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“DarkStorm” WoW Guild

Horde EU-Zenedar    (armory)
EU English:
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldEURealmScore
H: The Lich King (25)Jun 29, 2010 20:442061213955.56 / 18000.00
H: Professor Putricide (25)Apr 4, 2010 20:48314122900.74 / 3300.00
H: Sindragosa (25)Mar 28, 2010 18:19264121344.44 / 1500.00
H: Deathbringer Saurfang (25)Mar 3, 2010 21:4026212711.11 / 750.00
H: Blood-Queen Lana'thel (25)Mar 2, 2010 21:4422712724.07 / 750.00
H: Festergut (25)Mar 1, 2010 22:1817612217.22 / 225.00
H: Valithria Dreamwalker (25)Feb 28, 2010 19:3716211173.78 / 180.00
H: Blood Prince Council (25)Feb 28, 2010 18:2427412173.78 / 180.00
H: Lady Deathwhisper (25)Feb 24, 2010 22:3713912724.07 / 750.00
H: Rotface (25)Feb 22, 2010 21:3420712176.89 / 180.00
H: Lord Marrowgar (25)Feb 17, 2010 19:4021912147.41 / 150.00
The Lich King (25)Feb 15, 2010 21:3521912147.41 / 150.00
Portal Jockey (25)Jul 7, 2010 20:49158718 
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25)Jul 7, 2010 20:49126018 
Dances with Oozes (25)Jul 7, 2010 19:16162018 
Full House (25)Jul 7, 2010 18:29216819 
Flu Shot Shortage (25)Jun 30, 2010 20:29221719 
Neck-Deep in Vile (25)Jun 7, 2010 21:2385114 
Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25)Apr 5, 2010 19:2420612 
All You Can Eat (25)Apr 5, 2010 18:389712 
Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion... (25)Mar 4, 2010 21:5828912 
H: Gunship Battle (25)Feb 22, 2010 19:2628912 
Sindragosa (25)Feb 7, 2010 20:3028311 
Valithria Dreamwalker (25)Feb 4, 2010 21:46141818 
Blood-Queen Lana'thel (25)Jan 24, 2010 18:2622512 
The Orb Whisperer (25)Jan 21, 2010 21:5783414 
Professor Putricide (25)Jan 21, 2010 20:58162618 
Blood Prince Council (25)Jan 20, 201079413 
Boned (25)Jan 9, 2010 17:31179218 
Rotface (25)Jan 5, 2010111 
Festergut (25)Jan 5, 2010111 
I'm on a Boat (25)Dec 23, 2009 19:5851713 
I've Gone and Made a Mess (25)Dec 10, 2009 20:5648014 
Deathbringer Saurfang (25)Dec 10, 2009 20:56210618 
Gunship Battle (25)Dec 10, 2009209216 
Lady Deathwhisper (25)Dec 10, 2009238816 
Lord Marrowgar (25)Dec 10, 2009416818 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 4
demon (hunter)medium
For Tomb of Sargeras and onwards, we are open for any exceptional players to add to our already strong roster.

For your attention
We'd like to explain the key differences between DarkStorm and similar ranked guilds both higher and lower.

Our new raid times: we only raid 16 hours a week over 4 days.

You will not be surprised by weird schedules when you join. We will never add extra days, we will never start earlier or extend raids that will interrupt your personal life.

We have decided that for Legion, we will only casually do alts, we will gear it in raid times, no AP grind

Our raids times are reliable, our progress is steady and if that sounds like something you would want to be a part of, then apply today!


Raid Information

- We raid from 20.00 – 24:00 CET (Invites at 19:45)
- For the first two weeks of Mythic raiding, we will have a raid on Sunday.
- We raid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
- We split clear heroic in the first weeks, so we expect people to have an alt, which we gear in raid times during alt raids
- We expect full concentration and full dedication from our members every raid, that means bringing all forms of consumables and having knowledge of the bosses.
- We expect you to know your class and are able to consistently play to the best of your ability.
- We run a Loot Council system.
- When farming we raid only 2 days, as well as any PTR raids that occur during progress times.


- The best items for that item slot that the game has to offer (or at least some indication that you are working on it)
- Available for all raid nights. The odd afk or other stuff is okay, but in general we want people who can be available all days
- Ability to speak and understand English at a decent level and have Teamspeak (having a mic and speaking being a wanted bonus).
- 18 years of age minimum.

About us

DarkStorm was founded on the day of the European release of World of WarCraft, February 11, 2005. In the 8 years the guild has been actively raiding we’ve clocked up our fair share of server firsts and world top 100 kills on all content ranging from Vanilla to Ragnaros, Madness of Deathwing, Archimonde and Gul'dan.

We’re an established, stable, ‘mostly’ hardcore raiding guild on Zenedar. We are playing together to beat the encounters this game throws at us with our online friends, however we are not prepared to compromise our work, social lives or responsibilities to place higher in world kill lists.

The guild has a strong social aspect to it beyond the raiding, we expect to be able to enjoy spending time with our members outside of raids, whether playing alts, PvPing, running other instances or idling in cities and chatting in guild chat.

Our approach to the game means we need to be careful about who we recruit. We are looking for raiders who share the same goals as us, and feel the same way about investing time in the game.

We are not looking for people who just want to raid as much as possible, but looking for good people who can contribute top quality game play in the time we spend raiding together. We want to get the impression from applicants that they’ll be at home in DarkStorm and it’s worth ensuring that your application gives an impression of your personality and who you really are beyond the pixels.

We are usually a home for raiders who like the hours and we aim to be one of the best 16 hour guilds out there, people who join DarkStorm rarely leave for other guilds.

Who to contact?
Lurx (Officer) Lurx#2911
Aeristial/Aeristiboom (GM) Aeristial#2494
profile administrator(s): Aeristial, Lurxi
last updated by Lurxi 2 days ago
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