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US-Connected Spirestone Total healing done

PvP Realm
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1Duskstalker (u)tlc29,298 M
2Aeryndil (u)WarriorsElite28,982 M
3DeadwolfOuter Haven27,170 M
4BattousaìMalus Nexu25,865 M
5Eruedraith (u)HordeLivesMatter24,273 M
6AtmösKeep Calm23,893 M
7Anino 21,917 M
8GainsSuit Up20,292 M
9ScorksRoughriders19,747 M
10GetroThe Bad and the Ugly18,730 M
11RaffleðHit List17,954 M
12TerzaSemi Pro16,922 M
13XaulzanIs Naked15,407 M
14StyxBSP15,347 M
15Polyxenna (u)Keep Calm14,834 M
16RÿanKeep Calm14,681 M
17GobshankIn Accounting14,653 M
18Zorò (u)HordeLivesMatter14,014 M
19DjvThe Banished13,636 M
20DarbinsBetterCallThrall13,186 M
21AerialeIn Accounting12,907 M
22SoblakedSemi Pro12,857 M
23DarlockeRise of The Brothe..12,684 M
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