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“Pixel Frenzy” Guild

Horde US-Bleeding Hollow    (armory)
Progress: 10/10 (M)
World: 580
US: 189
Realm: 11
World: 549
US: 183
Realm: 9
Encounter First Kill Videos World US Realm Fastest Kill
+ M: Sylvanas WindrunnerOct 5, 2021 00:47 5801897621m 26s
+ M: Kel'ThuzadSep 7, 2021 00:31 6172001115m 36s
+ M: Fatescribe Roh-KaloAug 31, 2021 02:30 6172011138m 36s
+ M: Guardian of the First OnesAug 27, 2021 00:227062351209m 59s
+ M: Painsmith RaznalAug 24, 2021 01:26 6622141210m 17s
+ M: Soulrender DormazainAug 10, 2021 01:22 8232681110m 15s
+ M: Remnant of Ner'zhulAug 3, 2021 00:12 7912321211m 06s
+ H: Sylvanas WindrunnerJul 23, 2021 02:58 6932151214m 08s
+ M: The NineJul 23, 2021 01:09 9123011307m 44s
+ M: The Eye of the JailerJul 20, 2021 01:58 8602651011m 02s
+ H: Kel'ThuzadJul 16, 2021 01:2710453141208m 13s
+ M: The TarragrueJul 14, 2021 01:12 97977
+ H: Fatescribe Roh-KaloJul 9, 2021 02:27291104807m 56s
+ H: Guardian of the First OnesJul 9, 2021 01:305161671005m 59s
+ H: Painsmith RaznalJul 9, 2021 00:506322071007m 30s
+ H: Remnant of Ner'zhulJul 7, 2021 01:353939308m 09s
+ H: Soulrender DormazainJul 7, 2021 01:112626305m 41s
+ H: The NineJul 7, 2021 00:454444406m 13s
+ H: The Eye of the JailerJul 7, 2021 00:306060508m 35s
+ H: The TarragrueJul 7, 2021 00:131031036

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
monk (dd)low
priest (dd)medium
warrior (dd)medium
Who are we?
<Pixel Frenzy> is a Horde mythic raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow – US. We raid on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays from 8:00 – 11:00 EST (9 hours/week).

Guild Audit:

Who are the officers?
Wiiki (druid): GM, HR, Recruitment officer
Jonny (monk): Melee officer, Co-RL, Head Loot Master
Seansdruid (druid): Healer officer, Head RL
LBK (warlock): Ranged Officer, HR, Recruitment officer

Peachydivicci (mage): Former GM and RL
Danslock (warlock): Chief of staff. Former HR and Recruitment officer

What makes us great?
We are a group of skilled players with a friendly, fun raid environment. We are competitive, but you will not find any of the drama, elitism, or toxic behavior that commonly plagues other high-end guilds. In real life, the majority of us are working professionals in our mid-20s, mostly in STEM-related fields. In game, we’re just a bunch of nerds who really enjoy World of Warcraft. Our goal is to achieve Cutting Edge every tier at our own pace.

Our leadership consists of intelligent individuals who make rational decisions on behalf of the guild as a whole. Our raid leaders are experienced, well-read players with strong problem-solving skills. They spend a significant amount of time outside of raid doing research, analyzing logs, and working tirelessly to troubleshoot and improve our approach to progression encounters.

What are you looking for in a raider?
Attendance: While it would be ideal for everyone to maintain 100% attendance, we understand that many have obligations which simply make this impossible. In such cases, we expect that you provide notice of any planned tardiness or absences at least one week in advance. Failure to do so reflects poorly on your professionalism.

Attitude: Progression raiding is difficult. Most of us play this game because we enjoy challenging content. We may wipe dozens of times in a single night for any given encounter – often several nights in a row. If you find yourself easily frustrated or demoralized by this possibility, we suggest that you look elsewhere. Our raiders are patient, dedicated, and resilient; they will never back down from a hard fight. The only way to lose in this game is to quit.

Knowledge: We expect our players to achieve a complete understanding of their own spec as well as all the mechanics of any given fight. They are always working on self-improvement. This includes but is not limited to: keeping up to date with your class Discord server, frequent simulation, assessing your own logs, and identifying gameplay metrics to improve.

Activity: Several of our members are online every night of the week running M+ keys and other content. We encourage you to spend time outside of the scheduled raid times doing some sort of content – whatever you find most enjoyable!

Compliance: We are looking for team players. You should be able to listen to instructions and accept feedback from the raid leaders, even if it is something you may not personally agree with. You may politely offer suggestions with the appropriate reasoning, but outright refusal or immature behavior will not be tolerated. We are a team. Put your pride aside, follow directions, and never take anything personally.

Examples of things you may be asked and expected to do:
- Downloading add-ons such as WeakAuras, RCLootCouncil, and Exorsus Raid Tools
- Being present on voice comms
- Studying fight mechanics prior to raid
- Equipping particular pieces of gear or traits for progression fights
- Choosing a raid utility talent for a particular fight or avoiding talents for other fights
- Playing an off-spec role (within reason) for encounters which may require it
- Not raiding in another guild’s mythic lockout

How is loot distributed?
We distribute loot via loot council based on the following criteria:
- Attendance
- Overall raid benefit
- Best-in-slot lists, provided by individual raid members
- Performance

How do you evaluate performance?
Above all else, we value the ability to execute mechanics correctly and consistently for any given fight. If you are consistently amongst the last survivors for any given encounter, you will be far more likely to receive loot. Raw DPS/HPS parses are also important but always secondary to mechanical strength.

I play class/spec XYZ, but I am concerned that you have too many of class/spec XYZ in your guild already.
Nonsense. We believe in bringing the player, not the spec. In the right hands, any spec is viable for progression. If you are a strong player, there will always be spot for you.

If you are worried about loot competition, don’t be. Gear distribution is fair and is typically stabilized within a few weeks. Everyone will get their loot.

Do you require alts for split runs?
No, we do not do split runs. Although most of our members maintain several geared alts, it is not a requirement.

Do you pay for transfer fees?
This is determined on a case-by-case basis. If we believe you to be highly competitive player and a strong fit for our team, we may offer to pay for your transfer fee.

What sort of guild bank privileges do members have?
We provide all raid consumables, enchants, gems, and repair allowances for our raid members.

I have friends who I really enjoy playing with. Can they come too?
While we always try to accommodate everyone, we may or may not be able to offer a raid spots to friends. This is dependent on the current needs of the roster. However, we are always open to inviting all players to join the guild itself: casuals, PvPers, M+ players – you name it!

How do I join?
Fill out an application (link below) and contact our recruitment officer: Xinxinwong#1151 or trance#1813

We will ask you to participate in an interview over Discord. If available, please be ready to provide logs and prepare any questions you might have.

Details regarding the trial process will be provided during the interview.

profile administrator(s): Hossin, xinxinwong
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