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“Comfortably Numb” WoW Guild

Alliance US-Blackhand    (armory)
AchievementTime (GMT)WorldUSRealmScore
H: Sindragosa (10)Mar 16, 2010 01:0290225942792.59 / 3000.00
H: Valithria Dreamwalker (10)Mar 9, 2010 02:3813774174213.33 / 225.00
H: Blood Prince Council (10)Mar 6, 2010 04:5615374884213.33 / 225.00
H: Professor Putricide (10)Mar 6, 2010 03:4265418921422.22 / 1500.00
H: Blood-Queen Lana'thel (10)Mar 1, 2010 04:05123039031448.15 / 1500.00
H: Rotface (10)Mar 1, 2010 01:5112874074217.22 / 225.00
H: Festergut (10)Mar 1, 2010 01:2912053873217.22 / 225.00
H: Deathbringer Saurfang (10)Feb 27, 2010 03:5513174294217.22 / 225.00
H: Lady Deathwhisper (10)Feb 27, 2010 01:4617765694217.22 / 225.00
H: Lord Marrowgar (10)Feb 27, 2010 01:1818375874213.33 / 225.00
The Lich King (10)Feb 20, 2010 20:3617195904144.81 / 150.00
Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10)Mar 27, 2010 02:058172232 
All You Can Eat (10)Mar 27, 2010 02:056642002 
Been Waiting a Long Time for This (10)Mar 20, 2010 04:235911682 
Full House (10)Mar 20, 2010 00:38342710506 
Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion... (10)Mar 18, 2010 01:11396712597 
Flu Shot Shortage (10)Mar 18, 2010 00:54617821168 
Dances with Oozes (10)Mar 18, 2010 00:45358511597 
H: Gunship Battle (10)Feb 27, 2010 01:5919556404 
Portal Jockey (10)Feb 19, 2010 03:0018636628 
Sindragosa (10)Feb 6, 2010 22:0112014354 
Valithria Dreamwalker (10)Feb 3, 2010 05:304324323 
Blood-Queen Lana'thel (10)Jan 23, 2010 04:4525759575 
The Orb Whisperer (10)Jan 21, 2010 03:219353474 
Blood Prince Council (10)Jan 20, 20105962692 
Professor Putricide (10)Jan 16, 2010 03:126267233016 
Rotface (10)Jan 6, 20105462233 
Festergut (10)Jan 6, 2010243594810 
I'm on a Boat (10)Dec 22, 2009 04:09338012424 
Boned (10)Dec 16, 2009 04:514437219321 
I've Gone and Made a Mess (10)Dec 9, 2009 05:454204206 
Deathbringer Saurfang (10)Dec 9, 2009 05:455835828 
Gunship Battle (10)Dec 8, 2009211 
Lady Deathwhisper (10)Dec 8, 2009211 
Lord Marrowgar (10)Dec 8, 2009211 

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
Recruiting (outdated):
druid (balance)high
druid (restoration)high
paladin (holy)high
priest (dd)high
shaman (elemental)medium
<Comfortably Numb> of Blackhand-US

Comfortably Numb is recruiting for Mythic Raiding.

Comfortably Numb is recruiting skilled players of the following classes:*

Healers: Druid (Resto) & Paladin (Holy)
Ranged DPS: Any Ranged class that has Mythic Raid Experience and appropriate ilvl
Melee DPS: <not recruiting melee>

*Must provide logs and fill out online application.

Raid Times
Our raid times are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM CST (Server)
Excellent attendance is required.
Normal or Alt raid times are Sundays from 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM CST (Server).

Raid Progress
Cleared Mythic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic.
We are currently progressing through Mythic Nighthold (8/10 Mythic).

About Us
We try to focus on clearing content and pushing progress, but our first priority and what keeps us going is our guild environment and comradery - that comes first. Our guild is one of the longest standing raiding guilds on Blackhand: founded in 2004, started raiding in MC and still actively raiding.

What we are looking for
Applicants that are looking to apply should have previous raiding experience, but are looking to take that experience to the next level. Whether the next level is a change environment or a step up in raiding progression, while remaining in a serious raid environment. Comfortably Numb is not an entry level raiding guild. We raid 7 hours a week and spend every minute of that pushing our progression.

Skill – We are looking for skilled players to join our raiding team. You should be at the top of your class, in terms of knowing mechanics and how to use them.

Commitment– We are looking for candidates that are interested in raiding and intended to at least see the rest of the expansion through to its end. We are not looking for candidates to play for a month and then go AWOL.

Knowledge – You should be up to date on all relevant theory crafting materials for your class. We are not here to teach you the basics to raiding or your class, our raid team spends its own time researching and implementing methods to maximize DPS/Tanking/Healing. If you require help in these areas you’re probably not what we’re looking for. Having questions is fine, not knowing what you’re talking about and needing to be 'coached' is not.

Character – Having knowledge of your class and the ability to play well are not the most important thing we look for in a candidate. The most important thing we look at is character and try to identify if you will be able to fit into the group. Being able to take criticism and a little bit of razing when you make a mistake is a big part of the review process. Also, being friendly and social with the members of the guild, raiders or not, is very important.

Loot Rules
We rely heavily on the strength of the friendship between our members.
We use an unmodified /roll system: 1 main spec roll per night, unless all other contenders for the piece of loot have also won a piece that night. In that case the amount of loot is evaluated and if there is a tie between the rollers, the roller that has won the least amount of loot that night with the highest roll is awarded the item in question. Raiders have priority over Raiders Apps (and pugs). Some loot council decisions may be made for trinkets and tier (based on progression).

We have zero loot drama in guild due to the closeness of our members. Every night you will see loot that drops where members refuse to roll, because they know one other fellow guildie will gain a bigger benefit from it and overall the raid will gain a bigger benefit.

If you feel like you would fit in and have what it takes please contact one of the guild contacts below or visit our website at

Guild Contacts:
profile administrator(s): kuuyiu, Kadethali, Techn0
last updated by Techn0 1 month ago
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