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“SlashFlex” Guild

Horde EU-Agamaggan    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldEURealm
Alone in the Darkness (H)Jan 31, 2010 22:1050311
Observed (H)Sep 30, 2009 19:3258511
Unlock Algalon's Room (H)Sep 28, 2009 19:02100011
The Descent into Madness (H)Apr 26, 2009 19:5432011

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
Alone in the Darkness (H)Jan 31, 2010 22:1050311125.00 / 750.00
I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (H)Oct 4, 2009 21:3919851116.67 / 45.00
Observed (H)Sep 30, 2009 19:3258511209.72 / 375.00
Firefighter (H)Sep 28, 2009 19:0210741166.67 / 150.00
3 x Knock on Wood (H)Sep 27, 2009 20:1711701159.44 / 150.00
I Choose You, Steelbreaker (H)Jul 29, 2009 19:4012501128.33 / 45.00
Heartbreaker (H)Jun 17, 2009 19:189091140.33 / 45.00
Orbit-uary (H)Jun 17, 2009 18:5910011117.25 / 22.50
I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (H)May 25, 2009 18:526301126.00 / 30.00
Lose Your Illusion (H)May 20, 2009 20:302701139.33 / 45.00
The Descent into Madness (H)Apr 26, 2009 19:543201136.11 / 37.50
The Siege of Ulduar (H)Apr 21, 2009 21:471701127.33 / 7.50
The Keepers of Ulduar (H)Apr 19, 2009 15:592221110.34 / 10.50
The Antechamber of Ulduar (H)Apr 17, 2009 19:12418117.44 / 7.50
Glory of the Ulduar Raider (H)Mar 22, 2010 20:09200811 
One Light in the Darkness (H)Jan 31, 2010 22:10187711 
Two Lights in the Darkness (H)Jan 31, 2010 22:10189111 
Three Lights in the Darkness (H)Jan 31, 2010 22:10463118 
Con-speed-atory (H)Dec 14, 2009 20:14289311 
Must Deconstruct Faster (H)Dec 14, 2009 19:08473214 
Crazy Cat Lady (H)Oct 28, 2009 22:10236112 
Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (H)Oct 11, 2009 18:53233514 
Unbroken (H)Oct 1, 2009 20:05788519 
Unlock Algalon's Room (H)Sep 28, 2009 19:02100011 
2 x Knock on Wood (H)Sep 27, 2009 20:17146812 
Knock on Wood (H)Sep 27, 2009 20:17339913 
ObservedSep 13, 2009 20:09143711 
Nerf Scrapbots (H)Aug 5, 2009 19:20242912 
Orbital Bombardment (H)Jun 17, 2009 18:59833718 
Nuked from Orbit (H)Jun 17, 2009 18:59117611 
Orbital Devastation (H)Jun 17, 2009 18:59311813 
Cheese the Freeze (H)May 25, 2009 18:5266812 
Don't Stand in the Lightning (H)May 20, 2009 20:30111812 
Stokin' the Furnace (H)May 13, 2009 19:1651411 
I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim (H)May 3, 2009 20:3768211 
Shattered (H)Apr 29, 2009 19:19288516 
Take Out Those Turrets (H)Apr 27, 2009 18:228716111 
Drive Me Crazy (H)Apr 26, 2009 20:3226011 
I Have the Coolest Friends (H)Apr 26, 2009 18:04226512 
Disarmed (H)Apr 22, 2009 21:2711312 
Nerf Engineering (H)Apr 22, 2009 19:48257313 
Shutout (H)Apr 21, 2009 18:005323110 
I'll Take You All On (H)Apr 16, 2009 22:5713411 
Nerf Gravity Bombs (H)Apr 15, 2009 21:5712011 
A Quick Shave (H)Apr 15, 2009 17:2038511 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
SlashFlex are a long standing Horde guild on EU - Agamaggan (part of the Twilight's Hammer connected group). Raiding originally stopped in early Cataclysm but a few of the original members got together before WoD with the aim of raiding heroic difficulty quite casually. Due to increased interest we now want to recruit a few quality, like minded players to be able to progress Blackrock Foundry Mythic. We still want to get Highmaul done but the main aim is to get people integrated and ready for Foundry.

Raid Times
Wednesday: 20:00 - 24:00
Thursday: 20:00 - 24:00
Sunday: 20:00 - 24:00
Tuesday (optional): 20:00 - 24:00

Currently Recruiting

We're currently recruiting ranged DPS of most flavours, as well as Disc Priests, Holy Paladins, and Resto Druids.

However, we're always looking for exceptional players. So, even if you don't play any of the above - feel free to throw an application our way. We'll always make room for good players.

What's important to us?
Aside from being a reliable, skilled raider with experience from previous expansions we value:

  • Ability to compete for a raid spot should the situation arise.

  • Understand that creating drama will just be met with ridicule and abuse.

  • Involve yourself in guild activities outside of raids such as Challenge Modes, RBG's etc.

  • Keep up-to-date with your class and specs even when the briefest of hotfixes are released.

  • Learn from logs and simcraft to maximize potential.

To be in SlashFlex you need to have a wide sense of humour and the ability to handle being called a large variety of insults. 9/10 times its 101% banter although our guild chat has in the past been referred to as "toxic", "vile", and "borderline insane". If this doesn't bother you, then we think you'll fit right in!

You could describe the bond between our members as love-hate. If one was to log on and say "Hi Friends x" he or she would likely be met with multiple insults and an invite to the raid.

What we can offer

Atmosphere - As most of us have played together over many years, there is a unique relaxation yet seriousness and quality in and outside of raiding. This means that if you fit in you'll be involved in everything we do be it raiding Mythic or getting your 3rd alt 8/8 gold CM. (Unless your name is Mikerz/Dyel of course)

Character progression - Currently we run raids with Loot Council so if there is an item of particular worth it isn't necessarily given to the person who turns up every week and has the most DKP/EPGP. Whereas this could be a consideration you can obtain loot at any time if it's a viable upgrade and can improve performance. (no trial periods where loot is banned) We'll always endeavour to progress and clear current raids on Heroic and Mythic difficulty (once our roster is complete).

Alts - We regularly run alt raids and encourage at least one alongside your main to be in the guild, we also run multiple RBG groups and Challenge Modes.

Banter -
There'll be people on TeamSpeak and in Guild Chat most of the time so you can always expect debates regarding current affairs and news - just dont rely on it staying on topic and be insult free for very long. Most of us are between the age of 19-26 so if you cant take and deal out a tirade of verbal abuse, this wont be the guild for you!

What we want from you

Competitive DPS/Healing

It's probably not worth applying if you cant pull your weight in raids. We aim to clear content as quick and efficiently as possible so pulling 20k DPS at 670ilvl isnt going to cut it. The same applies to being OOM at 60% boss health whilst being lowest on throughput - if you havent mastered your rotation, playstyle and/or mana management then we dont want you.

As stated earlier, your personality is massively important

You should expect a lot of griefing in and out of raid chat. It's not uncommon to see a few homophobic, racist, ethnocentric, or just downright toxic comments thrown around. While these are often in jest, we want to make it clear that you need a thick skin to fit in here. If you get "offended" by such comments, then it's not going to work out. That being said, actively contributing in raids and serious discussions is also required - there's little to no worth in being quiet in TeamSpeak and guild chat to the point of not knowing your gender or attitude.


We expect you to switch specs or roles at a moments notice and be able to raid an extra hour if were close to a kill. This could also include playing an alt instead of your main if the situation ever arises and it would aid progression (honestly, very rare). Being that the expansion is fairly fresh there will be alot of new situations and changes that you'll be expected to adapt and keep up with. If you cant handle swapping your level 100 talent because you love it so much even though its now next to useless then please apply elsewhere!

If you've got this far you probably have a good idea of what we stand for and expect. If you can withstand some of the above points and write a good application then visit or whisper Senaxoxo, Globaled and Hydrobro ingame for more information!
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