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“Sublime” Guild

Horde EU-Tarren Mill    (armory)

Guild Profile

Primary Language: Swedish
Raids per week: 2
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
Status: Söker 1 healer och ett flertal duktiga dps. Kontakta Adde#21356.

Who we are and what we are about?
History of Sublime.
Sublime was created one late fall evening back in 2005 on the realm of Bladefist and under the banner of the Alliance. Quickly advancing through the raidcontent we took part in slaying the Lord of Blackrock Spire, unsealing the gates of Ahn Qiraj and slaying the old god C'Thun. With the arrival of the Burning Crusade approaching we had slain all but five bosses in the necropolis known as Naxxramas.
We decided to reroll horde on Stormscale server, had alot of fun on this server, managed to clear all the content , except a few hardmodes.

In december 2009 we moved to Auchindoun most because of lag and long ques. In Mists of Pandarias launch we faction-changed from horde to alliance mostly because people wanted to see content from another perspective.

Raiding as Alliance for a second time didn't last for long, people missed trolls and taurens, so after Siege Of Orgrimmars arrival we rerolled back to Horde on Tarren Mill server. FOR THE HORDE !

Who are we?
We're a guild that strive to maintain a very mature profile. That being said we're still a very casual bunch with a great lack of inhibitions and there's plenty of time for %#@!s and giggles. Make no mistake though, we come to play. So when you put on that raiding gear, that Sublime uniform, you better come to work.

Sublime does not endorse cheating, that means no scripting, no botting, no scamming and so on. You earn your spot in the guild and you earn your respect on the server, everything you do reflects on your guild. No individual is greater than the guild and the minute we sense you are hurting the guild, we will cut you loose.

Our Progress:

* Molten Core
* Blackwing Lair
* Ahn'Qiraj
* Naxxramas (10/15)

The Burning Crusade:
* Gruul's Lair
* Magtheridon's Lair
* Serpentshrine Cavern
* Tempest Keep
* Hyjal Summit
* Black Temple
* Sunwell Plateau

Wrath of the Lich King:
* Naxxramas
* The Obsidian Sanctum (3D)
* The Eye of Eternity
* Ulduar 25man(13/14, plus a few hard modes)
* Ulduar 10man (13/14 all hardmodes)
* TOC 10 (5/5, 5/5 Heroic)
* TOC 25 (5/5, 4/5 Heroic)
* ICC 10 (12/12 12/12 Heroic)
* ICC 25 (12/12 11/12 Heroic)
* Halion 25
* Halion 10 HC

* Tier 11 (12/12 13/13HC (10man) ) (BWD - BoT - Tot4W)
* Tier 11 (12/12 3/13HC (25man) ) (BWD - BoT - Tot4W)
* Tier 12 (7/7 6/7HC (10man) ) (Firelands)
* Tier 13 (8/8 4/8HC (10man) ) (Dragon Soul)

* Tier 14 (3/6HC 6/6 4/4 (10man) (Pandaria raids)
* Tier 15 (12/12 6/13HC (10 man) (Throne Of Thunder)
* Tier 16 (14/14 14/14HC (10 man) (Siege of Orgrimmar)
* Tier 16 (14/14 14/14HC (25 man) (Siege of Orgrimmar)

Warlords of Draenor:
* Tier 17 (7/7 Mythic Highmaul & 10/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry)

Our main raiding times: 2 times a week.
Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00
Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00

What do we expect of you?
* We try to keep a mature and low profile.
* Be a dedicated raider and have the ambition to progress through new content. See the loot as a bonus, not as a goal.
* Be able to take constructive criticism and act mature.
* Be flexible and take own decisions where needed, don't stare blindly on the tactics. Think for yourself but don't question authority.

You have to be swedish or at least understand swedish since we are a swedish guild. We actually have a few peeps not living in Sweden, but they all handle the swedish language very well!

If interested whisper Addekin or Wárchíef

Thank you for your time.

Website: unknown
profile administrator(s): Aeerís, Gromas
last updated by Gromas 7 months ago


Nov 28, 2013Auchindoun
Tarren Mill
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