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US Total deaths from opposite faction

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2MaluloEpic Manly MenZuluhed29,999
3Nytro Kel'Thuzad28,311
4Sizzletits Kel'Thuzad25,994
5Sizzlenuts Kel'Thuzad25,866
6  Kel'Thuzad24,387
7TavlinaReturn to HonorThrall21,908
8MudfloydEat a PeachRexxar21,305
9Tavenger Emerald Dream20,669
10Kälï Stonemaul20,626
11AfksMob MentalityDunemaul19,010
12XizunieLeões da AlvoradaGoldrinn18,351
13YajìrobeMob MentalityDunemaul18,346
14  Dunemaul18,233
15Afks Emerald Dream18,225
16LanuorHandsome Mens ClubStormscale17,956
17  Stormscale17,910
18  Stormscale17,909
19  Stormscale17,895
20JimmyzzArchaic WarlordsEldre'Thalas17,777
21Tryxster Tichondrius17,428
22Lélse Frostmourne17,039
23BloodletterPain in the AzerothBlade's Edge16,884
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