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US-Connected Eredar Total damage done

PvP Realm
24TyroarDawn of Valor1,637,888 M
25KrokaarMonths Behind1,633,505 M
26MarsartemisCapital Vices1,629,765 M
27TahleeFLIPSIDE KINGS1,580,503 M
28ItsdahulkDawn of Valor1,555,090 M
29Hollandoats 1,524,056 M
30DimickMonths Behind1,519,599 M
31BarpFLIPSIDE KINGS1,513,903 M
32WyatthurtWhiskey Brigade1,490,342 M
33PoxugenFilthy Millenials1,480,347 M
34RyomouThe Band Of The Hawk1,478,441 M
35TsabotavocDeadmoon Tribe1,468,497 M
36HazeWhiskey Brigade1,445,848 M
37Gelphling 1,435,554 M
38ForsakynLife Is Debt1,423,022 M
39PariahCapital Vices1,418,392 M
40EniawgAngry Mob1,397,338 M
41ChiphiThe Red Shirts1,395,763 M
42KeltaraCapital Vices1,387,644 M
43BayyonettaFLIPSIDE KINGS1,387,370 M
44TragousCapital Vices1,345,771 M
45TolandxrawrMonths Behind1,344,008 M
46JbeezyCapital Vices1,331,683 M
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