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US Damage Score at the Proving Grounds Endless

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1  20,899
2Titainiuss (u)Oprah RichArthas18,890
3Fjarnskaggl (u) Sargeras16,894
4VxmsGet Well SoonSargeras16,894
5DieallysdieDemon Souls Nights..Shattered Hand15,389
6RoukHello Kitty ClubAkama13,597
7MeepsySo FluffyKel'Thuzad10,200
8Nydusstarted from the b..Medivh10,100
9Kyumo Trollbane9,895
10KyamiHigh LatencyTrollbane9,895
11Hellhand (u)HydraAzralon9,495
12Galaynia (u) Quel'Thalas9,380
14  Quel'Thalas7,394
16Clann (u)Defiant RequiemEarthen Ring7,300
17TheblackwhitHeroes Of Our TimeGallywix6,973
18FadashClã do Machado Voa..Azralon6,885
19HebesGardens by the BayAnvilmar6,794
20Karlys Frostmourne6,794
21ArmamentWolf and RavenWyrmrest Accord6,785
22HazzokBad GuysMal'Ganis6,698
23  Mal'Ganis6,595
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