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EU-Connected Twilight's Hammer Item Level Character Rankings

PvP Realm
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23Davout (u)Aeon905.88
25FeministCult of the Doomed905.81
26Beristronk (u)Brothers in Arms905.75
27Blitzz (u)Why no love905.69
28NårutoBrothers in Arms905.69
29Baxur (u)Brothers in Arms905.63
30Predlùlz (u)The Tempted905.63
31Aives (u)Outcast905.63
32MoelliThe Tempted905.63
33Muldiz (u)Why no love905.56
34Bankiertjeuh (u)Seagulls905.56
35Powerslave (u)The Fury Covenant905.44
36Kachmal (u)Requiem905.31
37Havkeyes (u)Seagulls905.31
38SharpshadyCult of the Doomed905.19
40Angmaar (u)Cult of the Doomed905.13
41Hounted (u)Seagulls905.00
42Wubbeh (u)Seagulls905.00
44Grecu (u)Requiem904.81
46Illi (u)Why no love904.69
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