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“Semper Frateri” Guild

Horde EU-Haomarush    (armory)
Progress: 8/8 (H)
EU English:
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
H: Madness of Deathwing (10)May 3, 2012 20:3829471423500.00 / 45000.00
H: Spine of Deathwing (10)Apr 29, 2012 19:29367814 
H: Warmaster Blackhorn (10)Mar 1, 2012 19:52272813 
H: Ultraxion (10)Feb 15, 2012 22:25778716 
H: Warlord Zon'ozz (10)Feb 2, 2012 19:47359513 
H: Yor'sahj the Unsleeping (10)Jan 16, 2012 20:13504314 
H: Hagara the Stormbinder (10)Jan 5, 2012 19:48109812 
H: Morchok (10)Dec 8, 2011 20:35328412 
Madness of Deathwing (10)Dec 5, 2011 20:30361812 
Spine of Deathwing (10)Dec 5, 2011 20:30661517 
Warmaster Blackhorn (10)Dec 5, 2011 20:30830318 
Ultraxion (10)Dec 5, 2011 20:3011447113 
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping (10)Dec 5, 2011 20:3017763113 
Warlord Zon'ozz (10)Dec 5, 2011 20:3016466114 
Morchok (10)Dec 5, 2011 20:3022432118 
Hagara the Stormbinder (10)Nov 30, 2011 15:39678414 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
"A guild that's set up for Mists of Pandaria; friends from top 25-50 background driving the way forward."

Guildname: Semper Frateri
Server: Haomarush EU (PvP)
Goals: Stabilizing a core for Mists of Pandaria.
Loot: Roll ( we're all friends here )
Raiding days: Wednesday - Thursdays ( Sunday alt raids
Raiding times: 20.00 - 23.00 (invites at 19.45 - During progress we decided to raid 24.00)



-Tier 13 content-

Dragon Soul Heroic
★ Morchok
★ Hagara the Stormbinder
★ Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
★ Warlord Zon'ozz
★ Ultraxxion
★ Warmaster Blackhorn
★ Spine of Deathwing
★ Madness of Deathwing

Dragon Soul Normal
★ Morchok
★ Warlord Zon'ozz
★ Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
★ Hagara the Stormbinder
★ Ultraxxion
★ Warmaster Blackhorn
★ Spine of Deathwing
★ Madness of Deathwing

-Tier 12 Content-

Firelands Heroic
★ Shannox
★ Bethi'lac
★ Lord Ryolith
★ Alysrazor
★ Baleroc
★ Majordomo Staghelm
★ Ragnaros

-Tier 11 Content-

★ 13/13 Heroics [ Pre-nerf ]




Semper Frateri are always on the lookout for players that push that extra mile and want to raid in Mists of Pandaria Players that can maintain their attendance whilst consistently keeping a consistent performance

Future applicants however do need to realize we are a close - knit guild and we will require you to attend the majority of raids.

Even if your class isn't listed below and you think you'd fit in or can challenge one of our current members, don't hesitate to drop an application.

[What do we expect from you]

-Character wise-

    ► Your gear, class spec, gems, enchants and reforges are top notch, so you can maximize your performance your character in the raids;
    ► You are always prepared on boss tactics and know exactly how your class works in said fight;
    ► You are aware of what is going on around you, you know how to adept fast to new situations;
    ► You are able to learn from the mistakes you make and willing to improve for the next time;
    ► You constantly try to improve yourself;
    ► Interested in progression and theory crafting and not the loot;
    ► You have a high dose of initiative.

-Personality wise-

    ► You are of an age that allows you to stay past 23.00 (in case this occurs);
    ► You are someone that can communicate fluently with others;
    ► You are someone that doesn't feel there is an "I" in team and enjoy team spirit;
    ► You have a good sense of character and humor. The ability to laugh at yourself instead of taking things to heart;
    ► You can maintain raid attendance and/ or communicate with officers if something is keeping you from it.

"The requirements are there to enforce a profile in which would suit any potential raider who wants to build and work with others who desire the same thing"


[Individual Appeal]

Semper Frateri are a relatively new guild and our current ranking is something that may reflect upon this. However, many members have consistently played alongside each other for the past 4-5 years all coming from numerous backgrounds of top 10, 100 and 250 world guilds. Currently the ranking we hold now, doesn't justify our skill; in time this will change.

We are currently working on building a successful community, where we work closely together to clear the current content and the future expansion content. We strive to promote something that appeals to not only retired players but the casual and intelligent players who are looking to further their experience by learning from our veterans and wanting to accomplish that of a 'relaxed' atmosphere.

We know with foundations and a clear objectives each members knows what's expected of them.

We're casual but dedicated due to numerous members having jobs. We value real-life, and ranks aren't important as such at the moment, but in time with you should see Semper Frateri in the top half ranks.


If you're interested in applying have a chat with one of our members online, or speak to Beastleh or Unorthodox and we can go from there.
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