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Brazilian Item Level Character Rankings

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RunicstrikeLastOneAzralon446.943 months ago
AllessielOvercomingAzralon435.942 years ago
DeimönsGG EasyAzralon428.131 month ago
Dangerzone Azralon416.6911 months ago
Otazz Gallywix410.508 months ago
Øôøoñáíõ Azralon404.389 months ago
Deathfir Azralon403.501 year ago
Deathangell Goldrinn360.695 years ago
Maëlstrøm Azralon349.132 years ago
Víctor Azralon342.886 years ago
JörmundgandHome AloneAzralon338.692 years ago
Zeltrik Azralon331.383 years ago
CrazytrainKeepersNemesis323.752 years ago
Némesis Azralon--5 years ago
Dnot Tol Barad--4 years ago
LoopquatroLastOneAzralon--3 years ago
Runyd Goldrinn--4 years ago
NocnoxLords of KarmaNemesis--2 years ago
Ørgasmatrønx Azralon--2 years ago
Tsepesh Nemesis--2 years ago
AllaxellClash Of ConesAzralon--2 years ago
Lynsey Nemesis--4 years ago
Deskubra Nemesis--2 years ago
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