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US-Darkspear Total healing received

PvP Realm
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1OmgmikeFriend Zone117,954 M
2VàgoBOBAlicious105,225 M
3SickstealthFriend Zone98,465 M
4StabbymctabyNocturnal Fate91,137 M
5TaalonFriend Zone70,144 M
6Chaosturtle (u)Anger and Sarcasm62,031 M
7XyiasCelestial Force61,187 M
8HonestllyNocturnal Fate60,933 M
9MiststalkerBOBAlicious60,912 M
10MaverrisHeavenly Divine59,181 M
11Airiko 55,968 M
12NelliepooSteel Legion55,458 M
13DustyhoneyDarth Army53,775 M
14BleakyokaiNETFLIX AND KILL50,940 M
15Bbyronkaxoaint even tryin49,547 M
16SpectereSovereign46,888 M
17TrysteroHeavenly Divine46,873 M
18Ikillualot (u)M E R C I L E S S46,468 M
19Fenwig (u)Anger and Sarcasm43,655 M
20Respawnedz 43,510 M
21Krup 42,594 M
22Twinmoon 41,107 M
23Ronkaknows 40,994 M
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