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“CleverUseofGameMechanics” Guild

Alliance EU-Grim Batol    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldEURealm
A Tribute to Dedicated Insanityn/a
A Tribute to Insanity (10)Oct 3, 2009 18:29153417
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Oct 3, 2009 18:293086112
A Tribute to Skill (10)Oct 3, 2009 18:294548117

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
A Tribute to Insanity (10)Oct 3, 2009 18:29153417537.78 / 600.00
Call of the Grand Crusade (10)Sep 4, 2009 19:5148713296.67 / 300.00
Earth, Wind & Fire (10)Jun 20, 2010 14:45119716 
Many Whelps! Handle It! (10)May 28, 2010 12:563409122 
Resilience Will Fix It (10)Oct 16, 2009 21:49129117 
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Oct 3, 2009 18:293086112 
A Tribute to Skill (10)Oct 3, 2009 18:294548117 
She Deep Breaths More (10)Sep 23, 2009 14:10374719 
More Dots! (10)Sep 23, 2009 14:10366719 
Onyxia's Lair (10)Sep 23, 2009 10:5112449110 
Heroic Anub'arak (10)Sep 4, 2009 21:3557617 
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (10)Sep 4, 2009 21:351118110 
Heroic Faction Champions (10)Sep 4, 2009 21:351460113 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (10)Sep 4, 2009 21:351946113 
Heroic Beasts (10)Sep 4, 2009 21:352241113 
Call of the Crusade (10)Sep 2, 2009 12:55427014 
Anub'arak (10)Sep 2, 2009 12:555998121 
Val'kyr Twins (10)Sep 2, 2009 12:5513743143 
Faction Champions (10)Sep 2, 2009 12:5515192145 
Lord Jaraxxus (10)Sep 2, 2009 12:5518537150 
Beasts (10)Sep 2, 2009 12:5519783152 
Upper Back Pain (10)Sep 2, 2009 12:18220419 
Salt and Pepper (10 player)Aug 27, 2009 21:513270112 
Three Sixty Pain Spike (10)Aug 26, 2009 15:462716112 
Not One, But Two Jormungars (10)Aug 7, 2009 16:12396218 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: unknown
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
For applicants, gear needs to be at a sufficient level for icc 10/totgc 25. Exceptions on gear can be made if you prove yourself to be an exceptional player.
As a trial you are expected to keep very high attendance so you can be properly assessed.
Leaders have experience from all content leading to Ice Crown which includes pre-nerf Kil'Jaden kills, full Ulduar 25 HM clears and TotGC25 clears.

Raid Times:
Wednesday : 19:00-23:00
Thursday : 19:00-23:00
Sunday : 19:00-23:00
Monday : 19:00-23:00
Raids may be extended depending on circumstances.

Member Rules:
As a member of CUGM, a lot of things are expected of you. As a trial you should do your very best to convince the officers that you deserve that member status.

- To come prepared for raids, this means always have the consumables you need.
- To come in time for raids, very important, so that the first pull can be made when raid starts (on the second)
- To sign up/off for raids, so that the officers know what setup to expect.
- To always bring your best game to raids, never to slack and always pushing to do better.
- To work with the team, not against it, although high dps etc is encouraged, not at the cost of failing the team.
- To bring a good mood to the raids, if in a bad mood, don't bring the rest of the raid down.
- To always listen to the officers, coming with suggestions and ideas that can be helpful is encouraged.
- To not flame in general chats or wow forums. Represent CUGM well outside the guild chat.
- To not whine if things not always go your way, respect officers decisions and don't cause serious drama in the guild.
- If as a member you slack/make mistakes repeatedly, or in any other way don't follow the guidelines. You will first be warned, and if no improvement is shown, you will get demoted/kicked and be replaced.
- Keep updated on the forums, read class forums/member forums at least once every day to be in the game, it helps a lot since much important information will be dealt with at our forum page.

As a trial of CUGM, we expect you to prove your worth, this means to follow the guidelines for members to perfection, the better you follow these guidelines, the better the chance of a promotion. As a trial there are some rules as well.

- You don't have any kinds of loot priority (exceptions can be made if the officers decide)
- Trial period stretches over 2 weeks (exceptions can be made if the trialist shows exceptional quality.)
- Acting friendly and getting to know the other members is encouraged and will increase chances of getting promoted.

As a raiding guild our main focus is getting content beaten, therefore we have some rules concerning raids. Some rules regarding this are already stated in the guidelines for being a member of CUGM.

- During raids we encourage an easygoing atmosphere, joking is allowed, but when raid-leader is talking, quiet is expected.
- Raids start at set time and ends at set time unless officers decide to end it a few mins earlier (i.e too much trash b4 next boss.) Raids maybe extended due to good progress on a certain boss.
- During progress raids all members are expected to have full consumables during boss encounters.
- Raid-leading will be done, but members are expected to know enough about the game to know their task in almost every scenario. Of course some assignments have to be done here and there, but then members are expected to listen, nothing will be repeated more than 2 times.
- Do not be afraid to ask questions, rather you ask then acting like you know all and then look stupid in the end.
- Wiping is a part of the game, and the learning experience, enjoy it.

CUGM will be using a Loot council to distribute loot, this means that when an item drops, officers will award the item according to the members activity, upgrade potential and performance in raids.

Off-spec loot: If an item isn't needed by any member for main-spec, people who need the item for off-spec will roll for it.

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