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US-Connected Icecrown Total healing received

PvE Realm
24Deadbanger 187,646 M
25TensenSoulbound186,902 M
26PlausiblePlausible Deniabil..185,085 M
27TerdsDreadnoughts183,277 M
28Sageslayer 181,349 M
29BearyliciousThe Order180,589 M
30JackisbackCrimson Shadow179,992 M
31FinesthourVindicatum179,032 M
32Eatskagg (lfg)Scales Of The Dragon178,678 M
33Vendawn 177,875 M
34CeledhringFurious Pantaloons176,781 M
35AlgorjuFurious Pantaloons176,371 M
36PotatReminiscence175,594 M
37Anelace 175,430 M
38EchosideWraith174,431 M
39JarkkoDreadnoughts174,149 M
40MarobyAwful173,372 M
41VolckerDev Null171,425 M
42TailentedReminiscence171,250 M
43ElsmasherReminiscence171,108 M
44SeraemDreadnoughts170,023 M
45ZzuelAfterthought168,503 M
46Congobearcongos honor guard167,602 M
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