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EU-Ragnaros Guild Affix orc warrior 50
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Pet Score: 53126.67

Battle Pets Army

25Snaplasherhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Blightbreath (favorite)health: 1587power: 297speed: 24462.10
25Dragon Kite (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Dreadmaw (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Glowing Sporebat (favorite)health: 1644power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Rebellious Imp (favorite)health: 1319power: 341speed: 26062.10
25Sanctum Cub (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Sen'jin Fetish (favorite)health: 1481power: 309speed: 26062.10
25Sister of Temptation (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Squirrelhealth: 1546power: 257speed: 28962.10
25Arctic Harehealth: 1465power: 240speed: 32262.10
25Rabbit (favorite)health: 1546power: 227speed: 32262.10
25Fawn (favorite)health: 1465power: 257speed: 30562.10
25Moon Moon (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Lifelike Toadhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Sneaky Marmot (favorite)health: 1319power: 325speed: 27662.10
25Black Kingsnakehealth: 1319power: 276speed: 32562.10
25Dig Rat (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Biletoadhealth: 1562power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Frostfur Rat (favorite)health: 1664power: 256speed: 27662.10
25Whiskers the Rat (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27662.10
25Albino Snake (favorite)health: 1384power: 257speed: 32262.10
25Elfin Rabbithealth: 1481power: 227speed: 32562.10
25Brown Rabbit (favorite)health: 1465power: 240speed: 32262.10
25Tirisfal Batling (favorite)health: 1627power: 276speed: 25762.10
25Yakrat (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Gust of Cyclarushealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Green Wing Macawhealth: 1627power: 273speed: 25762.10
25Black Tabby Cat (favorite)health: 1302power: 322speed: 27662.10
25Bombay Cathealth: 1237power: 305speed: 30562.10
25Cornish Rex Cat (favorite)health: 1237power: 341speed: 27662.10
25Senegal (favorite)health: 1481power: 260speed: 30962.10
25Hyacinth Macawhealth: 1644power: 244speed: 27662.10
25Dark Whelpling (favorite)health: 1481power: 322speed: 24062.10
25Ghostly Whelplinghealth: 1258power: 297speed: 31062.10
25Crimson Whelpling (favorite)health: 1237power: 322speed: 28962.10
25Emerald Whelpling (favorite)health: 1627power: 260speed: 27362.10
25Bronze Whelpling (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Azure Whelpling (favorite)health: 1481power: 309speed: 26062.10
25Sprite Darter Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 276speed: 30962.10
25Snowy Owl (favorite)health: 1384power: 257speed: 32262.10
25Spring Rabbit (favorite)health: 1400power: 227speed: 35762.10
25Robo-Chickhealth: 1806power: 244speed: 26062.10
25Mechanical Chicken (favorite)health: 1481power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Mechanical Squirrel (favorite)health: 1546power: 257speed: 28962.10
25Searing Scorchling (favorite)health: 1384power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Pet Bombling (favorite)health: 1627power: 244speed: 28962.10
25Mr. Grubbs (favorite)health: 1709power: 289speed: 22762.10
25Infected Squirrel (favorite)health: 1546power: 305speed: 24062.10
25Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Tiny Snowmanhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Darkmoon Tonk (favorite)health: 1627power: 273speed: 26062.10
25Terky (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Disgusting Oozeling (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24062.10
25Dung Beetlehealth: 1400power: 292speed: 27662.10
25Durotar Scorpion (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Land Shark (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Father Winter's Helper (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Winter's Little Helper (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Winter Reindeerhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Jade Owl (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Elwynn Lamb (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Softshell Snapling (favorite)health: 1709power: 244speed: 27362.10
25Speedy (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Mountain Skunkhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Stinkerhealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Squawklinghealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Cenarion Hatchling (favorite)health: 1562power: 260speed: 27662.10
25Hippogryph Hatchling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Darkmoon Zeppelin (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Magical Crawdad (favorite)health: 1887power: 260speed: 22762.10
25Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling (favorite)health: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Red Dragonhawk Hatchlinghealth: 1400power: 292speed: 27662.10
25Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling (favorite)health: 1481power: 244speed: 32562.10
25Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling (favorite)health: 1319power: 244speed: 35762.10
25Shrine Flyhealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Firefly (favorite)health: 1465power: 260speed: 30562.10
25Baby Ape (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Bananas (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Sinister Squashling (favorite)health: 1465power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Toothyhealth: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Muckbreath (favorite)health: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm (favorite)health: 1627power: 305speed: 22762.10
25Clockwork Rocket Bot (favorite)health: 1562power: 260speed: 27662.10
25Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Rocket Chicken (favorite)health: 1481power: 244speed: 32562.10
25Hydrath Droplethealth: 1607power: 293speed: 24462.10
25Ziggyhealth: 1343power: 273speed: 31762.10
25Chuck (favorite)health: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Snarly (favorite)health: 1546power: 305speed: 24462.10
25Phoenix Hatchling (favorite)health: 1319power: 276speed: 32562.10
25Rattlejaw (favorite)health: 1441power: 284speed: 27662.10
25Ethereal Soul-Trader (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Curious Wolvar Pup (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Tundra Penguin (favorite)health: 1627power: 260speed: 27362.10
25Nether Ray Fry (favorite)health: 1319power: 341speed: 26062.10
25False Knucklebumphealth: 1607power: 301speed: 23662.10
25Ironbound Proto-Whelp (favorite)health: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Giant Sewer Rat (favorite)health: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Mr. Wiggleshealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Drustvar Piglethealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Cobra Hatchlinghealth: 1319power: 289speed: 30562.10
25Ghostly Skullhealth: 1806power: 276speed: 22762.10
25Pengu (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Proto-Drake Whelp (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Little Fawnhealth: 1546power: 240speed: 30562.10
25Teldrassil Sproutling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Dun Morogh Cub (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Ammen Vale Lashlinghealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Mojo (favorite)health: 1627power: 244speed: 28962.10
25Lovebird Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Mechanopeep (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Noblegarden Bunny (favorite)health: 1400power: 244speed: 34162.10
25Warbot (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Macabre Marionette (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Gundrak Hatchling (favorite)health: 1302power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Razzashi Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Tuskarr Kite (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Water Waveling (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Child of Pa'kuhealth: 1380power: 297speed: 28562.10
25Onyxian Whelpling (favorite)health: 1627power: 322speed: 20862.10
25Spectral Tiger Cub (favorite)health: 1319power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchlinghealth: 1384power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Pandaren Monk (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Core Hound Pup (favorite)health: 1627power: 322speed: 21162.10
25Landro's Lichling (favorite)health: 1627power: 305speed: 22762.10
25Lil' K.T. (favorite)health: 1627power: 305speed: 22762.10
25Bush Chicken (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Toxic Wasteling (favorite)health: 1562power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Perky Pughealth: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Mini Spider Tankhealth: 1380power: 321speed: 26862.10
25Frigid Frostling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Celestial Dragon (favorite)health: 1644power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Landro's Lil' XT (favorite)health: 1465power: 322speed: 24062.10
25Shore Crawler (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Spirit Crab (favorite)health: 1709power: 292speed: 22462.10
25Fox Kit (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Personal World Destroyer (favorite)health: 1481power: 309speed: 26062.10
25De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (favorite)health: 1481power: 244speed: 32562.10
25Crawling Claw (favorite)health: 1481power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Fossilized Hatchling (favorite)health: 1481power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Clockwork Gnome (favorite)health: 1546power: 257speed: 28962.10
25Alpine Hare (favorite)health: 1546power: 227speed: 32262.10
25Grotto Volehealth: 1481power: 260speed: 29262.10
25Amethyst Shale Hatchlinghealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Alpine Chipmunkhealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Tiny Shale Spider (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Crystal Beetlehealth: 1644power: 276speed: 26062.10
25Cobalt Ravenhealth: 1481power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Crow (favorite)health: 1400power: 257speed: 32262.10
25Enchanted Lantern (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Luyu Moth (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Dark Phoenix Hatchling (favorite)health: 1627power: 276speed: 25762.10
25Singing Sunflower (favorite)health: 1709power: 257speed: 25762.10
25Moonkin Hatchling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Lil' Ragnaros (favorite)health: 1400power: 374speed: 21162.10
25Winterspring Cubhealth: 1302power: 289speed: 30562.10
25Panther Cub (favorite)health: 1302power: 289speed: 30562.10
25Nightsaber Cub (favorite)health: 1237power: 276speed: 34162.10
25Ash'ana (favorite)health: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Lashtail Hatchling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Legs (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Scooter the Snail (favorite)health: 1969power: 276speed: 19562.10
25Pterrordax Hatchling (favorite)health: 1156power: 322speed: 30562.10
25Voodoo Figurine (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Blazing Firehawk (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Guardian Cub (favorite)health: 1562power: 276speed: 26062.10
25Crimson Lasher (favorite)health: 1400power: 292speed: 27662.10
25Hyjal Bear Cub (favorite)health: 1562power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Blazing Cindercrawler (favorite)health: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Lil' Tarecgosa (favorite)health: 1627power: 273speed: 26062.10
25Creepy Crate (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Amethyst Spiderling (favorite)health: 1384power: 276speed: 30562.10
25Nutshealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Brilliant Kaliri (favorite)health: 1319power: 292speed: 30962.10
25Purple Puffer (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Gregarious Grell (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Meadowstomper Calf (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Darkmoon Cub (favorite)health: 1319power: 292speed: 29262.10
25Lunar Lantern (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Sand Scarab (favorite)health: 1384power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Spirit of the Springhealth: 1424power: 265speed: 30562.10
25Bandicoonhealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Masked Tanukihealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Stoneclawhealth: 1644power: 284speed: 25262.10
25Hyjal Wisp (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Imperial Silkworm (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Eye of the Legion (favorite)health: 1481power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Dancing Water Skimmer (favorite)health: 1546power: 257speed: 28962.10
25Ashleaf Spriteling (favorite)health: 1319power: 333speed: 26862.10
25Porcupette (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Lava Beetle (favorite)health: 1465power: 305speed: 26062.10
25Little Black Ram (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Snow Cub (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Jade Oozelinghealth: 1562power: 276speed: 26062.10
25Infested Bear Cub (favorite)health: 1887power: 260speed: 22762.10
25Blighthawk (favorite)health: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Sapphire Cub (favorite)health: 1075power: 260speed: 39062.10
25Blighted Squirrel (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Ruby Sapling (favorite)health: 1400power: 292speed: 27662.10
25Stone Armadillo (favorite)health: 1709power: 244speed: 27362.10
25Rusty Snailhealth: 1790power: 276speed: 22462.10
25Stout Alemental (favorite)health: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Nether Faerie Dragon (favorite)health: 1465power: 305speed: 26062.10
25Polly (favorite)health: 1237power: 289speed: 32262.10
25Living Amberhealth: 1465power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Qiraji Guardling (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Flayer Youngling (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Sporeling Sprout (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Clefthoof Runt (favorite)health: 1887power: 276speed: 21162.10
25Dragonbone Hatchling (favorite)health: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Scourged Whelpling (favorite)health: 1481power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Spawn of Onyxiahealth: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Arctic Fox Kit (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Oily Slimelinghealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Sticky Oozelinghealth: 1709power: 273speed: 24462.10
25Sifang Otter (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Spiny Terrapin (favorite)health: 1644power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Gilnean Raven (favorite)health: 1481power: 244speed: 30962.10
25Black Lamb (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Singing Cricket (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Mongoose Puphealth: 1237power: 289speed: 32262.10
25Mongoosehealth: 1156power: 260speed: 37462.10
25Marsh Fiddlerhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Summit Kid (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Hopling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Eternal Striderhealth: 1400power: 273speed: 30562.10
25Thundering Serpent Hatchling (favorite)health: 1481power: 341speed: 22762.10
25Jade Crane Chick (favorite)health: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Wild Crimson Hatchling (favorite)health: 1319power: 276speed: 32562.10
25Wild Jade Hatchlinghealth: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Azure Windseekerhealth: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Terrible Turnip (favorite)health: 1481power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Elusive Skimmerhealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Wanderer's Festival Hatchling (favorite)health: 1644power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Wild Golden Hatchlinghealth: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Thistlebrush Bud (favorite)health: 1506power: 244speed: 31462.10
25Venus (favorite)health: 1400power: 292speed: 27662.10
25Kor'thik Swarmlinghealth: 1237power: 341speed: 27662.10
25Cinderweb Reclusehealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (favorite)health: 1400power: 276speed: 30962.10
25Nordrassil Wisp (favorite)health: 1546power: 227speed: 32262.10
25Mirror Strider (favorite)health: 1465power: 244speed: 32262.10
25Aqua Strider (favorite)health: 1319power: 227speed: 37462.10
25Elementium Geode (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Crimson Geode (favorite)health: 1644power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Strand Crawlerhealth: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Shore Crab (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Emperor Crab (favorite)health: 1481power: 357speed: 21162.10
25Rapana Whelk (favorite)health: 1725power: 292speed: 21162.10
25Devouring Maggothealth: 1887power: 260speed: 22762.10
25Feral Vermling (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Restless Shadelinghealth: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Fel Flame (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Tiny Twisterhealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Kirin Tor Familiar (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Grinder (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Lumpy (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Pandaren Water Spirit (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Lost of Lordaeron (favorite)health: 1806power: 276speed: 22762.10
25Scalded Basilisk Hatchling (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Darkmoon Rabbit (favorite)health: 1546power: 227speed: 32262.10
25Enchanted Broom (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Highlands Turkey (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Jade Tentacle (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Malayan Quillrat Puphealth: 1400power: 244speed: 34162.10
25Malayan Quillrathealth: 1400power: 244speed: 34162.10
25Darkmoon Monkeyhealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Minfernal (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Darkmoon Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Darkmoon Glowfly (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Darkmoon Eye (favorite)health: 1481power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Red Cricket (favorite)health: 1197power: 370speed: 24962.10
25Cinder Kitten (favorite)health: 1400power: 284speed: 28462.10
25Pandaren Fire Spirit (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Pandaren Air Spirit (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Pandaren Earth Spirit (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Clock'em (favorite)health: 1546power: 257speed: 28962.10
25Fungal Abominationhealth: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Mr. Bigglesworth (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Giant Bone Spider (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Harbinger of Flame (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Ashstone Core (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Death Talon Whelpguard (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Mini Mindslayer (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Stitched Pup (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Anubisath Idol (favorite)health: 1725power: 276speed: 24462.10
25Corefire Imp (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Viscidus Globule (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Chrominius (favorite)health: 1644power: 276speed: 26062.10
25Harpy Youngling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Stunted Yetihealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Lofty Libram (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Creepy Crawlyhealth: 1465power: 276speed: 28962.10
25Arcane Eye (favorite)health: 1481power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Infinite Whelpling (favorite)health: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Fluxfire Feline (favorite)health: 1237power: 322speed: 28962.10
25Anodized Robo Cub (favorite)health: 1709power: 289speed: 22762.10
25Nexus Whelpling (favorite)health: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Kun-Lai Runt (favorite)health: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Emerald Proto-Whelp (favorite)health: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Cogblade Raptor (favorite)health: 1384power: 273speed: 30562.10
25Sandkeephealth: 1729power: 264speed: 24962.10
25Living Sandling (favorite)health: 1887power: 260speed: 22762.10
25Gusting Grimoire (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Stormstruck Beaverhealth: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Thundertail Flapper (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Red Panda (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Electrified Razortooth (favorite)health: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Son of Animus (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Pierre (favorite)health: 1546power: 257speed: 28962.10
25Zandalari Kneebiter (favorite)health: 1302power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Spectral Porcupette (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Sunfur Panda (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Mountain Panda (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Snowy Panda (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Vengeful Porcupette (favorite)health: 1587power: 289speed: 25262.10
25Baoh-Xihealth: 1424power: 330speed: 24062.10
25Elder Python (favorite)health: 1465power: 260speed: 30562.10
25Syd the Squid (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Tiny Goldfish (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Tiny Blue Carp (favorite)health: 1465power: 281speed: 28162.10
25Tiny Green Carp (favorite)health: 1384power: 273speed: 30562.10
25Tiny Red Carp (favorite)health: 1384power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Tiny White Carp (favorite)health: 1400power: 276speed: 29262.10
25Swamp Croaker (favorite)health: 1627power: 257speed: 27362.10
25Gulp Froglet (favorite)health: 1562power: 260speed: 27662.10
25Mud Jumper (favorite)health: 1627power: 257speed: 27362.10
25Ji-Kun Hatchling (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Zandalari Anklerender (favorite)health: 1237power: 341speed: 27662.10
25Zandalari Footslasher (favorite)health: 1237power: 305speed: 30562.10
25Zandalari Toenibbler (favorite)health: 1237power: 341speed: 27662.10
25Spawn of G'nathus (favorite)health: 1302power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Stunted Direhorn (favorite)health: 1441power: 325speed: 25262.10
25Pygmy Direhorn (favorite)health: 1441power: 289speed: 28162.10
25Direhorn Runt (favorite)health: 1506power: 289speed: 26562.10
25Unborn Val'kyr (favorite)health: 1806power: 276speed: 22762.10
25Gahz'rooki (favorite)health: 1400power: 297speed: 28162.10
25Coilfang Stalker (favorite)health: 1424power: 297speed: 27362.10
25Fiendish Imp (favorite)health: 1359power: 260speed: 33362.10
25Phoenix Hawk Hatchling (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Pocket Reaver (favorite)health: 1441power: 341speed: 23662.10
25Tainted Waveling (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Tito (favorite)health: 1319power: 297speed: 29762.10
25Lesser Voidcaller (favorite)health: 1587power: 289speed: 25262.10
25Living Fluid (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Viscous Horror (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Filthling (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Tideskipper (favorite)health: 1587power: 297speed: 24462.10
25Netherspace Abyssal (favorite)health: 1725power: 268speed: 25262.10
25Menagerie Custodianhealth: 1627power: 260speed: 27362.10
25Lil' Bad Wolf (favorite)health: 1319power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Rascal-Bot (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Mechanical Scorpid (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Sea Calf (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Lil' Bling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji (favorite)health: 1441power: 297speed: 27362.10
25Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon (favorite)health: 1237power: 305speed: 30562.10
25Zao, Calfling of Niuzao (favorite)health: 1481power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen (favorite)health: 1400power: 333speed: 25262.10
25Ravenous Pridelinghealth: 1262power: 310speed: 29362.10
25Gooey Sha-ling (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Blackfuse Bombling (favorite)health: 1481power: 341speed: 22762.10
25Kovok (favorite)health: 1644power: 260speed: 27662.10
25Jademist Dancer (favorite)health: 1441power: 292speed: 26862.10
25Ruby Droplet (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Ominous Flame (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Death Adder Hatchling (favorite)health: 1319power: 260speed: 34162.10
25Spineclaw Crab (favorite)health: 1644power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Skunky Alemental (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Dandelion Frolicker (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Azure Crane Chick (favorite)health: 1400power: 276speed: 30962.10
25Droplet of Y'Shaarj (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Bonkers (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Gu'chi Swarmling (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Jadefire Spirit (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Rotten Little Helper (favorite)health: 1359power: 333speed: 26062.10
25Skywisp Moth (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Ashwing Mothhealth: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Hogs (favorite)health: 1546power: 314speed: 23662.10
25Albino Chimaeraling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Dread Hatchling (favorite)health: 1420power: 288speed: 29262.10
25Iron Starlette (favorite)health: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Royal Peachick (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Weebomination (favorite)health: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Lil' Leftovers (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Crazy Carrot (favorite)health: 1481power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Frostwolf Pup (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25River Calfhealth: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Moonshell Crabhealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Zomstrok (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Forest Sproutling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Nightshade Sproutling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Sun Sproutling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Ghastly Kid (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Cursed Birman (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Elekk Plushie (favorite)health: 2537power: 260speed: 17962.10
25Deathwatch Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Soul of the Forge (favorite)health: 1831power: 265speed: 22762.10
25Draenei Micro Defender (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Molten Corgi (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Leatherhide Runthealth: 1887power: 276speed: 21162.10
25Bloodthorn Hatchling (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Bone Wasp (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Teroclaw Hatchling (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Stonegrinder (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Periwinkle Calf (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Albino River Calf (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Sky-Bo (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Junglebeak (favorite)health: 1485power: 281speed: 27762.10
25Axebeak Hatchlinghealth: 1339power: 333speed: 26462.10
25Fruit Hunter (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Pygmy Cow (favorite)health: 1709power: 289speed: 22762.10
25Firewing (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Mechanical Axebeak (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Tylarr Gronnden (favorite)health: 1481power: 317speed: 23662.10
25Kaliri Hatchling (favorite)health: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Puddle Terror (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Golden Dawnfeather (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Widget the Departed (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Ancient Nest Guardian (favorite)health: 1627power: 257speed: 27662.10
25Frostwolf Ghostpup (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Ikky (favorite)health: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Veilwatcher Hatchling (favorite)health: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Lanticore Spawnling (favorite)health: 1481power: 322speed: 24062.10
25Nerubian Swarmer (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Zangar Spore (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Hydraling (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Hatespark the Tiny (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Stormwing (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Young Talbuk (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Sunfire Kaliri (favorite)health: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Doom Bloom (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Everbloom Peachick (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Sentinel's Companion (favorite)health: 1319power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Ore Eater (favorite)health: 1424power: 265speed: 30562.10
25Son of Sethe (favorite)health: 1319power: 338speed: 25762.10
25Crimsonwing Moth (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Dusty Sporewing (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Sky Fry (favorite)health: 1302power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Fen Crab (favorite)health: 1319power: 357speed: 24462.10
25Ironclaw Scuttler (favorite)health: 1644power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Eye of Observation (favorite)health: 1197power: 366speed: 26062.10
25Bone Serpent (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 24462.10
25Servant of Demidos (favorite)health: 1197power: 366speed: 26062.10
25Trunks (favorite)health: 1546power: 338speed: 21162.10
25Brilliant Spore (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Umbrafen Spore (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Seaborne Spore (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Grotesque (favorite)health: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Leviathan Hatchling (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Abyssius (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Fragment of Desire (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Fragment of Anger (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Fragment of Suffering (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Stinkrot (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Sunblade Micro-Defender (favorite)health: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Wretched Servant (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Fel Pup (favorite)health: 1319power: 276speed: 32562.10
25Skyhorn Nestlinghealth: 1506power: 297speed: 25762.10
25Race MiniZep (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Slithershock Elver (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Chaos Pup (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Cinder Pup (favorite)health: 1237power: 341speed: 27662.10
25Lost Netherpup (favorite)health: 1359power: 281speed: 30562.10
25Nightmare Bell (favorite)health: 1400power: 292speed: 27662.10
25Ghostshell Crab (favorite)health: 1668power: 260speed: 26562.10
25Corrupted Nest Guardian (favorite)health: 1806power: 284speed: 21962.10
25Left Shark (favorite)health: 1441power: 292speed: 26862.10
25Crusher (favorite)health: 1441power: 297speed: 27362.10
25Shard of Cyrukh (favorite)health: 1278power: 314speed: 28962.10
25Nibbles (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Savage Cub (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Ashmaw Cub (favorite)health: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Grumpy (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Fledgling Warden Owl (favorite)health: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Nightwatch Swooperhealth: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Northern Hawk Owlhealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Pygmy Owl (favorite)health: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Eye of Inquisitionhealth: 1465power: 297speed: 26862.10
25Extinguished Eye (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Emmigosa (favorite)health: 1400power: 273speed: 30562.10
25Dream Whelpling (favorite)health: 1465power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Grumpling (favorite)health: 1441power: 305speed: 26562.10
25Spectral Spinner (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Ghastly Rat (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Ghost Maggot (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Rose Taipanhealth: 1319power: 325speed: 27662.10
25Tiny Apparitionhealth: 1562power: 292speed: 24462.10
25Crispinhealth: 1319power: 322speed: 27362.10
25Bleakwater Jelly (favorite)health: 1359power: 305speed: 28162.10
25Sewer-Pipe Jellyhealth: 1506power: 276speed: 28162.10
25Plump Jellyhealth: 1506power: 289speed: 26562.10
25Ridgeback Piglet (favorite)health: 1627power: 273speed: 25762.10
25Thaumaturgical Piglethealth: 1481power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Fel Piglethealth: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Energized Manafiend (favorite)health: 1339power: 272speed: 32562.10
25Empyreal Manafiend (favorite)health: 1664power: 272speed: 26062.10
25Erudite Manafiendhealth: 1485power: 272speed: 28962.10
25Eldritch Manafiend (favorite)health: 1339power: 301speed: 28962.10
25Empowered Manafiend (favorite)health: 1339power: 337speed: 26062.10
25Broothealth: 1522power: 284speed: 26062.10
25Dust Bunny (favorite)health: 1400power: 227speed: 35762.10
25Faceless Mindlasher (favorite)health: 1359power: 289speed: 29762.10
25Hog-Nosed Bathealth: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Thistleleaf Adventurer (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Fetid Wavelinghealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Risen Saber Kitten (favorite)health: 1319power: 292speed: 29262.10
25Vicious Broodlinghealth: 1302power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Leyline Broodling (favorite)health: 1384power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Baby Elderhornhealth: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Trigger (favorite)health: 1725power: 276speed: 24462.10
25Corgnelius (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Stardust (favorite)health: 1441power: 268speed: 30962.10
25Felbat Pup (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Firebat Puphealth: 1465power: 305speed: 25762.10
25Orphaned Felbat (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Bilefang Skittererhealth: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Sunborne Val'kyr (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Enchanted Penhealth: 1465power: 257speed: 30562.10
25Enchanted Torchhealth: 1384power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Enchanted Cauldronhealth: 1627power: 273speed: 25762.10
25Wyrmy Tunkins (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Bloodgazer Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Sharptalon Hatchlinghealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Direbeak Hatchling (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Snowfeather Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Shimmering Wyrmling (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Rescued Fawnhealth: 1546power: 297speed: 25262.10
25Sting Ray Puphealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Horde Fanatic (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Lurking Owl Kittenhealth: 1359power: 289speed: 29762.10
25Untethered Wyrmling (favorite)health: 1441power: 317speed: 26062.10
25Transmutant (favorite)health: 1546power: 305speed: 24062.10
25Stormborne Whelplinghealth: 1400power: 305speed: 27362.10
25Hungering Clawhealth: 1546power: 292speed: 25762.10
25Nightmare Whelpling (favorite)health: 1546power: 305speed: 24462.10
25Corrupted Blood (favorite)health: 1481power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Lagan (favorite)health: 1546power: 273speed: 27362.10
25Court Scribe (favorite)health: 1319power: 305speed: 28962.10
25Nightmare Treant (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Benax (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Squirkyhealth: 1441power: 268speed: 29262.10
25Igneous Flameling (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Snobold Runt (favorite)health: 1465power: 265speed: 29762.10
25Magma Rageling (favorite)health: 1237power: 357speed: 26062.10
25Runeforged Servitor (favorite)health: 1644power: 276speed: 24462.10
25Winter Rageling (favorite)health: 1887power: 248speed: 24062.10
25G0-R41-0N Ultratonk (favorite)health: 1668power: 281speed: 24462.10
25Boneshard (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Blood Boilhealth: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Soulbroken Whelpling (favorite)health: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Drudge Ghoul (favorite)health: 1441power: 284speed: 27662.10
25Wicked Soul (favorite)health: 1339power: 260speed: 33762.10
25Albino Buzzard (favorite)health: 1465power: 260speed: 30562.10
25Foulfeatherhealth: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Cavern Moccasin (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Young Venomfanghealth: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Alarm-o-Bot (favorite)health: 1725power: 244speed: 27662.10
25Dibblerhealth: 1562power: 284speed: 25262.10
25Naxxyhealth: 1969power: 260speed: 21162.10
25Hearthyhealth: 1806power: 260speed: 24462.10
25Trashy (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Sun Darter Hatchling (favorite)health: 1441power: 292speed: 26862.10
25Infinite Hatchling (favorite)health: 1400power: 341speed: 24462.10
25Paradox Spirit (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Feline Familiar (favorite)health: 1221power: 322speed: 28962.10
25Utility Mechanoclaw (favorite)health: 1506power: 297speed: 25762.10
25Lost Robogriphealth: 1404power: 281speed: 29362.10
25Rooterhealth: 1587power: 289speed: 25262.10
25Scraps (favorite)health: 1359power: 281speed: 30562.10
25Son of Skum (favorite)health: 1709power: 273speed: 24062.10
25Ranishu Runt (favorite)health: 1278power: 349speed: 26062.10
25Bile Larvahealth: 1709power: 273speed: 24062.10
25Albatross Hatchlinghealth: 1522power: 252speed: 29262.10
25Spawn of Krag'wa (favorite)health: 1506power: 293speed: 26462.10
25Mining Monkey (favorite)health: 1441power: 281speed: 28962.10
25Bronze Proto-Whelp (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Spawn of Nalaadahealth: 1571power: 258speed: 28762.10
25Violet Abyssal Eelhealth: 1969power: 236speed: 23662.10
25Abyssal Eelhealth: 1420power: 301speed: 26462.10
25Ageless Bronze Drake (favorite)health: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Felclaw Marsuul (favorite)health: 1359power: 297speed: 28962.10
25Flickering Argunitehealth: 1627power: 260speed: 27362.10
25Skyfin Juvenilehealth: 1627power: 260speed: 27362.10
25Voidstalker Runthealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Micronax (favorite)health: 1627power: 322speed: 21162.10
25Pygmy Marsuulhealth: 1319power: 260speed: 34162.10
25Gearspring Hopperhealth: 1725power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Froglet (favorite)health: 1278power: 236speed: 37462.10
25Ghost Shark (favorite)health: 1237power: 305speed: 30562.10
25Dreadtick Leecherhealth: 1400power: 273speed: 30562.10
25Discarded Experimenthealth: 1587power: 297speed: 24462.10
25Twilight Clutch-Sisterhealth: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Bound Streamhealth: 1319power: 260speed: 34162.10
25Draftyhealth: 1319power: 268speed: 33362.10
25Zephyrian Princehealth: 1319power: 297speed: 29762.10
25Blazehound (favorite)health: 1400power: 309speed: 27662.10
25Surger (favorite)health: 1465power: 244speed: 32262.10
25Unstable Tendril (favorite)health: 1627power: 289speed: 24462.10
25Amalgam of Destructionhealth: 1481power: 325speed: 24462.10
25Grasping Manifestation (favorite)health: 1400power: 276speed: 30962.10
25Cross Gazer (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 25762.10
25Fel Lasherhealth: 1319power: 341speed: 26062.10
25Fossorial Bile Larva (favorite)health: 1562power: 325speed: 22762.10
25Hermit Crab (favorite)health: 1278power: 272speed: 33762.10
25Tottle (favorite)health: 1546power: 260speed: 28962.10
25Baa'l (favorite)health: 1522power: 284speed: 26062.10
25Bloodfeaster Larvahealth: 1156power: 314speed: 31462.10
25Coral Lashlinghealth: 1380power: 336speed: 25362.10
25Frenzied Cottontailhealth: 1384power: 297speed: 28162.10
25Crimson Bat Puphealth: 1278power: 297speed: 30562.10
25Shadefeather Hatchlinghealth: 1384power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Spectral Ravenhealth: 1400power: 265speed: 31462.10
25Scaleyhealth: 1506power: 305speed: 24962.10
25Bonebiterhealth: 1575power: 269speed: 27562.10
25Saurolisk Hatchling (favorite)health: 1465power: 289speed: 27362.10
25Jenafur (favorite)health: 1372power: 311speed: 27362.10
25Dart (favorite)health: 1481power: 292speed: 26062.10
25Honey Beehealth: 1404power: 301speed: 27362.10
25Mailementalhealth: 1404power: 285speed: 28962.10
25Silithid Mini-Tank (favorite)health: 1506power: 289speed: 26862.10
25Azeritihealth: 1887power: 244speed: 24462.10
25Lil' Ben'fon (favorite)health: 1644power: 260speed: 26062.10
25Lost Platysaur (favorite)health: 1339power: 301speed: 28962.10
25Azerite Puddlehealth: 1424power: 305speed: 26562.10
25Cap'n Crackers (favorite)health: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Spawn of Merektha (favorite)health: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Lil' Tikahealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Coldlight Surfrunnerhealth: 1359power: 285speed: 30162.10
25Enchanted Tiki Maskhealth: 1481power: 276speed: 27662.10
25Taptafhealth: 1465power: 273speed: 28962.10
25Blue Flitterhealth: 1319power: 268speed: 33362.10
25Shore Butterflyhealth: 1359power: 244speed: 34962.10
25Wicker Wraith (favorite)health: 1567power: 301speed: 24462.10
25Miimii (favorite)health: 1546power: 289speed: 26062.10
25Wicker Puphealth: 1587power: 236speed: 30562.10
25Restored Revenanthealth: 1400power: 325speed: 26062.10
25Barrier Hermithealth: 1400power: 289speed: 28962.10
25Brutus (favorite)health: 1668power: 273speed: 24962.10
25Aldrusian Sproutlinghealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Teeny Titan Orbhealth: 1400power: 276speed: 29262.10
25Scabbyhealth: 1709power: 289speed: 22762.10
25Fozlinghealth: 1587power: 297speed: 24462.10
25Lil' War Machine (favorite)health: 1806power: 276speed: 22762.10
25Scuttlehealth: 1668power: 281speed: 24462.10
25Porohealth: 1567power: 285speed: 26062.10
25Tinder Puphealth: 1400power: 277speed: 30162.10
25Bloodstone Tunnelerhealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Kunchong Hatchlinghealth: 1502power: 345speed: 21962.10
25Captain Nibs (favorite)health: 1424power: 301speed: 26962.10
25Nameless Octopodehealth: 1492power: 278speed: 27962.10
25Octopode Fryhealth: 1359power: 272speed: 32162.10
25Crimson Octopodehealth: 1502power: 252speed: 31362.10
25Inky (favorite)health: 1485power: 265speed: 29362.10
25Voru'kar Leecherhealth: 1380power: 248speed: 34162.10
25Deathsting Scorpidhealth: 1380power: 333speed: 25662.10
25Playful Frostkinhealth: 1526power: 297speed: 25662.10
25Giggling Flame (favorite)health: 1359power: 329speed: 26462.10
25Mischievous Zephyrhealth: 1380power: 256speed: 33362.10
25Laughing Stonekin (favorite)health: 1766power: 256speed: 25662.10
25Littlehoofhealth: 1400power: 256speed: 32962.10
25Tragg the Curioushealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Seafury (favorite)health: 1599power: 295speed: 24462.10
25Duskytooth Snooterhealth: 1526power: 260speed: 29362.10
25Rustyroot Snooterhealth: 1485power: 289speed: 26962.10
25Zanj'ir Poker (favorite)health: 1506power: 273speed: 28162.10
25Kelpfinhealth: 1404power: 273speed: 30162.10
25Redridge Tarantulahealth: 1319power: 268speed: 33362.10
25Thunder Lizard Runthealth: 1542power: 272speed: 26862.10
25Alarm-O-Dog (favorite)health: 1786power: 264speed: 24462.10
25Treckerhealth: 1441power: 268speed: 30962.10
25Tanzil (favorite)health: 1420power: 297speed: 26862.10
25Everburning Treanthealth: 1827power: 252speed: 24862.10
25Void Jellyhealth: 1420power: 329speed: 25262.10
25Rotting Ghoulhealth: 1400power: 260speed: 32562.10
25Needleback Pup (favorite)health: 1359power: 345speed: 24862.10
25Lord Woofingtonhealth: 1562power: 325speed: 22762.10
25Scritcheshealth: 1359power: 285speed: 30162.10
25Thunderscale Whelplinghealth: 1485power: 288speed: 27362.10
25Mechantulahealth: 1380power: 281speed: 30162.10
25Arachnoid Skitterbothealth: 1258power: 272speed: 34162.10
25Mindlost Bloodfrenzy (favorite)health: 1465power: 272speed: 29362.10
25Amethyst Softshellhealth: 1526power: 282speed: 26262.10
25Comet (favorite)health: 1506power: 305speed: 24962.10
25Happiness (favorite)health: 1583power: 337speed: 21162.10
25Amberglow Stingerhealth: 1664power: 248speed: 28462.10
25Deeptide Fingerlinghealth: 1302power: 270speed: 33562.10
25Bloodseeker (favorite)health: 1254power: 340speed: 27562.10
25Budding Alganhealth: 1615power: 289speed: 24662.10
25Chitterspine Devourerhealth: 1290power: 331speed: 27662.10
25Chitterspine Skitterlinghealth: 1343power: 288speed: 29962.10
25Caverndark Nightmarehealth: 1320power: 300speed: 29562.10
25Lightless Ambusherhealth: 1412power: 271speed: 31262.10
25Wrigglerhealth: 1522power: 258speed: 29662.10
25Slimy Hermit Crabhealth: 1441power: 264speed: 31362.10
25Slimy Octopodehealth: 1258power: 298speed: 31562.10
25Murglehealth: 1420power: 298speed: 27362.10
25Slimy Fangtoothhealth: 1339power: 272speed: 32562.10
25Slimy Eelhealth: 1339power: 314speed: 26662.10
25Lil' Nefarianhealth: 1587power: 305speed: 23662.10
25Spraybot 0Dhealth: 1664power: 268speed: 26462.10
25Adventurous Hoplinghealth: 1607power: 297speed: 24062.10
25Scalebrood Hydrahealth: 1546power: 301speed: 24562.10
25Minimancerhealth: 1908power: 203speed: 28062.10
25Anima Wyrmling (favorite)health: 1424power: 301speed: 27362.10
25Pygmy Camelhealth: 1847power: 260speed: 23662.10
25Wailing Lasherhealth: 1197power: 326speed: 29362.10
25Anomalushealth: 1034power: 362speed: 29762.10
25Aqir Hivespawn (favorite)health: 1640power: 303speed: 22762.10
24Coastal Bounderhealth: 1426power: 265speed: 26556.95
24Slimy Darkhunterhealth: 1601power: 250speed: 25456.95
23Curious Oracle Hatchlinghealth: 1371power: 254speed: 25451.96
23Bucktooth Flapper (favorite)health: 1431power: 251speed: 25151.96
23River Otterhealth: 1543power: 251speed: 22951.96
23Bandicoon Kithealth: 1296power: 239speed: 29951.96
23Vale Marmothealth: 1431power: 266speed: 23951.96
23Scrapyard Tunnelerhealth: 1341power: 260speed: 25451.96
23Specimen 97health: 1221power: 254speed: 29951.96
23Yellow Junkhopperhealth: 1468power: 266speed: 23251.96
23Orphaned Marsuulhealth: 1356power: 239speed: 28151.96
23Glutted Bleederhealth: 1356power: 289speed: 23251.96
23Experimental Roachhealth: 1580power: 266speed: 20951.96
23Boghopperhealth: 1152power: 210speed: 29747.96
23Blind Rathealth: 1328power: 246speed: 22147.96
23Prairie Mousehealth: 1273power: 235speed: 23547.96
23Sandyback Crawlerhealth: 1308power: 273speed: 20447.96
23Returned Hatchlinghealth: 1432power: 221speed: 22147.96
23Coral Adderhealth: 1135power: 246speed: 25947.96
23Giant Woodwormhealth: 1273power: 235speed: 23547.96
23Sumprush Rodenthealth: 1328power: 232speed: 23247.96
23Temple Snakehealth: 1135power: 221speed: 29047.96
23Parched Lizardhealth: 1259power: 246speed: 23547.96
23Leopard Tree Froghealth: 1273power: 207speed: 27647.96
23Golden Civethealth: 1204power: 221speed: 27647.96
23Sea Gullhealth: 1328power: 232speed: 23247.96
23Vale Flitterhealth: 1204power: 276speed: 22147.96
23Flamering Mothhealth: 1328power: 221speed: 24647.96
23Thicket Skittererhealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Bloodsting Wasphealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Mudback Calfhealth: 1480power: 221speed: 22147.96
23Bloodbeakhealth: 1152power: 283speed: 22447.96
23Fledgling Olivebackhealth: 1135power: 246speed: 25947.96
23Slithering Brownscalehealth: 1204power: 235speed: 24847.96
23Black-Footed Fox Kithealth: 1239power: 228speed: 24847.96
23Mist Fox Kithealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Crystalline Broodlinghealth: 1121power: 246speed: 25947.96
23Coastal Sandpiperhealth: 1204power: 246speed: 24647.96
23Mechagon Marmothealth: 1304power: 237speed: 23247.96
23Sandclaw Pincherhealth: 1328power: 248speed: 21847.96
23Sandclaw Sunshellhealth: 1349power: 250speed: 21347.96
23Antoran Bile Larvahealth: 1342power: 246speed: 21847.96
23Abyssal Slitherlinghealth: 1190power: 270speed: 22147.96
23Arcane Gorgerhealth: 1308power: 228speed: 23547.96
23Fleeting Froghealth: 1294power: 221speed: 25347.96
23Inland Croakerhealth: 1308power: 242speed: 22147.96
23Motorized Croakerhealth: 1245power: 233speed: 24747.96
23Shack Crabhealth: 1328power: 232speed: 23247.96
23Leafy Flutterwinghealth: 1328power: 211speed: 25347.96
23River Froghealth: 1259power: 232speed: 24647.96
23Valley Chickenhealth: 1259power: 239speed: 23947.96
23Junkheap Roachhealth: 1304power: 221speed: 25047.96
23Spireshell Snailhealth: 1411power: 232speed: 21547.96
23Trench Slughealth: 1356power: 232speed: 22647.96
22Death's Head Cockroachhealth: 1444power: 212speed: 25547.12
22Grove Viperhealth: 1172power: 229speed: 30047.12
22Yellow-Bellied Bullfroghealth: 1516power: 226speed: 22647.12
22Infernal Pyreclawhealth: 1301power: 240speed: 25547.12
22Golden Civet Kittenhealth: 1301power: 240speed: 25547.12
22Baby Crawghealth: 1315power: 243speed: 24347.12
22Barnabyhealth: 1319power: 244speed: 24747.12
23Szechuan Chickenhealth: 1175power: 215speed: 21543.97
23Crunchy Scorpionhealth: 1175power: 215speed: 21543.97
23Tolai Hare Puphealth: 1226power: 177speed: 25043.97
23Terror Larvahealth: 1289power: 215speed: 20043.97
23Coastal Scuttlerhealth: 1460power: 193speed: 19343.97
23Shadowback Crawlerhealth: 1226power: 213speed: 21343.97
23Golden Beetlehealth: 1194power: 209speed: 22543.97
23Oasis Mothhealth: 1226power: 225speed: 20043.97
23Grassland Hopperhealth: 1175power: 215speed: 21543.97
23Resilient Roachhealth: 1175power: 177speed: 26643.97
23Wood Wasphealth: 1226power: 213speed: 21343.97
23Amberbarb Wasphealth: 1175power: 215speed: 21543.97
23Sapphire Fireflyhealth: 1226power: 200speed: 22543.97
23Parasitic Boarflyhealth: 1226power: 213speed: 21543.97
23Kelp Scuttlerhealth: 1049power: 278speed: 19043.97
23Zangar Crawlerhealth: 1302power: 228speed: 19043.97
23Fledgling Kingfeatherhealth: 1175power: 228speed: 20243.97
23Albatross Chickhealth: 1226power: 238speed: 18743.97
23Shimmering Aquaflyhealth: 1226power: 200speed: 22543.97
23Gleamhoof Fawnhealth: 1163power: 225speed: 21343.97
23Felspiderhealth: 986power: 238speed: 23843.97
23Rustbolt Cluckerhealth: 1264power: 195speed: 22543.97
23Bloodfever Tarantulahealth: 1115power: 213speed: 23543.97
23Antoran Bilescourgehealth: 1175power: 215speed: 21543.97
23Hissing Chitterspinehealth: 998power: 271speed: 20743.97
23Glimmershell Scuttlerhealth: 1340power: 225speed: 18043.97
22Stowaway Rathealth: 1209power: 209speed: 24843.50
22Zooey Snakehealth: 1143power: 224speed: 24843.50
22Leopard Scorpidhealth: 1156power: 211speed: 26443.50
22Amber Mothhealth: 1156power: 248speed: 22243.50
22Gilded Mothhealth: 1222power: 238speed: 21143.50
22Tol'vir Scarabhealth: 1209power: 235speed: 22243.50
22Sifang Otter Puphealth: 1222power: 224speed: 22443.50
22Plains Monitorhealth: 1024power: 224speed: 27743.50
21Fire-Proof Roachhealth: 1533power: 191speed: 23242.45
21Jungle Darterhealth: 1328power: 218speed: 23242.45
21Emerald Turtlehealth: 1520power: 216speed: 20242.45
21Horned Lizardhealth: 1192power: 232speed: 24642.45
21Feverbite Hatchlinghealth: 1110power: 257speed: 24342.45
21Untamed Hatchlinghealth: 1315power: 243speed: 21842.45
23Olivetail Harehealth: 1066power: 170speed: 22839.97
23Alpine Foxlinghealth: 1020power: 184speed: 23039.97
23Jungle Grubhealth: 1250power: 184speed: 18439.97
23Spiketail Beaverhealth: 1181power: 193speed: 18239.97
23Masked Tanuki Puphealth: 1066power: 193speed: 20539.97
23Spring Striderhealth: 1078power: 184speed: 20739.97
23Spirebound Crabhealth: 1078power: 230speed: 17339.97
23Mudshell Conchhealth: 1250power: 207speed: 15039.97
23Clouded Hedgehoghealth: 1020power: 184speed: 23039.97
23Savory Beetlehealth: 1193power: 196speed: 18439.97
23Flat-Tooth Calfhealth: 1250power: 184speed: 18439.97
23Brilliant Bloodfeatherhealth: 1020power: 230speed: 18439.97
23Cerulean Mothhealth: 1124power: 184speed: 20539.97
23Violet Fireflyhealth: 1124power: 182speed: 20539.97
23Swamplighter Fireflyhealth: 1078power: 184speed: 20739.97
23Shadow Sporebathealth: 1193power: 184speed: 18439.97
23Golden Eaglethealth: 1020power: 205speed: 20539.97
23Auburn Ringtailhealth: 1020power: 205speed: 20539.97
23Long-Eared Owlhealth: 1124power: 205speed: 18239.97
23Burrow Spiderlinghealth: 963power: 207speed: 20739.97
23Juvenile Scuttlebackhealth: 1009power: 228speed: 18239.97
23Coralback Fiddlerhealth: 963power: 216speed: 20539.97
23Echo Batlinghealth: 1124power: 205speed: 18239.97
23Thornclaw Broodlinghealth: 963power: 207speed: 20739.97
23Great Sea Albatrosshealth: 1040power: 188speed: 21539.97
23Bilescourgehealth: 1078power: 196speed: 19639.97
23Void Shardlinghealth: 977power: 213speed: 20539.97
23Felcrazed Wyrmhealth: 1049power: 230speed: 17839.97
23Freshwater Crawlerhealth: 1078power: 196speed: 19639.97
23Young Sand Sifterhealth: 1207power: 178speed: 19839.97
23Malfunctioning Microbothealth: 1141power: 197speed: 18639.97
23Muck Slughealth: 1135power: 205speed: 18239.97
22Sidewinderhealth: 1068power: 206speed: 21839.88
22Twilight Spiderhealth: 1056power: 227speed: 20639.88
22Effervescent Glowflyhealth: 1116power: 215speed: 20339.88
21Highlands Mousehealth: 1221power: 199speed: 22439.18
21Fungal Mothhealth: 1284power: 176speed: 23739.18
20Carrion Rathealth: 1192power: 218speed: 23138.30
20Garden Froghealth: 1322power: 205speed: 21838.30
20Alpine Foxling Kithealth: 1192power: 218speed: 23138.30
20Kuitan Mongoosehealth: 1192power: 218speed: 23138.30
20Desert Spiderhealth: 1075power: 234speed: 23438.30
20Zandalari Shinchomper (favorite)health: 1127power: 251speed: 21238.30
22Mei Li Sparklerhealth: 1024power: 196speed: 18536.25
22Garden Mothhealth: 980power: 198speed: 18736.25
22Shy Bandicoonhealth: 1035power: 187speed: 18736.25
22Jumping Spiderhealth: 969power: 187speed: 20736.25
22Yellow-Bellied Marmothealth: 1035power: 187speed: 18736.25
22Silent Hedgehoghealth: 1035power: 187speed: 18736.25
22Icespine Hatchlinghealth: 1024power: 185speed: 19636.25
22Frostshell Pincherhealth: 1145power: 198speed: 16536.25
21Locusthealth: 1070power: 196speed: 20635.91
21Topaz Shale Hatchlinghealth: 1255power: 196speed: 17335.91
21Silkbead Snailhealth: 1301power: 196speed: 15935.91
21Mossbite Skittererhealth: 1128power: 194speed: 19435.91
21Waterflyhealth: 1082power: 185speed: 20835.91
20Huge Toadhealth: 1288power: 202speed: 18035.35
20Crimson Shale Hatchlinghealth: 1108power: 204speed: 21435.35
19Borean Marmothealth: 1088power: 185speed: 25934.29
19Cockroachhealth: 1199power: 183speed: 23234.29
19Mac Froghealth: 1211power: 198speed: 21034.29
19Gold Beetlehealth: 1088power: 210speed: 23534.29
19Skittering Cavern Crawlerhealth: 1150power: 210speed: 21034.29
19Emerald Shale Hatchlinghealth: 1261power: 198speed: 20734.29
19Twilight Fiendlinghealth: 1026power: 259speed: 19834.29
19Turkeyhealth: 1088power: 198speed: 24734.29
21Tolai Harehealth: 982power: 155speed: 20832.65
21Highlands Skunkhealth: 993power: 179speed: 17932.65
21Emerald Boahealth: 982power: 168speed: 19732.65
21Twilight Beetlehealth: 930power: 197speed: 17932.65
21Sandy Petrelhealth: 1045power: 147speed: 21032.65
21Twilight Wasphealth: 993power: 179speed: 17932.65
21Royal Mothhealth: 993power: 179speed: 17932.65
20Snakehealth: 980power: 187speed: 19832.41
20Silky Mothhealth: 925power: 165speed: 24232.41
19Nether Roachhealth: 1172power: 180speed: 19431.66
19Fjord Worg Puphealth: 1115power: 203speed: 18231.66
19Stunted Shardhornhealth: 1297power: 205speed: 14831.66
18Ash Viperhealth: 1036power: 199speed: 21130.43
20Chickenhealth: 950power: 170speed: 17029.46
20Mousehealth: 990power: 158speed: 17829.46
20Fjord Rathealth: 950power: 160speed: 18029.46
20Strand Crabhealth: 1150power: 160speed: 15029.46
20Deepholm Cockroachhealth: 950power: 140speed: 21029.46
19Imperial Eagle Chickhealth: 884power: 196speed: 18629.02
17Accursed Hexxerhealth: 987power: 213speed: 17726.72
17Shadowbarb Hatchling (favorite)health: 1048power: 184speed: 20126.72
19Grizzly Squirrelhealth: 860power: 169speed: 16926.38
19Toadhealth: 993power: 160speed: 15226.38
19Rathealth: 908power: 152speed: 17126.38
19Roachhealth: 993power: 141speed: 16926.38
19Tainted Cockroachhealth: 993power: 150speed: 16226.38
19Cathealth: 813power: 171speed: 17126.38
19Skunkhealth: 908power: 162speed: 16226.38
19Spiderhealth: 765power: 162speed: 20026.38
19Fledgling Nether Rayhealth: 803power: 188speed: 16026.38
17Scorpidhealth: 916power: 182speed: 18224.66
17Warpstalker Hatchlinghealth: 916power: 182speed: 18224.66
16Rock Viperhealth: 880power: 166speed: 21823.47
16Greatwing Macawhealth: 984power: 161speed: 19223.47
18Stripe-Tailed Scorpidhealth: 865power: 153speed: 15323.41
17Brown Marmothealth: 848power: 150speed: 18722.61
16Scarab Hatchlinghealth: 820power: 202speed: 15421.66
15Tainted Rathealth: 968power: 164speed: 16620.35
15Fire Beetlehealth: 1026power: 166speed: 15620.35
15Mustyfur Snooterhealth: 975power: 164speed: 16220.35
16Crystal Spiderhealth: 795power: 150speed: 16519.86
16Scorplinghealth: 804power: 141speed: 17619.86
15Parrothealth: 820power: 153speed: 16218.78
15Spiky Lizardhealth: 856power: 160speed: 15318.78
15Spotted Bell Froghealth: 843power: 132speed: 14017.22
15Long-tailed Molehealth: 834power: 130speed: 14717.22
15Tree Pythonhealth: 760power: 140speed: 14917.22
15Diemetradon Hatchlinghealth: 801power: 149speed: 13217.22
15Ash Lizardhealth: 700power: 128speed: 13515.65
15Swamp Mothhealth: 805power: 126speed: 11915.65
13Beetlehealth: 987power: 127speed: 13514.78
13Infected Fawnhealth: 860power: 144speed: 13514.78
14Stinkbughealth: 785power: 131speed: 12914.69
14Molten Hatchlinghealth: 639power: 131speed: 16214.69
13King Snakehealth: 841power: 125speed: 13313.64
13Ash Spiderlinghealth: 716power: 133speed: 14713.64
14Moccasinhealth: 625power: 119speed: 14013.35
14Sand Kittenhealth: 590power: 139speed: 12513.35
14Lava Crabhealth: 730power: 126speed: 10513.35
14Tainted Mothhealth: 730power: 119speed: 11213.35
13Rattlesnakehealth: 701power: 114speed: 13412.51
13Bathealth: 665power: 127speed: 12712.51
13Twilight Iguanahealth: 636power: 114speed: 15012.51
13Festering Maggothealth: 815power: 104speed: 9111.37
13Silithid Hatchlinghealth: 750power: 104speed: 10411.37
11Maggothealth: 727power: 112speed: 999.22
10Detective Rayhealth: 622power: 112speed: 1178.01
10Wharf Rathealth: 634power: 90speed: 1137.39
10Lizard Hatchlinghealth: 535power: 92speed: 1036.78
10Black Rathealth: 520power: 79speed: 946.16
9Forest Spiderlinghealth: 533power: 104speed: 1106.14
9Giraffe Calfhealth: 626power: 88speed: 1056.14
9Horny Toadhealth: 608power: 85speed: 915.66
9Small Froghealth: 541power: 78speed: 885.19
9Red-Tailed Chipmunkhealth: 501power: 76speed: 764.72
8Grasslands Cottontailhealth: 542power: 88speed: 884.59
8Cou'pahealth: 582power: 96speed: 754.59
8Crimson Mothhealth: 474power: 79speed: 703.88
7Tiny Bog Beasthealth: 505power: 73speed: 813.13
7Microbot XDhealth: 525power: 80speed: 693.13
7Rat Snakehealth: 436power: 71speed: 762.89
7Coral Snakehealth: 453power: 71speed: 752.89
6Snowshoe Harehealth: 428power: 58speed: 771.96
6Sandshell Chittererhealth: 428power: 65speed: 701.96
6Rabid Nut Varmint 5000health: 410power: 55speed: 531.66
6Ravager Hatchlinghealth: 310power: 63speed: 511.51
5Dusk Spiderlinghealth: 322power: 53speed: 561.14
5Larvahealth: 385power: 51speed: 451.14
5Widow Spiderlinghealth: 337power: 51speed: 561.14
5Darkshore Cubhealth: 340power: 60speed: 481.14
5Froghealth: 359power: 43speed: 461.04
5Mountain Cottontailhealth: 300power: 35speed: 550.95
5Forest Mothhealth: 325power: 43speed: 400.95
5Venomspitter Hatchlinghealth: 288power: 45speed: 450.95
4Turquoise Turtlehealth: 357power: 39speed: 440.73
4Shimmershell Snailhealth: 320power: 40speed: 290.62
4Redridge Rathealth: 270power: 32speed: 360.56
4Tiny Harvesterhealth: 288power: 32speed: 340.56
4Fledgling Buzzardhealth: 280power: 34speed: 320.56
4Cheetah Cubhealth: 220power: 32speed: 480.56
3Prairie Doghealth: 256power: 29speed: 410.42
3Adderhealth: 254power: 35speed: 350.42
3Wayward Spirithealth: 241power: 35speed: 380.42
2Undercity Rathealth: 201power: 19speed: 230.12
2Water Snakehealth: 187power: 18speed: 210.11
2Crested Owlhealth: 184power: 17speed: 180.10
2Grey Mothhealth: 189power: 16speed: 180.10
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