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EU-Connected Alexstrasza Item Level Character Rankings

PvE Realm
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AvelìnaLegenden aus dem E..423.8119 hours ago
Chloescott 442.811 month ago
AmeliêLegenden aus dem E..440.448 months ago
ApollôRequiem438.812 years ago
Lucksy 438.561 month ago
ArzeyaRequiem436.632 years ago
LunatiethKeepers of Light432.943 months ago
FoltergeistRAIDZ427.817 months ago
SolomonFlames of Alliance427.381 month ago
Myiani 422.884 months ago
ShaýlaRAIDZ417.634 months ago
CorelinaA M O K415.505 months ago
Pwnyka 414.445 months ago
Sladyret 414.384 months ago
Ragnárr 413.941 month ago
ChitorellaRoyal Flush413.886 months ago
AnysseaRAIDZ411.134 months ago
Paxz 407.941 year ago
ÐæmonBurning Empire405.138 months ago
Ásgard 403.061 year ago
Unxsia 400.063 months ago
Rawion 394.699 months ago
Shikigami 392.255 years ago
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