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US 2v2 victories

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1Gladiatrices Kel'Thuzad12,380
2Biznotch Altar of Storms8,278
3  Altar of Storms8,258
4  Altar of Storms8,198
5Kassídy Bleeding Hollow8,198
6IincaWe like turtlesTichondrius8,128
7SpöngeAmnesiaEmerald Dream7,439
8Spönge Tichondrius7,432
9  Tichondrius7,421
10Hotbitz Tichondrius7,241
11  Tichondrius7,165
12MirrakzarAshes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream6,941
13  Emerald Dream6,941
14MadmedzMostly HarmlessUndermine6,711
15  Undermine6,509
16  Undermine6,477
17  Undermine6,476
18Saintmarry Tichondrius6,427
19  Tichondrius6,404
20  Tichondrius6,357
21Fuzionzhey im mvpTichondrius6,342
22FrymiiTwisted HavenAman'Thul6,244
23SodaPositive EnergyArthas6,077
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