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“Epiunion” WoW Guild

Alliance EU-Ravencrest    (armory)
EU English:
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
H: Sindragosa (25)Nov 15, 2010 21:055545129500.00 / 1500.00
H: Professor Putricide (25)Nov 11, 2010 20:2163421321100.00 / 3300.00
H: Lady Deathwhisper (25)Oct 21, 2010 19:068169137283.33 / 750.00
H: Deathbringer Saurfang (25)Aug 26, 2010 21:378612135387.04 / 750.00
H: Valithria Dreamwalker (25)Aug 19, 2010 19:06827213696.00 / 180.00
H: Blood-Queen Lana'thel (25)Aug 16, 2010 21:069083136412.96 / 750.00
H: Blood Prince Council (25)Aug 16, 2010 19:47878013699.11 / 180.00
H: Festergut (25)Aug 12, 2010 19:388219136123.89 / 225.00
H: Lord Marrowgar (25)Aug 12, 2010 19:101194714782.59 / 150.00
The Lich King (25)Aug 9, 2010 22:01902413882.59 / 150.00
H: Rotface (25)Aug 9, 2010 14:419948141102.22 / 180.00
Neck-Deep in Vile (25)Nov 29, 2010 22:134226120 
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25)Nov 29, 2010 22:134407119 
All You Can Eat (25)Nov 22, 2010 20:494283118 
Portal Jockey (25)Nov 18, 2010 21:404826119 
Flu Shot Shortage (25)Nov 18, 2010 20:595850120 
Dances with Oozes (25)Nov 18, 2010 20:545077119 
Full House (25)Nov 18, 2010 20:075418121 
Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25)Nov 15, 2010 22:024492118 
Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion... (25)Oct 25, 2010 20:426093124 
Sindragosa (25)Jul 22, 2010 22:0112399144 
Blood-Queen Lana'thel (25)Jul 12, 2010 20:3214627146 
Valithria Dreamwalker (25)May 31, 2010 19:2716640157 
Professor Putricide (25)May 27, 2010 20:2016635159 
Boned (25)May 27, 2010 19:0315412149 
H: Gunship Battle (25)May 6, 2010 19:466920142 
Rotface (25)Feb 22, 201010027144 
Festergut (25)Feb 22, 201010508144 
Blood Prince Council (25)Feb 11, 20107401133 
The Orb Whisperer (25)Feb 8, 2010 20:394939123 
I'm on a Boat (25)Jan 20, 2010 19:31175119 
I've Gone and Made a Mess (25)Jan 7, 2010 23:0310393138 
Deathbringer Saurfang (25)Jan 4, 2010 23:0912712152 
Gunship Battle (25)Jan 4, 201013392152 
Lady Deathwhisper (25)Jan 4, 201013448152 
Lord Marrowgar (25)Jan 4, 201016129155 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
druid (balance)medium
druid (restoration)high
monk (tank) 
paladin (holy)high
priest (dd)high
shaman (restoration)high
warrior (protection) 
Hello and thanks for reading this. I will keep this brief to give the info you need:

Epiunion was formed before the burning crusade expansion, made up mostly of ex-members of Epiphany. Despite being a semi-casual guild with an ‘enjoy your gaming’ attitude, we have seriously skilled players clocking 95+ percentile logs every week, and we enjoy a healthy competitive raiding environment.

So why no Mythic progress this patch… Well this is due to a classic case of some former members splintering away to play in their own “more hardcore” guild, screwing us over, and of course, as is always the case, also screwing themselves over as their guild has since disbanded.

We simply require a handful more ranged DPS (others will of course be considered) and we will have the numbers for Mythic raiding. We already have the skills, the raid leadership, solid tanks and healers and the right mentality, and we would love for you to join us to bolster our team and achieve solid mythic progress in Tomb of Sargeras together.

Raiding Schedule:
Thursday 19:45 – 23.00, Sunday 17:00 – 22:00
Due to only raiding 2 days a week we require a very high attendance for those days please.

What we can offer you:
- 2 Days Core Raiding p/w (we all have careers and families too).
- 1 additional Social/Alts Raiding Day p/w.
- Great raid leading and raiding environment.
- A very active guild with tons of social member too, always doing M+ etc. together.
- A mature environment (Av age 25+, with a lot of over 30’s).
- An immature sense of humour (growing old is a choice we refuse to make).

What we want from you:
- To be an active part of the guild, being involved in M+, PvP, Raiding or just contributing to the banter if your applying to be a Social..
- Know your encounters, and know how to maximise your spec’s performance in each encounter (research is key, slackers need not apply).
- Be raid hardened. Expect a few wipes. Don’t lose your sh:t on discord if someone messes up. We learn and we progress, but we respect each other, and that is why we are still here seven years on.

So if your reading this and thinking this all sounds great, they have a pre-made team here requiring only a few more numbers for Mythic, they sound like great guys and damn.. the days are perfect for me, get your application in, don’t delay:

We will consider all applications so don't feel limited to the listed classes.

Guildmaster & Raid Leader
- Tombliboos (Ex. military forces, great strategist, coordinator and communicator)

-Orenji (ranged)
-Khaen (melee)
-Dwarfel (healing)
-Supernoodle (what does this guy even do…)

profile administrator(s): Kevastrasz, vallak, Redeg, Supernoodle, nuriyan1979, Dwarfel
last updated by nuriyan1979 25 days ago
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