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“Origin” Guild

Horde EU-Lightning's Blade    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldEURealm
A Tribute to Insanity (25)n/a
A Tribute to Mad Skill (25)n/a
A Tribute to Skill (25)n/a

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (25)Jul 14, 2010 21:11755011640.00 / 120.00
Heroic Faction Champions (25)May 3, 2010 18:208856117 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (25)May 3, 2010 18:2011282122 
Salt and Pepper (25 player)Mar 24, 2010 15:2613353127 
Heroic Beasts (25)Mar 19, 201011306121 
Onyxia's Lair (25)Oct 8, 2009 20:0423695140 
Call of the Crusade (25)Oct 8, 2009 19:3716709127 
Anub'arak (25)Oct 8, 2009 19:3717030127 
Val'kyr Twins (25)Oct 8, 2009 19:3718179128 
Faction Champions (25)Oct 8, 2009 19:3718913130 
Lord Jaraxxus (25)Oct 8, 2009 19:3720066132 
Beasts (25)Oct 8, 2009 19:3720661132 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 5
Recruiting (outdated):
deathknight (dd)high
druid (balance)medium
druid (feral-dd)high
priest (healer)high
priest (dd) 
shaman (restoration)high
Yes..Indeed we are back!This time on Lightning's Blade.

Looking for players to raid with us in Cataclysm.What we ask for?

  • Patience is the key word.While waiting for Cataclysm,we are chilling,doing some raids so we get to know each other..If you expect: ''Wednesday clear'' don't bother us please.

    • Friendly/Mature Attitude.We don't want drama queens or loot-whores.All in all,we are all playing for a reason; You may like loot but our guild's philosophy is that loot is a tool to see further content.

    • Stability.This is one of the most important things we ask for if not the most!We want stable computers,internet connections and raiders that aren't going AFK every 5 seconds cos they have to help their mother to clean the house(shame on them if they are men by the way!).There's a break which should be used for such reasons every now and then.Other than that we aren't going to cancel raids every Sunday cos ''John'' can't show up.

    • Hardcore spirit.Even tho we won't raid every single night,we still expect focused raiders.Raiders disciplined and encouraged themselves to their task.Moreover,you will be expected to raid under pressure when hunting high ranks.If you can't raid under pressure you are not ''good enough'' for us.

    • Skills.Last but not least and definately a MUST is having great raiding skills.Simple as that.

      About the recruitement.We want every separate raider to have the following(depending on the role):


      An ideal recruit would be a player who can speak up and communicate on Ventrilo during fights, a player who has initiative and the ability to develop healing strategies and come up with ideas for encounters. We expect a potential recruit to know his class and min/max his gear and character. A high level of dexterity and awareness is also required - a proper healer has to be able to heal while moving, use all cooldowns in his or her arsenal, step out of void zones and ask for assistance if needed.

      Damage dealers

      Damage dealer has to be obsessed by squeezing every last bit of dps out of their character. Topping the meters and beating other damage dealers has to be a priority. We expect damage dealers to know the math and theory behind their class and always min/max their talent spec, gear, gems, enchants and professions.Most likely,a player who will notice flaws with positioning or synergy and can offer input on how to further maximize the raid damage.Dead dps does no dps, so a proper damage dealer has to be able to survive the environment and know when to cut his damage and focus on staying alive.


      A good tank has to be able to communicate with the raid. Speaking has to come naturally whether it is requesting cooldowns, announcing incoming spikes or notifying movements. Tanks have to have good situational awareness; a tank must understand everything that's going on in the encounter. We expect tanks to maximize their usual gear and if possible have additional sets tailored for specific encounters. A strong off-spec option is also desirable for a tank player - it is unknown how many tanks will be needed in Cataclysm. Some encounters may require several tanks, some may require one; it's good if a potential recruit brings options.

      Some general things now(I may get repeated in some cases but still..)

      * General whining is not tolerated at all. If your main focus is loot or you can’t handle sitting out of raids sometimes, then this is not the right guild for you. Sometimes certain compositions will be better and you simply won’t get a spot. We expect you to play for the guild and its progress above all else.

      *Complete knowledge of your class, how to gear and spec it. This means being able to adapt to new situations and goes beyond just reading theorycrafting and knowing what the right gems are. It's something that we expect people to have put a lot of thought into so their character can be the best it can be.That means to know your class inside-out,to conclude with.

      * Have a competitive nature both on a guild vs. guild level and an internal level. You will have to earn your raid spot and show that you are the best person for the job. You must be confident in what you are doing and want to show that you can do it better than anyone else.

      * Generally have a friendly attitude towards your guild mates. The flipside of this is that you must be able to take a certain level of abuse and jokes from your peers. If you can't take a few jokes at your expense this might not be the place for you.

      * You must be able to take sometimes extremely harsh criticism and improve from it. You will make mistakes, everyone does. It's important that you will learn from them, not make them again and respect the criticism you take.

      * You must be fluent in English, both written and spoken. You must also have a microphone and Ventrilo and not be afraid to use it when required.

      Other than that,if you are still having any questions do not hesitate to ask any officer which goes by the following: Fao,Psychobull,Froggy,Gotenan and Srub.We are at your disposal:)

      Looking forward raiding with you!

      Origin Team
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