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US-Connected Spirestone Total healing received

PvP Realm
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1AndriceThe Bad and the Ugly92,733 M
2NovasolKeep Calm85,142 M
3Terab (u)Conflux81,573 M
4RukieONE81,419 M
5DumbledorpThe Bad and the Ugly79,089 M
6SickmageDont Release77,719 M
7Shapingus (u)Vanquish75,204 M
8ImsobbqKeep Calm72,892 M
9FumaGluten Intolerance63,380 M
10Luckeh (u)The Remnant61,489 M
11Sadlo (u)Dont Release57,125 M
12Orcmage (u)Salt56,796 M
13JazzeONE55,086 M
14Coolèr (u)Order of War54,910 M
15Xarxessunshine girls54,788 M
16DustdosMalus Nexu52,867 M
17IaeaaGluten Intolerance52,333 M
18RenmiriIs Naked50,426 M
19MantouBand Of Bandits50,271 M
20AgniNiche49,367 M
21DreddfulNo Life49,317 M
22FirestörmNoticed By Senpai47,896 M
23VanyeSounds Complicated47,617 M
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