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US Highest 3 man personal rating

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2Khrylhey im mvpTichondrius3,165
3Fuzionzhey im mvpTichondrius3,159
4TalbadarSuper Smash BrosMug'thol3,106
5WizkLemonTwisting Nether3,104
6  Twisting Nether3,086
8Mackdaddyohorde nerfed here ..Blackrock3,057
9MackenziiLast of The Brohic..Blackrock3,057
10  Blackrock3,054
11Wizkx Tichondrius3,054
12  Tichondrius3,040
13  Tichondrius3,022
14Cmgwatch the throneBleeding Hollow3,022
15  Bleeding Hollow3,022
16  Bleeding Hollow3,022
17Gékzkill meTichondrius3,012
18Playdoughx Bleeding Hollow3,010
19  Bleeding Hollow3,007
20Emrihealzbuy a carry from meTichondrius3,005
21  Tichondrius3,005
22Kassim Frostmourne3,004
23Gopsy Frostmourne3,004
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