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“Dances with worgen” Guild

Alliance EU-Vek'nilash    (armory)
EU English:
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
Valithria Dreamwalker (25)Dec 1, 2010 23:03297651241.00 / 3.00
Blood Prince Council (25)Dec 1, 2010 22:40322821241.00 / 3.00
Rotface (25)Aug 8, 2010 21:41372781271.00 / 3.00
Festergut (25)Jul 9, 2010 20:20337861191.00 / 3.00
Deathbringer Saurfang (25)Mar 7, 2010 22:09300221192.02 / 3.00
Gunship Battle (25)Mar 7, 2010302321201.01 / 1.50
Lady Deathwhisper (25)Mar 7, 2010303021201.01 / 1.50
Lord Marrowgar (25)Mar 7, 2010308161201.01 / 1.50
I'm on a Boat (25)Nov 24, 2010 21:101241019 
Boned (25)Sep 11, 2010 20:0023667114 
H: Gunship Battle (25)Jul 8, 2010 20:1420223113 
I've Gone and Made a Mess (25)May 11, 2010 21:1540533123 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
all classes
About Us

The name "Dances with worgen" is meant as a tribute to Duskwood. We find the atmosphere in that zone to be very catching. We read up on all the lore we could find, brainstormed and ended up falling for the non-verbal communication there was with the worgen. It reminded us of "Dances with wolves".

We are a well established guild with many social members but we have a focus on end game raid content. Dww was created in the late days of wrath, and after kicking the lich king off his throne, we are now downing bosses in cataclysm raids at 12/12 progress, 1/13 heroic mode and 6/7 in Firelands normal.


We are always looking for good players to add to the guild. We value performance, commitment, teamwork, fair play and a positive attitude over all else. If you're good, regardless of your class or role, we'll try and find room for you. But you will need to prove yourself first, and will not join DWW straight at the top!

All guild members have to make an application with no exceptions. You should really make the effort on the application form to ensure you have the best chance to be accepted. Only officers will see the answers you post. You will recieve the reply to the application trough a private message here on the website within a few days.

Our forum is not just for raiders. We expect all members to visit the forum at least once a week to keep up to date on what happens in the guild. Any major changes will be posted with a weeks notice.

Likewise our ventrilo server is not just for raiders, it is an easy way to communicate without the need to type while in combat. We encourage all guildies to take advantage of this great tool.

We expect all Dww guild members to follow our policies, or action may be taken:

Be helpful to other guild members and try and assist them where possible.

Do not cause offense in guild or to anyone: this includes bullying, racial and sexual slurs.

Be respectful to other wow players and follow Blizzard code of conduct.

No ninja looting! Nothing gives a guild a worse name. Play fair.


Guild Master
The officers' boss. Making sure they act fair and by the guild spirit.

Guild Leaders
The bosses of everything but raiding. They are here to serve and protect.

Raid Leaders
Our calm and polite raid leaders, these guys are what makes our raids a better experience.

Officers Alts
Speaks for itself. You can see the name of the main character in the player note.

None raiders with access to the guild vault, for those who wish to share and avoid the AH taxes.

Raiders with access to the guild vault, for those who wish to share and avoid the AH taxes.

Members of our dedicated ten man raid team.

Trial Raider
Treated in any way as Raiders, but new to the guild and we wish to watch them in the heat of the battle.

Members who doesn't raid, but likes the atmosphere of the guild and a raid once in a while perhaps.

Speaks for itself. You can see the name of the main character in the player note.


Our aim is to be one of the better 10 man raid guilds. We have our own raid style. We like to move fast, chain pull, rebuff either on the fly or just before bosses and we often fail to stop the entire raid for 20 seconds to save one person a 30 second run from the graveyard.

When a raid leader calls a wipe - we wipe fast! We get back asap, any tactic changes will be told on vent while we run in, so we can pull within 30 seconds of the last player arriving back. We don't delay it and we don't go afk or brb.

If you are raiding then you must be fully enchanted, glyphed and gemmed – anything less is slacking and you are asking other people to carry you in the raid. We expect people to know their job, class and role in the raid, so do your research.

Rebuff the raid often, eat raid food and check your flask before each pull. Do not wait for the raid leader to tell you. We rarely point fingers or get mad, telling you what you did wrong is your own job, officers are here to organize and assist you, not to teach you the game.

When we raid we usually provide both fish feasts and guild cauldron flasks. However we do charge 100g for the services and expect that people bring flasks, food, repair gold etc to handle it without depending on the guild services.

In raids it can be hectic managing 10/25 people and there will be a time and a place to debate, make changes and settle differences. We listen to all, but during raid time we ask that all suggestions and issues are handled with a /w to the raid leader.

We do not tolerate rude people, bad attitude or slacking - neither from the common guildie, raiders nor from the officers.

Loot rules

DKP is something you won't find here - ever. We have our own roll system meant to speed things up. What you see is what you get. We raid to have a good time, not to take the laptop to the toilet after raids.

Priority Roll > Main Spec > Off Spec > Disenchant.

Priority roll is a one win per night only main spec roll.. Your MS is whatever role you were invited to the raid for, on the toon you are on. BoEs and shards will be raid rolled at the end of the raid. Any BoEs that are won by a guild member will go to the Guild Vault.

If you need a BoE from the raids then whisper an officer after the raid. We have a loot council which will decide which member of the guild deserves the BoE the most and would best benefit the guild. Begging for BoEs will only ensure you will never get the item.

If you are raiding just to get epic loot, you are not who we are looking for in Dww. We raid because we enjoy it and we like the communal achievement of downing bosses.

No Calendar

In DWW we do not use the calendar to set up raids. If you are a raider rank, you are expected to sign off on the Dww forum in advance if you cannot make the raid. There is a sticky topic for it under raiding. If you for some reason can't get on the internet at all to sign off then address a raid officer when you get back on, as you will otherwise be demoted to social if it happens often.

We may seem to be quick to demote, but as we use the ranks as a tool for the raid leaders we try to keep those who just slack or stop raiding on social rank. If you find that you have been demoted and still wish to raid you will need to contact a raid leader.

Connection Issues

If you join a raid group and are having problems with severe lag or disconnect issues, then you may be replaced at any time in the raid, no matter how important your role is. You should expect this and should notify officers during the invites at the start of a raid group, that you have some problems. Nothing is worse than making 9 people wait 5 minutes while you keep rebooting your router or PC and restarting wow.

In summary, sort out your connection issues before you come to raid, and tell an officer during the invite stages if it is likely to happen.

Raid Times

We raid from 20:30 until midnight.

Wednesday: Raiders + Socials 25 man if possible, otherwise 10 man. (All welcome.)
Thursday: Raiders 10 man
Friday: Raiders 10 man
Monday: Raiders 10 man (For the time being this raid night has been cancelled.)


Depends on the raid setup, but all the new raid instances are on the menu. We will go to BH doing one of the first three raid nights if it is ours. If it is not done doing raid hours by Friday night feel free to pug it (BH only).

On the application form you will be asked for your favourite number. In this guild our favorite number is the number of letters in your login name (not your characters name, but the one you use to log in on this webpage.)

Raid Composition

We may have to bench people once in a while, when it happens we also do our best to make it up later. If you wish to raid on an alt, feel free to tell a raid leader, but by default we expect people to be playing their mains toons unless asked to do otherwise. We do our best to make wishes come true. If you wish to change an alt to your main it has to be approved by the raid leaders. We will also take away priority loot rolls for a few weeks to avoid abuse.

So, with all that said, this is who we are looking for:

Raiders who are motivated and prepared, ready to go at raid time

Raiders who will research their class and perform to the best of their ability always

Raiders who are ready and excited to show up and wipe for hours

Raiders who will be understanding and not ragequit when we give someone else that epic loot they really thought they deserved

Raiders who will concentrate and not go AFK outside of our scheduled break time

Raiders who are just plain awesome

If, after reading this page you think you can satisfy the above and still want to apply, then you should find yourself in the raid roster of Dances with worgen in no time. Good luck!
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