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US-Connected Eredar Total damage done

PvP Realm
24QtwithabootyCapital Vices753,496 M
25Zaradron (u)Arete748,139 M
26Osank (u)Capital Vices706,618 M
27RavagegavarCapital Vices702,737 M
28BayyonettaFLIPSIDE KINGS681,903 M
29DsdadMonths Behind674,202 M
30NecrötiaRedEye654,997 M
31LetsshotCelestial Reign653,666 M
32KronoCapital Vices643,216 M
33ChadxdCapital Vices642,076 M
34JbeezyCapital Vices641,505 M
35Padlord 640,083 M
36ShadalCapital Vices629,229 M
37KumaMonths Behind619,346 M
38Archagilaz (u)RedEye612,549 M
39VapelordCapital Vices602,386 M
40SatsuiCapital Vices600,047 M
41LegendaryFLIPSIDE KINGS596,897 M
42EllathaFLIPSIDE KINGS595,768 M
43Kaido (u)Knights of The Old594,597 M
44CrzMonths Behind594,299 M
45Tyroar (u)Dawn of Valor591,625 M
46AlcorGorefiend Best Ser..582,683 M
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