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EU-Свежеватель Душ Ривендэлл orc monk 50
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Pet Score: 10130.53
West: n/a (monk: 9169)
RU: 17438(monk: 949)
realm: 1837(monk: 98)

Battle Pets Army

25Sister of Temptation (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Ironbound Proto-Whelp (favorite)health: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Core Hound Pup (favorite)health: 1627power: 322speed: 21162.10
25Celestial Dragon (favorite)health: 1644power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Death Talon Whelpguard (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Stitched Pup (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Anubisath Idol (favorite)health: 1725power: 276speed: 24462.10
25Corefire Imp (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Chrominius (favorite)health: 1644power: 276speed: 26062.10
25Zandalari Kneebiter (favorite)health: 1302power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Zandalari Anklerender (favorite)health: 1302power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Direhorn Runt (favorite)health: 1766power: 260speed: 25262.10
25Unborn Val'kyr (favorite)health: 1806power: 276speed: 22762.10
25Lil' Bling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Iron Starlette (favorite)health: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Elekk Plushiehealth: 2537power: 260speed: 17962.10
25Teroclaw Hatchling (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Hydraling (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Kelp Scuttlerhealth: 1319power: 357speed: 24462.10
25Grotesque (favorite)health: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Sunblade Micro-Defender (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Fel Pup (favorite)health: 1319power: 276speed: 32562.10
25Cinder Pup (favorite)health: 1237power: 341speed: 27662.10
25Crispin (favorite)health: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Sunborne Val'kyr (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Bloodgazer Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Boneshard (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Blood Boil (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu (favorite)health: 1400power: 268speed: 31762.10
25Scuttle (favorite)health: 1668power: 281speed: 24462.10
25Shadowbarb Hatchling (favorite)health: 1493power: 271speed: 29662.10
25Emperor Crabhealth: 1675power: 270speed: 19557.32
25Icespine Hatchlinghealth: 1360power: 267speed: 25257.32
25Dream Whelpling (favorite)health: 1300power: 315speed: 22557.32
25Azeriti (favorite)health: 1750power: 225speed: 22557.32
24Swamplighter Fireflyhealth: 1410power: 262speed: 27856.95
24Coastal Sandpiperhealth: 1252power: 230speed: 28852.57
23Grizzly Squirrelhealth: 1371power: 254speed: 25451.96
23Bandicoonhealth: 1296power: 239speed: 29951.96
23Masked Tanuki Puphealth: 1356power: 251speed: 26651.96
23Jumping Spiderhealth: 1281power: 254speed: 28151.96
23Savory Beetlehealth: 1356power: 266speed: 25151.96
23Effervescent Glowflyhealth: 1296power: 269speed: 25451.96
23Flat-Tooth Calfhealth: 1595power: 239speed: 23951.96
23Junglebeakhealth: 1240power: 306speed: 24351.96
23Black-Footed Fox Kithealth: 1318power: 244speed: 28151.96
23Erudite Manafiendhealth: 1374power: 250speed: 26651.96
23Young Mutant Warturtlehealth: 1580power: 251speed: 22451.96
23Specimen 97health: 1221power: 254speed: 29951.96
23Sandclaw Pincherhealth: 1371power: 257speed: 25151.96
23Pygmy Marsuulhealth: 1281power: 266speed: 26651.96
23Fleeting Froghealth: 1318power: 251speed: 27451.96
23Rustyroot Snooterhealth: 1374power: 251speed: 26251.96
23Junkheap Roachhealth: 1404power: 239speed: 27151.96
23Experimental Roachhealth: 1744power: 239speed: 20951.96
23Spireshell Snailhealth: 1520power: 266speed: 22151.96
23Bloodseekerhealth: 1161power: 312speed: 25351.96
23Glimmershell Scuttlerhealth: 1565power: 239speed: 23951.96
23Zooey Snakehealth: 1190power: 259speed: 23547.96
23Olivetail Harehealth: 1328power: 218speed: 24847.96
23Garden Froghealth: 1397power: 218speed: 23247.96
23Dusk Spiderlinghealth: 1121power: 246speed: 25947.96
23Softshell Snaplinghealth: 1411power: 221speed: 22147.96
23Yakrathealth: 1328power: 207speed: 25947.96
23Parched Lizardhealth: 1135power: 221speed: 29047.96
23Red-Tailed Chipmunkhealth: 1204power: 221speed: 27647.96
23Amber Mothhealth: 1204power: 259speed: 23247.96
23Bucktooth Flapperhealth: 1273power: 235speed: 23547.96
23Grey Mothhealth: 1204power: 221speed: 27647.96
23Bandicoon Kithealth: 1204power: 221speed: 27647.96
23Kuitan Mongoosehealth: 1204power: 221speed: 27647.96
23Summit Kidhealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Elusive Skimmerhealth: 1328power: 246speed: 22147.96
23Rapana Whelkhealth: 1480power: 248speed: 17947.96
23Resilient Roachhealth: 1397power: 204speed: 24647.96
23Sandy Petrelhealth: 1397power: 204speed: 24647.96
23Mud Jumperhealth: 1342power: 221speed: 23547.96
23Flamering Mothhealth: 1204power: 246speed: 24647.96
23Twilight Wasphealth: 1259power: 246speed: 23247.96
23Amberbarb Wasphealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Cerulean Mothhealth: 1204power: 246speed: 24647.96
23Waterflyhealth: 1328power: 218speed: 24647.96
23Violet Fireflyhealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Royal Mothhealth: 1328power: 221speed: 24647.96
23Shadow Sporebathealth: 1618power: 207speed: 20747.96
23Slithering Brownscalehealth: 1190power: 232speed: 25947.96
23Albatross Chickhealth: 1397power: 246speed: 20447.96
23Burrow Spiderlinghealth: 1066power: 259speed: 25947.96
23Juvenile Scuttlebackhealth: 1135power: 273speed: 23247.96
23Mist Fox Kithealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Coralback Fiddlerhealth: 1135power: 235speed: 27647.96
23Echo Batlinghealth: 1342power: 248speed: 20747.96
23Crystalline Broodlinghealth: 1135power: 248speed: 24847.96
23Thornclaw Broodlinghealth: 1190power: 259speed: 23547.96
23Felspiderhealth: 1066power: 235speed: 29047.96
23Rustbolt Cluckerhealth: 1370power: 224speed: 23247.96
23Mechagon Marmothealth: 1235power: 237speed: 24647.96
23Scrapyard Tunnelerhealth: 1232power: 237speed: 24647.96
23Bloodfever Tarantulahealth: 1207power: 232speed: 25647.96
23Antoran Bile Larvahealth: 1397power: 246speed: 20447.96
23Bile Larvahealth: 1466power: 232speed: 20447.96
23Great Sea Albatrosshealth: 1297power: 226speed: 24447.96
23Abyssal Slitherlinghealth: 1190power: 270speed: 22147.96
23Bilescourgehealth: 1273power: 235speed: 23547.96
23Motorized Croakerhealth: 1314power: 247speed: 22247.96
23Malfunctioning Microbothealth: 1349power: 236speed: 22447.96
23Deeptide Fingerlinghealth: 1176power: 240speed: 25447.96
23Chitterspine Skitterling (favorite)health: 1101power: 233speed: 28447.96
23Muck Slughealth: 1342power: 246speed: 21847.96
23Void-Scarred Locusthealth: 1308power: 266speed: 21047.96
22Mac Froghealth: 1444power: 226speed: 24047.12
22Highlands Skunkhealth: 1315power: 243speed: 24347.12
22Alpine Foxling Kithealth: 1315power: 243speed: 24347.12
22Sifang Otterhealth: 1244power: 229speed: 28647.12
22Grassland Hopperhealth: 1244power: 229speed: 28647.12
22Mongoose Puphealth: 1101power: 255speed: 28347.12
22Highlands Turkeyhealth: 1315power: 243speed: 24347.12
22Clouded Hedgehoghealth: 1315power: 243speed: 24347.12
22Kun-Lai Runthealth: 1244power: 300speed: 21447.12
23Crunchy Scorpionhealth: 1226power: 202speed: 22543.97
23Feverbite Hatchlinghealth: 1036power: 238speed: 22543.97
23Leatherhide Runthealth: 1492power: 215speed: 16443.97
23Brilliant Bloodfeatherhealth: 1175power: 215speed: 21543.97
22Stowaway Rathealth: 1156power: 198speed: 27743.50
22Fire-Proof Roachhealth: 1341power: 209speed: 22443.50
22Locusthealth: 1156power: 238speed: 22443.50
22Grove Viperhealth: 1156power: 224speed: 23843.50
22Tolai Harehealth: 1275power: 209speed: 23843.50
22Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchlinghealth: 1156power: 238speed: 22443.50
22Crimson Shale Hatchlinghealth: 1209power: 248speed: 21143.50
22Leopard Scorpidhealth: 1156power: 211speed: 26443.50
22Silky Mothhealth: 1143power: 209speed: 26143.50
22Masked Tanukihealth: 1209power: 235speed: 22243.50
22Jungle Grubhealth: 1420power: 211speed: 21143.50
22Sifang Otter Puphealth: 1156power: 211speed: 26443.50
22Mongoosehealth: 958power: 235speed: 27543.50
22Marsh Fiddlerhealth: 1209power: 222speed: 23543.50
22Eternal Striderhealth: 1156power: 222speed: 24843.50
22Nordrassil Wisphealth: 1275power: 209speed: 23843.50
22Crimson Geodehealth: 1354power: 238speed: 19843.50
22Spirebound Crabhealth: 1222power: 264speed: 19843.50
22Deepholm Cockroachhealth: 1222power: 185speed: 27743.50
21Szechuan Chickenhealth: 1192power: 218speed: 27342.45
21Tolai Hare Puphealth: 1315power: 202speed: 25742.45
21Crystal Beetlehealth: 1397power: 232speed: 21842.45
21Elfin Rabbithealth: 1260power: 191speed: 27342.45
21Baa'l (favorite)health: 1294power: 239speed: 21842.45
22Horned Lizardhealth: 1116power: 215speed: 20639.88
22Twilight Beetlehealth: 1189power: 206speed: 20639.88
22Garden Mothhealth: 1068power: 218speed: 20639.88
22Luyu Mothhealth: 1068power: 215speed: 21539.88
22Amethyst Spiderlinghealth: 1056power: 227speed: 20639.88
21Wharf Rathealth: 1158power: 199speed: 23739.18
21Frostfur Rathealth: 1124power: 211speed: 22739.18
21Prairie Mousehealth: 1221power: 212speed: 21239.18
21Emerald Turtlehealth: 1410power: 199speed: 18639.18
21Alpine Foxlinghealth: 1158power: 224speed: 21239.18
21Emerald Shale Hatchlinghealth: 1234power: 214speed: 20239.18
21Oasis Mothhealth: 1171power: 214speed: 22739.18
21Silkbead Snailhealth: 1410power: 214speed: 17439.18
21Dragonbone Hatchlinghealth: 1234power: 214speed: 20239.18
21Scourged Whelplinghealth: 1423power: 214speed: 17639.18
21Tol'vir Scarabhealth: 1158power: 214speed: 22439.18
21Twilight Fiendlinghealth: 1158power: 237speed: 20239.18
21Spiny Terrapinhealth: 1486power: 189speed: 18939.18
21Temple Snakehealth: 1045power: 202speed: 26539.18
21Leopard Tree Froghealth: 1171power: 189speed: 25239.18
21Mirror Striderhealth: 1158power: 189speed: 24939.18
21Malayan Quillrat Puphealth: 1221power: 199speed: 22439.18
21Plains Monitorhealth: 1095power: 237speed: 21439.18
20Death's Head Cockroachhealth: 1270power: 192speed: 24438.30
20Topaz Shale Hatchlinghealth: 1205power: 234speed: 20838.30
20Twilight Spiderhealth: 1075power: 234speed: 23438.30
20Imperial Eagle Chickhealth: 1127power: 244speed: 21838.30
20Emerald Proto-Whelphealth: 1140power: 244speed: 21838.30
20Nexus Whelplinghealth: 1192power: 244speed: 20538.30
21Carrion Rathealth: 1128power: 182speed: 20635.91
21Fungal Mothhealth: 1186power: 162speed: 21735.91
21Malayan Quillrathealth: 1082power: 185speed: 20835.91
20Arctic Harehealth: 1168power: 168speed: 23835.35
20Tundra Penguinhealth: 1228power: 214speed: 18035.35
20Stunted Shardhornhealth: 1360power: 216speed: 15635.35
19Cathealth: 964power: 232speed: 23234.29
19Fjord Rathealth: 1199power: 195speed: 22034.29
19Fjord Worg Puphealth: 1088power: 247speed: 19834.29
19Fledgling Nether Rayhealth: 1014power: 245speed: 20734.29
19Fawnhealth: 1069power: 182speed: 20531.66
19Borean Marmothealth: 1069power: 182speed: 20531.66
19Nether Roachhealth: 1069power: 160speed: 23931.66
19Oily Slimelinghealth: 1240power: 182speed: 18231.66
19Devouring Maggothealth: 1229power: 182speed: 18031.66
19Fel Flamehealth: 1172power: 182speed: 19231.66
19Biletoadhealth: 1135power: 176speed: 15729.02
18Cogblade Raptorhealth: 953power: 181speed: 20328.09
17Sporeling Sprouthealth: 1083power: 177speed: 19726.72
17Warpstalker Hatchlinghealth: 1039power: 188speed: 18826.72
17Anodized Robo Cubhealth: 1194power: 197speed: 15526.72
18Scalded Basilisk Hatchlinghealth: 932power: 166speed: 17625.75
17Clefthoof Runthealth: 1222power: 173speed: 13324.66
16Alpine Harehealth: 1026power: 164speed: 18723.47
16Spiky Lizardhealth: 880power: 166speed: 21823.47
16Arcane Eyehealth: 984power: 185speed: 17523.47
16Snowy Owlhealth: 858power: 152speed: 19021.66
15Swamp Mothhealth: 977power: 166speed: 15620.35
15Lava Beetlehealth: 919power: 166speed: 17420.35
15Diemetradon Hatchlinghealth: 919power: 183speed: 15420.35
15Tree Pythonhealth: 856power: 160speed: 15318.78
15Parrothealth: 811power: 160speed: 16018.78
15Spotted Bell Froghealth: 910power: 144speed: 15318.78
15Fire Beetlehealth: 856power: 153speed: 16018.78
15Sidewinderhealth: 820power: 153speed: 16218.78
15Tainted Mothhealth: 910power: 153speed: 14418.78
15Qiraji Guardlinghealth: 901power: 151speed: 15118.78
15Minfernalhealth: 856power: 160speed: 15118.78
14Black Rathealth: 828power: 136speed: 19117.36
14Rattlesnakehealth: 864power: 146speed: 17117.36
14Stripe-Tailed Scorpidhealth: 873power: 155speed: 15517.36
15Ash Viperhealth: 760power: 140speed: 14917.22
15Long-tailed Molehealth: 801power: 132speed: 14917.22
14Tainted Rathealth: 848power: 141speed: 14316.02
14King Snakehealth: 898power: 134speed: 14316.02
14Gold Beetlehealth: 772power: 143speed: 16016.02
14Scorpidhealth: 814power: 143speed: 14316.02
14Ash Spiderlinghealth: 730power: 151speed: 15116.02
14Twilight Iguanahealth: 772power: 143speed: 15116.02
14Tainted Cockroachhealth: 824power: 108speed: 14514.69
14Lava Crabhealth: 824power: 131speed: 12214.69
13Molten Hatchlinghealth: 677power: 139speed: 14713.64
13Infinite Whelplinghealth: 755power: 147speed: 12313.64
13Stinkbughealth: 736power: 122speed: 12012.51
13Spawn of Onyxiahealth: 672power: 150speed: 10712.51
12Chickenhealth: 794power: 131speed: 13112.32
12Nether Faerie Dragonhealth: 685power: 133speed: 15612.32
12Bathealth: 640power: 144speed: 12211.38
12Festering Maggothealth: 813power: 115speed: 11411.38
12Infected Fawnhealth: 741power: 128speed: 11411.38
12Brown Marmothealth: 676power: 115speed: 14411.38
12Snakehealth: 595power: 106speed: 13910.43
12Stunted Yetihealth: 687power: 111speed: 11110.43
11Cockroachhealth: 720power: 98speed: 1179.22
11Jade Oozelinghealth: 793power: 106speed: 999.22
10Giraffe Calfhealth: 664power: 89speed: 1077.39
9Shadefeather Hatchling (favorite)health: 562power: 104speed: 1046.14
9Rock Viperhealth: 532power: 92speed: 975.66
9Baby Apehealth: 559power: 92speed: 925.66
9Forest Spiderlinghealth: 447power: 84speed: 1045.19
9Stone Armadillohealth: 645power: 74speed: 745.19
8Grasslands Cottontailhealth: 527power: 81speed: 814.24
8Desert Spiderhealth: 436power: 82speed: 1014.24
7Water Snakehealth: 459power: 76speed: 863.13
7Cinderweb Reclusehealth: 464power: 81speed: 813.13
7Tiny Twisterhealth: 555power: 73speed: 733.13
7Lizard Hatchlinghealth: 436power: 71speed: 762.89
7Alpine Chipmunkhealth: 453power: 75speed: 712.89
7Tiny Bog Beasthealth: 474power: 75speed: 672.89
7Pollyhealth: 394power: 75speed: 832.89
6Maggothealth: 470power: 66speed: 581.96
6Strand Crabhealth: 451power: 66speed: 621.96
6Firebat Puphealth: 428power: 73speed: 621.96
6Huge Toadhealth: 456power: 57speed: 571.81
6Blighted Squirrelhealth: 420power: 64speed: 581.81
6Mountain Skunkhealth: 394power: 59speed: 531.66
6Skunkhealth: 381power: 56speed: 561.66
6Turquoise Turtlehealth: 427power: 50speed: 551.66
6Spiderhealth: 348power: 59speed: 591.66
5Shore Crabhealth: 392power: 55speed: 521.23
5Scrapshealth: 352power: 56speed: 611.23
5Redridge Rathealth: 340power: 45speed: 631.14
5Rabbithealth: 340power: 42speed: 661.14
5Larvahealth: 385power: 51speed: 451.14
5Coral Snakehealth: 352power: 50speed: 531.14
5Fledgling Buzzardhealth: 370power: 51speed: 481.14
5Rusty Snailhealth: 400power: 54speed: 391.14
5Mountain Cottontailhealth: 345power: 39speed: 541.04
5Toadhealth: 359power: 43speed: 461.04
5Rathealth: 331power: 43speed: 521.04
5Spirit Crabhealth: 372power: 50speed: 381.04
5Venomspitter Hatchlinghealth: 348power: 47speed: 471.04
4Adderhealth: 305power: 46speed: 460.73
4Wicked Soulhealth: 298power: 42speed: 540.73
4Small Froghealth: 316power: 38speed: 410.67
4Harpy Younglinghealth: 304power: 41speed: 410.67
4Emerald Boahealth: 285power: 39speed: 370.62
4Forest Mothhealth: 298power: 37speed: 350.62
3Prairie Doghealth: 264power: 31speed: 370.42
3Rabid Nut Varmint 5000health: 283power: 33speed: 310.42
3Squirrelhealth: 251power: 28speed: 340.38
3Robo-Chickhealth: 253power: 27speed: 360.38
3Winter's Little Helperhealth: 253power: 31speed: 310.38
3Tiny Harvesterhealth: 269power: 30speed: 290.38
2Ash'anahealth: 204power: 24speed: 220.13
2Gazelle Fawnhealth: 204power: 21speed: 250.13
2Fel-Afflicted Skyfinhealth: 210power: 26speed: 190.13
2Mousehealth: 196power: 18speed: 250.12
2Lost of Lordaeronhealth: 208power: 22speed: 180.12
2Snow Cubhealth: 188power: 22speed: 180.11
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