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US-Connected Spirestone Total damage received

PvP Realm
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1Aevali (u)Vanquish452,409 M
2DieegooDont Release397,594 M
3RakhárNo Life346,775 M
4BadzerathKeep Calm280,399 M
5Kodíakbear (u)Competitive Wages273,769 M
6OsyrissMalus Nexu240,392 M
7StormydarkReavers224,784 M
8TropIn Accounting186,986 M
9Meechka (u)Wartorn186,292 M
10NosheroThe Bad and the Ugly180,323 M
11GranoläIn Accounting172,572 M
12Tylai (u)The Aggro Crag160,702 M
13Dopesick (u)In Accounting159,633 M
14TakitsuRise of The Brothe..153,789 M
15Swavoo (u)Flame150,329 M
16WoosawLunar Wolves149,918 M
17GreetnesstwoAncient Order149,847 M
18NeuronNiche143,484 M
19OakiedoakieThe Bad and the Ugly140,551 M
20PandamanConflux138,063 M
21MardríftSounds Complicated133,827 M
22  132,726 M
23MaracanoDont Release132,706 M
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