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“Kismet” Guild

Alliance US-Dalaran    (armory)

Guild Profile

Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 3
Recruiting (outdated):
deathknight (dd)high
druid (restoration)high
paladin (holy)medium
shaman (enhancement)medium
shaman (restoration)medium
warrior (dd)medium
Launched on March 1st 2010, by a group of seasoned raiders searching for the holy grail of guilds.

  • Thursday, 8:15pm - 12am EST : 25-man Raid
  • Sunday, 8:15pm - 12am EST : 25-man Raid
  • Monday, 8:15pm - 12am EST : 25-man Raid

    Please note, all times are server/eastern time.


    There are plenty of guilds out there who are looking for folks that can show up regularly 3+ nights a week, can crank out the DPS/TPS/HPS, and can avoid standing in whatever puddle of goo, fire or acid Blizzard has placed underfoot.

    Kismet is looking for that, plus more...

      Patience- Kismet Leadership all came from guilds who were 11/12 normal mode ICC, working on TLK. We specifically decided to take a step back in progression to build the guild we want to spend the next few years in. Our goal is to clear ICC-HM25 before Cataclysm, BUT we are much more concerned about bringing together the right group of people.

      We are not going to compromise in either performance or personality to that end. This is a unique opportunity to be a core member and part of a long lasting guild. We will not promise something that we can't deliver. We want you to believe in what we're building and want you to stick with us as we pull it all together into something truly great.

      Attitude- We are looking for folks that have the right attitude. While there are many who debate the term 'hardcore', we do take the time we devote to raiding very seriously.

      That being said, we are not interested in folks who fly into a rage when something goes wrong. Kismet is very committed to the word 'team' and we want this to be a team that is dedicated to one another and achieving the goals of this guild.

      Kismet is going to be setting goals for all of us, and we need every member to be dedicated to them. Our trial period is longer than most because we believe it takes some time to let folks gel, and trust us to weed out the folks that do not perform up-to-par or are just not enjoyable to play with.

      Performance- While some of our initial goals are long-term, we are setting the bar high in Kismet, and your recruitment is meant to bring us a step closer to them. As a damage dealing class, you need to be bringing our guild's average DPS up, and not down. As a healer, you need to be someone we can depend on for a critical role. As a tank, you're driving the raid, and we're relying on you to steer us true. As a hybrid, you've chosen a class that demands proficiency in more than one facet of gameplay. We expect you to be able to demonstrate this proficiency and flexibility should the situation require it.


    We've told you what we expect from you, so here is what you can expect from us.
      Community- Experiencing the anguishes of wiping and the thrilling euphoria of victories alongside your guildmates will have only one result: kinship. You will be among friends here. We can't all love every single person in our guild, but Kismet is going to do our very best to get you as close as possible to that end.

      Content- We'd really like to get the guild through ICC25-HMs within the 3.3.x patch cycle. We are not going to promise it, as that is dependent on getting the right people in the right time-frame. Our goal is for the guild to maintain a 250+ U.S. Score on WoWprogress. Once we reach that 250, we intend to stay above it, while completing all 25-man achievements.

      Transparency- Kismet is being organized so everyone knows what is going on. We keep public attendance logs, have performance reviews, and will keep folks updated on the forums how many we're recruiting and why. We are creating this guild for the members, and for that to be successful, we need everyone to be in the loop and to have the right group of people who back the goals. We don't want cogs or lemmings.


      Web Site:

      Server Info: Dalaran: PvE, EST (physically located at Blizz's Boston datacenter), high pop


      Loot System: EPGP
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