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“Windwalkêrs” WoW Guild

Horde EU-Stormscale    (armory)
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
Resilience Will Fix It (25)Jan 18, 2010 20:525581113.11 / 30.00
Three Sixty Pain Spike (25)Jan 18, 2010 20:3294861190.61 / 1.50
Upper Back Pain (25)Jan 18, 2010 20:273512160.58 / 1.50
A Tribute to Mad Skill (25)Dec 21, 2009 19:5792813277.11 / 435.00
Call of the Grand Crusade (25)Nov 23, 2009 21:3893614214.44 / 300.00
She Deep Breaths More (25)Oct 14, 2009 20:311191128.27 / 9.00
More Dots! (25)Oct 14, 2009 20:31800133.44 / 3.75
Salt and Pepper (25 player)Sep 30, 2009 17:50610141.31 / 1.50
Not One, But Two Jormungars (25)Aug 12, 2009 18:303217131.46 / 1.50
A Tribute to Skill (25)Nov 26, 2009 21:1679312 
Heroic Anub'arak (25)Nov 22, 200991614 
Heroic Val'kyr Twins (25)Sep 24, 200944912 
Onyxia's Lair (25)Sep 23, 2009 19:51578919 
Heroic Faction Champions (25)Sep 15, 200961113 
Heroic Lord Jaraxxus (25)Sep 14, 200973112 
Heroic Beasts (25)Sep 14, 2009105813 
Call of the Crusade (25)Sep 2, 2009 19:07197113 
Anub'arak (25)Sep 1, 2009111 
Val'kyr Twins (25)Aug 26, 20094211 
Faction Champions (25)Aug 24, 20095275110 
Lord Jaraxxus (25)Aug 12, 200917511 
Beasts (25)Aug 6, 2009250011 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: unknown
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
Who we are

Windwalkers is a casual-hardcore guild on Stormscale, Horde, with a mature and skilled player base. We have cleared Icecrown Citadel on normal mode, and we are currently working Lick King Hard Mode. Previously, we have cleared all normal Trial of the Crusader encounters and obtained the Mad Skill-achievement in Trial of the Grand Crusader. In Ulduar we have cleared all normal mode content, 8/10 of the 25-man hard modes, and 9/10 of the 10-man hard modes in addition to Algalon. Before Patch 3.1, we completed Heroic: Glory of the Raider.

We are always striving to improve our member-base, and currently we are looking for some exceptional players to fill in a few spots.

The guild is built for the long run, and designed for experienced and high-performing players that want to dedicate about 3 evenings of the week to WoW. To maximise our performance while keeping our member's online time as low as possibe, Windwalkers offers free repairs and flasks during progression raids, free regular raiding potions, free enchants, free epic gems and free raiding respecs.

The core of our guild (gm, officers, raidleaders, some members) played together in Windwalkers on Vek'Nilash in WoW Classic. We used to be a hardcore guild that raided 40 hours/week, and defeated all the PvE encounters available in the game at that time.

More about us at our website:

How we raid:

We are casual in the time we request of our members: 3 25-man raids per week. But we are hardcore about how we raid in those 3 days: we prepare well, we move fast, we learn fast, we progress fast, and we never back away from a challenge.

We're looking for like-minded members that can keep up with that pace, and enjoy it all the way. We make the most of the time we spend in raids, and we are confident that we can overcome even the most difficult of challenges on that schedule. We will never change our shedule to more than 3 raids in a week, because for us WoW is a form of active entertainment, not a part time (of full time) job.

Performance so far:

You can view a complete and dailed list of our achievements on our page:êrs . Here's a summary of what we have accomplished so far: :hunter:

Fall of the Lich King
  • We've killed the Lich King on normal mode, and currently have 11/12 hardmodes down.

Call of the Crusade:
  • Mad Skill Achievement.
  • Cleared all Trial of the Grand Crusader content.
  • Cleared all available Trial of the Crusader content.

Secrets of Ulduar:
  • Cleared all available Normal Mode Ulduar content.
  • 6/10 25-man Hard Mode Ulduar.

WoW WolTK:
  • Heroic: Glory of the Raider
  • Attained all possible raiding achievements.

WoW Classic
  • Defeated every PvE encounter in the game as a top 20 eu guild.
  • We were one of the fastest ever progressing guilds, taking only 8 months from the time we all rolled level 1 characters on the newly created realm, to the time we completed Naxxramas 40-man.
  • Completed the entire Ahn'Quiraj gate-opening quest chain in-guild, in about ten days.
  • For many of the encounters that we faced in those times, we were severely undergeared, but we won with well thought-out tactics and flawless execution.

Who we are looking for
  • We are looking for mature players who enjoy winning PvE encounters in a fun yet efficient group.
  • People who play well in a team.
  • People who know their class and know what they're doing.
  • People that can make all of our 3 raids (and maintain over 80% attendance).
  • Players with adequate raiding gear.
  • People who value a fun atmosphere on vent.
  • We are NOT looking for those that play only for epics.
  • You can find a list of our class and specialization opening here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=135

Applications and Contact

To apply, or to find out more about us, visit our website at
Or if you have any more questions, pm one of the following people on Stormscale, Horde:
  • Mooii
  • Lynne
  • Jesp
  • Unkk
  • Garen

Last updated: 2010.04.30
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