121,581 M
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