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“Eye of Nerzhul” WoW Guild

Horde EU-Kilrogg    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldEURealm
A Tribute to Dedicated Insanityn/a
A Tribute to Insanity (10)n/a
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Apr 16, 2010 20:2622316135
A Tribute to Skill (10)Feb 2, 2010 22:1520122128

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
A Tribute to Mad Skill (10)Apr 16, 2010 20:2622316135145.00 / 435.00
Call of the Grand Crusade (10)Feb 2, 2010 22:1525624140128.89 / 300.00
Many Whelps! Handle It! (10)May 23, 2010 21:143375112 
Heroic Anub'arak (10)Feb 2, 2010 22:1525625140 
A Tribute to Skill (10)Feb 2, 2010 22:1520122128 
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (10)Nov 21, 200920870143 
Heroic Faction Champions (10)Nov 21, 200922117146 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (10)Nov 21, 200924723152 
Upper Back Pain (10)Nov 6, 2009 19:048893120 
Heroic Beasts (10)Nov 1, 200922873143 
More Dots! (10)Oct 17, 2009 21:0828400143 
She Deep Breaths More (10)Oct 7, 2009 11:0924091133 
Onyxia's Lair (10)Sep 24, 2009 21:2335638163 
Salt and Pepper (10 player)Sep 9, 2009 19:5411367123 
Call of the Crusade (10)Sep 8, 2009 21:1726933150 
Anub'arak (10)Sep 7, 200926071149 
Val'kyr Twins (10)Sep 7, 200926809149 
Faction Champions (10)Sep 7, 200927301150 
Lord Jaraxxus (10)Sep 7, 200929597154 
Beasts (10)Sep 7, 200930556155 
Three Sixty Pain Spike (10)Aug 26, 2009 19:57286316 
Not One, But Two Jormungars (10)Aug 26, 2009 18:0710953119 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 1
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
Welcome to our page!

The Eye of Nerzhul was founded on the 7th of August, 2008. The guild was built with the founding principle of enabling people to do the content they want to do while playing with friends. As such, we have always focused on a wide variety of smaller group content, be it levelling, dungeons, battlegrounds or raiding. The guild saw a fair amount of Karazhan in its earliest days, but when Wrath of the Lich King brought 10 man raiding to all raids, we hit the ground running and often were running two raids a week and leading 25 man partial pugs throughout the expansion. Sadly, Cataclysm's more punishing mechanics weren't a great fit for our guild, and we haven't done much raiding since.

During Mists of Pandaria we've been rebuilding our roster, welcoming in new friends and welcoming back old ones. We've started up a program of PvE and PvP focused nights to tackle allow people to tackle smaller group content in an organised way, such as transmog runs and battlegrounds. We've worked our way through finishing up some of the older raids - Mogu'shan Vaults and Throne of Thunder are both firmly under our belts - while gearing everyone up to tackle Siege of Orgrimmar in Flex mode. Throughout this, we have always stuck to our core principles of playing the content we want to play with the friends we've made.

The Details

Fridays: PvE Night
Sundays: Raid Night
Tuesdays: PvP Night
We start at 20:00 and continue for about three hours.

Raid nights will typically be dedicated to progressing in Flex mode of Siege of Orgrimmar. PvE Nights and PvP Nights can be any number of a variety of content, which we decide beforehand through requests and polls on the forums.
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