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US-Connected Icecrown Total healing received

PvE Realm
24Echoside (u)Wraith153,158 M
25Eatskagg (lfg)Scales Of The Dragon152,200 M
26Corwinus (u)Wolves of the Red ..150,849 M
27TripptrappFatality150,806 M
28Tensen (u)Soulbound150,184 M
29TwinClan Bonsai148,593 M
30BuddabounceEquitas146,871 M
31Toxicant (u)Second Nature144,984 M
32ElsmasherReminiscence142,398 M
33CeledhringFurious Pantaloons142,246 M
34Volcker (u)Dev Null139,476 M
35JstaleetldthTitanforged Vanguard136,221 M
36Finesthour (u)Vindicatum135,760 M
37Tailented (u)Reminiscence135,721 M
38PlausiblePlausible Deniabil..135,558 M
39Congobearcongos honor guard134,561 M
40Candybox (u)Reminiscence134,366 M
41EldariusShadowmoon Knights133,728 M
42ZzuelAfterthought133,334 M
43MithdraugwenReminiscence130,357 M
44SeraemDreadnoughts130,345 M
45Mauthe (u)Wolves of the Red ..129,946 M
46DetrichOften Misquoted128,977 M
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