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EU-Outland The Eternal night elf druid 50
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Pet Score: 4938.62
West: n/a (druid: 41086)
EU English: n/a(druid: 13500)
realm: 1989(druid: 243)

Battle Pets Army

25Beetlehealth: 1627power: 273speed: 26062.10
25False Knucklebumphealth: 1607power: 301speed: 23662.10
25Giant Sewer Rathealth: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Gundrak Hatchlinghealth: 1302power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Child of Pa'kuhealth: 1380power: 297speed: 28562.10
25Frigid Frostlinghealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Celestial Dragonhealth: 1644power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Fossilized Hatchlinghealth: 1481power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Panther Cubhealth: 1302power: 289speed: 30562.10
25Ash'anahealth: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Brilliant Kalirihealth: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Creepy Crawlyhealth: 1465power: 276speed: 28962.10
25Zandalari Kneebiterhealth: 1237power: 276speed: 34162.10
25Droplet of Y'Shaarjhealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Iron Starlettehealth: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Frostwolf Ghostpuphealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Ikkyhealth: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Doom Bloomhealth: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Everbloom Peachickhealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Servant of Demidoshealth: 1197power: 366speed: 26062.10
25Abyssiushealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Fragment of Desirehealth: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Fragment of Angerhealth: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Fragment of Sufferinghealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Graveshealth: 1587power: 297speed: 24462.10
25Ashmaw Cubhealth: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Fledgling Warden Owlhealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Hateful Eyehealth: 1319power: 325speed: 27662.10
25Extinguished Eyehealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Emmigosahealth: 1400power: 273speed: 30562.10
25Crispinhealth: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Bleakwater Jellyhealth: 1359power: 305speed: 28162.10
25Fetid Wavelinghealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Baby Elderhornhealth: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Baby Stonehidehealth: 1546power: 314speed: 23662.10
25Corgneliushealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Felbat Puphealth: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Firebat Puphealth: 1465power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Laganhealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Benaxhealth: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Boneshardhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Wicked Soulhealth: 1339power: 289speed: 30162.10
25Grasping Manifestationhealth: 1400power: 276speed: 30962.10
25Docile Skyfinhealth: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Fel-Afflicted Skyfinhealth: 1481power: 325speed: 24462.10
25Bonebiterhealth: 1575power: 269speed: 27562.10
25Darthealth: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Kindleweb Spiderlinghealth: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Craghoof Kidhealth: 1465power: 264speed: 30162.10
25Bloodstone Tunnelerhealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Juvenile Brineshellhealth: 1648power: 285speed: 24062.10
25Kunchong Hatchlinghealth: 1502power: 345speed: 21962.10
25Captain Nibshealth: 1424power: 301speed: 26962.10
25Inkyhealth: 1485power: 265speed: 29362.10
25Firesting Buzzerhealth: 1607power: 277speed: 26062.10
25Echoing Oozelinghealth: 1404power: 318speed: 25762.10
25Brilliant Glimmershellhealth: 1644power: 289speed: 24062.10
25Eye of Corruptionhealth: 1278power: 319speed: 28462.10
25Anima Wyrmlinghealth: 1424power: 301speed: 27362.10
25C'Thufferhealth: 1680power: 269speed: 26062.10
25Anomalushealth: 1034power: 362speed: 29762.10
25Black Kingsnakehealth: 1225power: 255speed: 30057.32
25Great Horned Owlhealth: 1375power: 255speed: 25557.32
25Bombay Cathealth: 1150power: 282speed: 28257.32
25Calico Cathealth: 1210power: 282speed: 26757.32
25Elwynn Lambhealth: 1375power: 255speed: 25557.32
25Golden Dragonhawk Hatchlinghealth: 1300power: 255speed: 28557.32
25Blue Clockwork Rocket Bothealth: 1300power: 267speed: 26757.32
25Ammen Vale Lashlinghealth: 1375power: 255speed: 25557.32
25Perky Pug (favorite)health: 1225power: 297speed: 25257.32
25Imperial Silkwormhealth: 1600power: 240speed: 24057.32
25Fishyhealth: 1435power: 252speed: 25257.32
25Jade Crane Chickhealth: 1375power: 270speed: 24057.32
25Imperial Mothhealth: 1525power: 225speed: 27057.32
25Fruit Hunterhealth: 1360power: 267speed: 25257.32
25Brilliant Sporehealth: 1300power: 267speed: 26757.32
25Glittering Diamondshellhealth: 1566power: 256speed: 22557.32
25Guardian Cobra Hatchlinghealth: 1300power: 240speed: 30057.32
22Malayan Quillrathealth: 1301power: 226speed: 26947.12
21Softshell Snaplinghealth: 1397power: 218speed: 21842.45
19Laughing Stonekinhealth: 1366power: 195speed: 19534.29
16Parrothealth: 880power: 166speed: 21823.47
16Mountain Skunkhealth: 1026power: 185speed: 16623.47
6Squirrelhealth: 412power: 58speed: 821.96
6Phoenix Hatchlinghealth: 392power: 66speed: 781.96
5Roachhealth: 389power: 48speed: 611.23
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