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“HottieHamsters” Guild

Alliance EU-Ravencrest    (armory)
Progress MilestoneTime (GMT)WorldEURealm
A Tribute to Insanity (25)n/a
A Tribute to Mad Skill (25)Jun 7, 2010 18:371642115
A Tribute to Skill (25)Jun 7, 2010 18:371966116

AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
A Tribute to Mad Skill (25)Jun 7, 2010 18:371642115145.00 / 435.00
Call of the Grand Crusade (25)Jun 7, 2010 18:372182118100.00 / 300.00
Heroic Anub'arak (25)Jun 7, 2010 18:372183118 
A Tribute to Skill (25)Jun 7, 2010 18:371966116 
More Dots! (25)Dec 14, 2009 18:293411126 
Not One, But Two Jormungars (25)Dec 10, 2009 19:408837136 
She Deep Breaths More (25)Nov 23, 2009 18:273971127 
Three Sixty Pain Spike (25)Nov 5, 2009 19:345729128 
Salt and Pepper (25 player)Oct 22, 2009 17:551993116 
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (25)Oct 11, 20091141112 
Heroic Faction Champions (25)Oct 4, 20091601114 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (25)Oct 4, 20092037117 
Heroic Beasts (25)Oct 3, 20092410117 
Onyxia's Lair (25)Sep 23, 2009 18:414812120 
Call of the Crusade (25)Sep 3, 2009 18:574523125 
Anub'arak (25)Sep 2, 20093042119 
Val'kyr Twins (25)Aug 27, 2009311819 
Faction Champions (25)Aug 23, 20094693122 
Lord Jaraxxus (25)Aug 16, 20095865121 
Beasts (25)Aug 6, 2009250013 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: Danish
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
HottieHamsters is a guild made by and for Danish WoW players with emphasis on a friendly atmosphere, but with a strong will to progress through raid content with fierce determination.
We have been around since the start of TBC, and have since then continuously grown to become a more and more progress minded guild. A huge part of our playerbase is skilled people who have been around for years, who enjoy the fact that they can raid semi-hardcore, while still maintaining their real lives.

As a social guild, a lot of our members have met or know eachother IRL. Our playerbase is spread across all of Denmark, and we occasionally come together to eat delicious food and drink our
brains out while talking about wow.

Raiding schedule:
We raid 3 days a week.
Thursday, Sunday and Monday @ 19.00 – 23.00

We’re looking for dedicated players, who are ready to perform their best 3 nights a week.


  • 1. Dedication:
    We expect people to farm the required reputations they need to get enchants and such. We expect people to spend gold on crafted items if they are an upgrade. We expect people to meet well prepared with the best possible glyphs, gems, enchants and so on.

    • Raiding experience:
      Since we are raiding at an increasingly higher level, we expect you to have some solid raiding experience.
      You need to be able to adapt, react and think for yourself when it's needed.
      You have to know the task beforehand, and know everything about your class. You read up on community tools such as Tankspot, ElitistJerks and other class dedicated forums such as We believe being prepared is half the battle.

    • Maturity and stability:
      We expect you to be mature, friendly and to have team spirit. This includes being reasonable if you disagree with another guild member. Not acting like a d*ckhead towards others (even those outside our guild). Not having to leave a raid because your mom says so.
      Since we only raid 3 nights a week, we expect people to almost never miss a raid.

      Some of our other requirements are:
      - 370+ gear all around
      - 18+ of age
      - Ventrilo and a mic, which you are not afraid to use.
      - Ability to read, talk and understand danish.

      If you’re interested and want to know more, please visit us at: or contact an officer ingame

      Equuleus (GM)
      Yvergirl (Officer)
      Mailis (Officer)
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